Gilmore Lite Amp Owners Unite!

  1. gr8soundz
    I'd also like to know how the Gilmore Lite mk2 compares.
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  2. justin w. Contributor
    We might do a GRLV (golden reference) power supply for the Gilmore Lite mk2 at some point, available separately
  3. Rossliew
    How does the GRLV PS affect sonic quality?
  4. Andrew Rieger
    That would be awesome. Like @Rossliew I would like to know what sonic benefits could be gained from the additional power supply.
  5. Andrew Rieger
    I would really encourage you to do an external power supply for this amp. I would certainly buy it and I think most owners of the MK2 would as well. Who wouldn't want to squeeze more performance out of their amp? I'd happily pay $150 to $200 for it.

    Can you comment briefly on the quality of the standard external unit?
  6. justin w. Contributor
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Building the first batch on election day in these patriotic colors on high quality matte blue boards
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