Gilmore Lite Amp Owners Unite!

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  1. gr8soundz
    I'd also like to know how the Gilmore Lite mk2 compares.
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  2. justin w. Contributor
    We might do a GRLV (golden reference) power supply for the Gilmore Lite mk2 at some point, available separately
  3. Rossliew
    How does the GRLV PS affect sonic quality?
  4. Andrew Rieger
    That would be awesome. Like @Rossliew I would like to know what sonic benefits could be gained from the additional power supply.
  5. Andrew Rieger
    I would really encourage you to do an external power supply for this amp. I would certainly buy it and I think most owners of the MK2 would as well. Who wouldn't want to squeeze more performance out of their amp? I'd happily pay $150 to $200 for it.

    Can you comment briefly on the quality of the standard external unit?
  6. justin w. Contributor
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Building the first batch on election day in these patriotic colors on high quality matte blue boards
  7. TSAVAlan

    Gilmore Lite Mk2 Unboxing!

    Also bonus with the GS-X Mk2 unboxed.
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  8. purk Contributor
    Thanks for a nice unboxing video.
  9. WNBC
    Very cool. A friend of mine let me borrow her GSX MK2 for a couple weeks and of course it was quite good. Probably the best SS amp I've tried. I have an incoming Holo Audio Cyan DAC that has an onboard balanced amp. I will try that out but I might be thinking of throwing in a separate amp if there is a lack of synergy with my headphones. Looking forward to hearing thoughts about the Lite MK2, especially with Sennheisers and Grados. I never got to hear the Lite MK1.

    A lot of us do wait for reviews before purchasing, but the price point is very worthy of jumping into the waters with confidence.
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  10. DJLEC
    Are there recommenced DAC's to couple up with the Gilmore Lite MK2?

    I am looking for a small set up for my Senn HD600's & MrSpeakers Aeon.

    Music source will be mainly with my iPhone that has CD's ripped via ALAC to iTunes and or a CD Player.

    I really like what I see for the Gilmore size wise and from what I have read.

    I did a brief search and an older post recommended the Cambridge Audio DacMagic so does this hold true today.
    Last edited: Jan 16, 2018
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  11. Valens7
    Received a GLite mk2 in the mail today, and my initial impressions have been pretty good. Near as I can recall, it sounds quite different from the original GLite and GS-1 mk1. That's for the better, I think. Despite the relatively strong performance of HeadAmp's past dynalo implementations, they've begun to show their age a bit. The GLite mk2 has a rather more natural sound than its predecessors. Compared to a GS-1 mk1 that I owned not too long ago, the staging is less hard-panned and the upper mids are better integrated. So there's less forwardness and, consequently, less fatigue with material that's a bit hotter in that region. Perhaps a bit less control in the lows than I remember with the GS-1 mk1, but the resulting tonality is more pleasing overall.

    So far, I'm liking what I'm hearing. :thumbsup: Not a mind blowing exhibition in any specific respect, but neither am I detecting anything objectionable. Which is not a trivial achievement, as it places the GLite mk2 in competition with some more expensive amplifiers that I've heard.
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  12. brocrusher
    I just got a gilmore lite mk2 and this thing is amazing. I am noticing things I have not heard in songs before due to its ability to really separate instruments and create a nice image. Things dont sound like they are blending in together and for that great transparency I think this is well worth the money. I am going to save up for the gsx mk2 now because of it.
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  13. TSAVAlan
    Nice! The Gilmore Lite Mk2 is just such a nice amp at its price and the GSX mk2 is just such a powerful unit and step up.
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  14. mtmercer
    I echo @brocrusher sentiments. I have been very impressed with the Gilmore Lite Mk 2 with my Focal Clears, Ether Flow Open, & Audeze LCD2Cs. I plan to due further listening with my HD600s.
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  15. purk Contributor
    The Dynalo MKii design is pretty awesome. Glad Headamp decides to make a less expensive version so more people can enjoy it.
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