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Gilmore Lite Amp Owners Unite!

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  1. ALSO
    (Now running the TH900s through the Gilmore Lite, and it's like a personal earthquake, I get it.)
  2. ALSO
    (And after another 5-6 hours, as much as I need; feeling it all the way through--how it's supposed to work.)
  3. Baamx2
    I've been using (sparingly) a rather basic but nice little preamp I picked up last year. The last owner called it a Dynalo Gilmore Lite. I can find only a website or two regarding this information. Is there any other way I might find out a little more about this thing? It looks like it certsinly wasn't a mass production model.
  4. justin w. Contributor
    then it's not a Gilmore Lite :)
    here is the old page for the Gilmore Lite: http://www.headamp.com/home_amps/lite/index.htm
    sadly, i had to stop building it. the amps are now a gold mine of expensive discontinued transistors.
  5. Baamx2
    It's most likely a clone then. The website I got to check was:

    I can't post any pics yet but it's a simple metal box with a Neutrik locking socket and a an Alps Volume pot on the front. On/off switch, left-right rcas, and power port on the back. The power supply is an Elac power systems wall wart.
  6. dmort
    Hey, ALSO, how do you like the TH900 through the GLite? I'm considering a pair of TH600s and I do want to change the amp...
  7. ALSO
    dmort, I've since traded the Foster, so I can't reproduce the pairing to refresh my memory, but at the time, I found it a good match, within the restrictions of a closed phone.  I mostly listen through electrostats, so GLite is the only dynamic amp I own, and unless I make major changes in the future, the only one I plan to own.  It fits my needs, and I use it with the HD600s, which is one of only 2 dynamics I own.  But it's such a clean amp.  For a while I had a HE-6, and for that I needed something with more power, but the TH600 should pair well, I'm guessing.  Sorry I can't be much more help.
  8. dmort
    No worries, and I meant I don't want to change the amp - I very much like my Gilmore lite.
  9. dennis82
    Bringing back this old thread so I can comment about how good this amp sounds with the Nad HP50. In a word. Fabulous.
  10. justin w. Contributor
    and we'll be bringing back the Gilmore Lite in a Limited Edition model soon! This new model features improvements to the circuit that we made for the GS-X mk2, higher quality parts throughout, more power, a much nicer volume control, 2 inputs, and an active pre-amp output that can be turned on/off. This in a classic but slightly beefier version of the original chassis which will be in all black with laser engraved panels. A custom volume knob is in progress


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  11. justin w. Contributor
    maybe something different this time? anyone like this powder coat color?

  12. DarKu
    Super nice!
    Any idea on the price?

    Will the limited edition use the external regulated power supply (how GLite Special Edition had), or it will use the regular Elpac power supply?
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  13. shipsupt
    Looks good, but it will depend on how you handle your knob.
  14. Valens7
    Ah, so true. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

    Majorly keen on the revamped Gilmore Lite, @justin w. Can't wait to see more details! Do you anticipate that a sub-$1k price point is in the offing?
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2017
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  15. snapple10
    image.jpg Looking forward to this
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