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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

  1. Spamateur
    Glad to hear you're having more success with the fit. When you say you're using the app, are you using the "HearID" feature? I found this worked quite well in improving the sound but I'm still wishing for a customizable EQ feature.
  2. d3myz
    Sorry, Here you go.
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  3. AtariPrime
    Ok...brainstorming time.

    My wife wants some wireless earbuds. I have my own criteria in what I'm looking for and know what to get me, but she is a bit different.

    She doesn't like 'in-ear' earbuds like most of what is on the market. She prefers the styles that sit at the entrance to your ear.

    I had her try the original version of the AirPod as a as a result, and she hated it. It was uncomfortable for her.

    So then I had her try the Bose SoundSport Free. She loved how they sounded, but they are gigantic and in her words are 'ugly as Fu&k'. A fair complaint.

    So, I then had her try the Galaxy Buds and the Jabra Elite 65t. I know they are both in-ear but they are also small which was important to her. They were both mildly uncomfortable but her main complaint was they sounded far inferior to the Bose.

    So, finally i had her try the Plantronics Backbeat Pro 5100. Comfort was fine, size was fine, but again the didn't like the sound quality.

    Now, I am at the point thinking maybe the Bose 500 earbuds are the way to go for her, but as far as I know there isn't a release date other than 'early 2020'. Do we have anything more definitive?

    Have I missed any good options here? Are they are any small 'on-ear' earbuds that just sit at the entrance to the ear canal and have decent sound?
  4. Iron-Buddha
    Had my APP’s for a few days. Very impressive product, peak Apple. ANC and transparency are both very functional. Can actually have a conversation through transparency mode. Sound quality is very good. The convenience of a small case that fits in the coin pocket on my jeans means I have them on me all the time...and I’m not too lazy to put them in the case when I do take them out. The fact that the case has wireless charging while being so small makes you wonder why all my other cases are so bulky.

    They are also surprisingly comfortable. My wife can’t stand IEM’s and she didn’t mind them at all. The pressure equalization also works quite well.

    I haven’t tried the MTW or the WF1000XM3’s, so can’t do a direct comparison, but the APP is very compelling at it’s price point. You can’t often say that about Apple products.
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2019
  5. Quicky32
    Yes and I tried flat, piano, and the recommended one by Soundcore and prefer Piano I think. The brightness went away using the app and my phone instead of my Ipod but they don't get as loud.
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  6. hifi80sman
    USB C and a metal case...that's reason enough! :p

    They probably should have used a better stock photo for hands free calls/safer driving.
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  7. typhoon838
    A little while back I was looking for a similar replacement to my anbes 359 since the rubber pads were falling off (I just ended up super gluing them) and everyone said that the ssk were the same. Same housing, same UFO, so I figured I'd try them out. Well I don't know if it's just that the anbes are "burned in" but they definitely sound fuller than the ssk. Louder too. The sub bass is more prominent in the anbes while the ssk seem quieter. They don't play at the same volume so it was difficult to compare side by side. Anyone else have a similar experience?
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  8. hifi80sman
    If you're an Apple user, they are hands down the best "lifestyle" TWS out there. The case scratches VERY easily, so I recommend getting a case for the case. I bought this one and it fits like a glove.

    I also have the MTW and the XM3. Calls on the APP are far superior, so using them during the business day is fabulous. I generally prefer the sound of the XM3 over the APP, but I've been listening to the APP more recently and appreciate what they do as well. I can appreciate different sound signatures, so long as they are not overly bright.
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2019
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  9. d3myz
    HAHA! Yea, I know you love metal cases and warm sound signatures. I was really surprised by these. I really love the shape too. Only downside is you can't turn them off without returning them to the case or disconnecting them from your BT. BTW. my WF-1000xm3's should be here today, got held up in USPS and the wife is making me wait until christmas to open the WH-1000xm3's doh! but I got to look at them, they look brand new, just open box from amazon for $200. Color me excited.
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  10. clerkpalmer
    Well, going to give APP another try. First pair was returned when I had a Samsung phone. Thinking after switching to an iphone pros outweigh the cons. Hoping these will tide me over until the 1more and/or Bose release next year. Not much out there that is compelling at this moment. M&D was kind enough to allow me to return my MW07 Go after the 14 day period due to a lack of AAC support so kudos to them.
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  11. clerkpalmer
    I bought the Sony's at launch. The sound was good but the fit and ergonomics were not. And the lack of any IP rating is annoying. I considered going Sony again but I think the APP is probably just a bit more compelling right now. Sweat proofing, lighter and better form factor. I agree with you about the SQ - sony is probably a bit better but it's not leaps and bounds better.
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  12. d3myz
    The Fiil T1x is $40 again today.

    Edit: that's the T1 not the T1x, i'm not sure what the difference is sonically, but the T1 appears to have a cover on the back of the charging case, probably not USB-C. However, the T1x is still $40 with a coupon.
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2019
  13. voicemaster
    Look very similar to T1X. The only thing missing is the quick charge (10 min for 2 hours listening time).
  14. varta
    Looks like the price of Liberty 2 Pro dropped to $109.99 on soundcore.com. Pitty that the promo codes (JIMMYL2P/JERRYL2P) don't seem to work anymore... Does anyone know if there are any other applicable promo codes that still work?
  15. dweaver
    The new Airpod Pro will definitely fit her comfort requirement and sound good IMO. They are somewhat like the Bose in how they fit inside the ear canal. No sense of ear pressure.

    They work best with Apple obviously, but they do work with Android products especially if it supports AAC.

    Other than that I cant think of any product that uses a similar design to the Bose.
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