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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

  1. Caipirina
    No kidding.
    1h left!!!

    what what what???
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  2. d3myz
    Just ordered Tronsmart Spunk Beats, They should be here shortly after christmas. LOL. Tomorrow i've got two Dveda's to review. The F8 and whatever the older model is.
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  3. chinmie
    They sure do thump, i tested on my ride this morning, but stangely enough, even though it vibrates and rumbles (like runner's thump, but at a more faster tempo) like other closed IEMs under the helmet, the frequency of the rumbles doesn't interfere too much like the other, so i can still hear the music more clearly.

    I compared it to my Galaxy Buds, and while the Galaxy buds has a better technicalities in sound quality (better depth of soundstage, clearer separation), but i can't say there's a glaring weakness of the Anker Neo's sound. How do you compare it to the Tronsmart SQ wise? I was eyeing on the Onyx, but still hesitant. There's also a few new ANC TWS that appeals to me, and also the new Mifo O7
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  4. d3myz
    If you don't have them already, get the Ear Fun Free and the Fiil T1x.
  5. webvan
    Thanks, it's not really surprising since they seal. Have you used the Nillkin GO again ? Would you say they're worth it for a runner or we're always going to be going back to the X12 anyway ? :wink:
  6. georgelai57
    Everything on www.scarbir.com leaderboard. Or you’ve already got all those too
  7. webvan
    The Cambridge have a HUGE nozzle that needs to be rammed down you ear canal to get a seal. Needless to say it's a painful experience, I sent mine back in a hurry. I didn't care much for the sound either, very warm and forget about the mics. Cambridge told me I had to check that the mic hole was positioned towards the bottom when inserting...right, like we have nothing else to do and with no other TW having that requirement...
    Compared to that the L2Ps are a piece of cake to fit and do not have to be rammed down your ear canal so you can actually wear them for more than 15 minutes and not have sore ears the next day :wink: Like you I had fit issues with the stock tips but with the Final E LL it's ok now. It's a shallow fit and seal though. Won't work for noisy environments but I have the Echo Buds for that.
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  8. cwill
    Are these on sale somewhere?
  9. Caipirina
    The Fiil are like 80$ on AliX and when I search ear fun free ....
  10. Caipirina
    Hehe, was looking around there as well. Either have or higher price range or ‘do I really need another QCY?’
  11. georgelai57
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  12. chinmie
    i buckled and purchased the Sony WF1000xm3, i was searching for ANC for travelling, been tossing up between full headphone or this XM3, but decided going for the latter. can't wait for tomorrow when it arrives
  13. Blueshound24
    Besides the shallow fit, I am not really liking the overblown bass in the L2P, and find myself gravitating to the MTW100 more often for its neutral yet dynamic sound. I have tried all the presets in the app, I even tried the HearID without any help, as well as non-foam tips. The bass is just always there calling attention to itself. I would say these would be good for a basshead. I'm hoping the mw07 is not so bassy.
  14. duo8
    Wish the WF-1000XM3 could fit like that.
    Mine kinda stick out, I still feel like they're supposed to go deeper in. They sit very well on my ears if I remove the eartips.
  15. Soul_Viper
    I have a question for all the owners of the bomaker sifi: do you have eq them? maybe will improve in terms of sound quality?

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