Gilmore Lite Amp Owners Unite!
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Jun 2, 2009
This thread was previously titled "What? No Gilmore Lite Appreciation Thread?!" Seeing as there still appears to be no such thread for the Gilmore Lite and related Kevin Gilmore DIY Dynalo board-based amps, I thought it appropriate to amend the thread title so that we can wax poetic about this potent desktop headphone amplifier. Given that the GLite DPS and, as of March 2010, the most recent reincarnation of the GLite amp are now discontinued, it's now an opportune time to show your love and discuss what this Headamp does well, and with what rig in particular. Enjoy!



Initial Post:

Upon simply searching "Gilmore Lite appreciation thread", I found nothing suggesting that there is page for collecting positive impressions of one of my (at least) favorite full-size amps. What gives? It's about time that we start one, me thinks!
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Hmmm... I suppose that that Dynalo appreciation thread would do. Do you mean to say that there is no discernible difference between the GLite (with or without DPS), and DIY Dr. Gilmore amps?
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No that's not what I was saying


What? No appreciate thread for the Gilmore Lite?

should read


What? No appreciation thread for the Gilmore Lite?

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Haha. Wow. I am obviously waaaaay too tired to be on here. Hopefully I will have a few responses to look over by the time that I wake up, fully rested, tomorrow. Thanks for checking over my stuff, MTMO!
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Add the GP amp to the list. The Rodney Dangerfield of amps. Maybe I'm on a roll, I have a headphone and amp no one gives a $$$$ about. I'd love to hear comparisons, but only 6-7 head fiers own a GP amp.
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Yeah, seems like you are right.
So guess that mean that you can safely start one, fill it with your own appreciations and let others chime in
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Alright. Thanks for looking into it, guys. Look forward to a new appreciation thread covering the GLite and its earlier variants (as well as Dynalo-based brethren) in the near future. It most certainly is warranted. I love my GLite like everybody's business!
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Can't the same be said about the WA6, for instance? And yet that happens to have an appreciation thread that is VERY active. (I suppose that some of its inherent value is related to mod's, PDPS discussion, and tube-rolling, but there is a lot of deserved praise being bestowed there too.)

I also agree that the GLite, etc. has a rock solid reputation, but it would be nice if there was more commentary about what cans and genres go best with it, for instance.
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I have join in here as I've been loving my Gilmore Lite (bought second hand) for the past few days. Detail/clarity wise it honestly is hard to beat, and they do beat out my WA6 in this regard. It also has plenty of power to boot, since I don't recall having turned past even 11 o'clock on volume dial with this amp (even with HD650). What it does lack is the 3D soundstaging and openness that WA6 is able to provide, but besides that I really cannot pick out any flaws about it. Perhaps it can be too bass light with a wrong DAC/headphone matching but with my DA100 (warm side of neutral IMO) fed by hiface, ALL my headphones sound great with it... even including the K701's.
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Thanks for the comments, K_19. Nice trio of cans you have there. I love the GLite for the same reasons, and, as long as it is paired with 'darker' cans, they seem to get along fine. My GLite + DPS seems to be an awesome match with my MD5000's. I am thinking, contrary to previous assessments, that the Gilmore Lite is a good match for the HD600/650 (hopefully). I wasn't sure if it would be a decent match for higher-impedance cans, but what I'm reading here indicates otherwise. Looking forward to checking out that pairing with the HD600.

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