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Gilmore Lite Amp Owners Unite!

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  1. justin w. Contributor


    Ready to go!
    Laser engraving is usually just white, but i liked this bronze color so much by playing with the power levels, i went with that. Classic look for a very classic amp/circuit by Kevin Gilmore
    Last edited: Sep 25, 2017
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  2. DarKu
    Looks good! But I like the old volume pot better, is the ring on the pot illuminated? If its not, the old one is sleeker looking.
  3. justin w. Contributor
    the old volume pot is a Panasonic that's far inferior to the Alps Blue in this amp. if you're referring to the knob, this was just doing something a little different, i think you'll like it a lot in person
  4. DarKu
    I meant the knob, hmm this little amp is getting more and more interesting.
    Any power ratings to share?
    Will it drive mid-range planars ?
    Thanks :beerchug:
  5. purk Contributor
    A lot to be excited about the new Gilmore Lite MKII. This amp is high quality through and through and should be a prime candidate for those who are looking for a high quality headphones amplifier for work or just a highly transparent solid state amplifier general. Highly recommended. I personally would get this over Massdrop Liquid Carbon X despite a higher asking price. This is due to higher grade parts, build quality, and a proven highly refined discrete audio circuit. This amp is basically a single-end GSX MKII (SuSy Dynalo MKII) with a high quality switching power supply. I hope Justin will release a dedicated PSU to go along with it. I hope folks understand what a great amp this is.
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2017
  6. HeadAmpTeam
    Thanks, Purk. I just got my hands on the very first unit, and it is a very classy, understated design, with Justin's usual fit, finish, and special touches. The volume knob is very large and nice for an amp in this category. I just plugged in a set of very efficient Meze 99 Classic, and the background is very black right up to the highest possible volume, where only a tny, soft background could be perceived. Anyone looking for a transparent headphone amp, for a more easygoing price than your flagship GS-X will not be dissppointed.

    CanJam RMAF attendees, please come see the amp this weekend if you would like to give it a shot. We are in the main ballroom just across from Fostex and HIFIMAN.

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  7. episiarch Contributor
    How warm does it get, compared to my vintage Gilmore Lite v2?
  8. justin w. Contributor
    I don't have exact temperatures but I would guess slightly less warm due to the larger enclosure
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  9. purk Contributor
    This amp should be a winner for sub $500 amp. Yes, it may only be SE but a SE done right is always better than a balanced done wrong!
  10. DarKu
    So sad I don't have the cash right now. Great amp and a great price.
    Hopefully an external PSU in a matching case will be offered at a later time.
  11. episiarch Contributor
    I genuinely hope I'm the only person bothered by PHONES being curved while INPUT is straight.
  12. Andrew Rieger
    Any RMAF impressions?
  13. purk Contributor
    Don't hesitate man...this is a great and very polished design couple with exceptional craftsmanship. If I don't already have the GSX, I would totally go for it.
  14. Valens7
    Eh, I'm certainly not. :wink: Think it's a nice touch, myself.

    Beautiful little amp, @justin w.! :thumbsup: Although I also hope that a matching DPS is offered at a later date. Large external power bricks, however adequate to the task, aren't my cup of tea. While the length of outlet cord is a useful concession to flexibility, placement of the PSU is still going to be rather more awkward than a direct connection to an IEC socket. Interferes with the otherwise minimal footprint of the amplifier, at least in my view.

    That significant niggle aside, this looks like a fantastic offering. Still have fond memories of my Gilmore Lite.
  15. ctaxxxx
    Are there any comparisons between this and the RNHP amp? They are both the same price and seem to be an improvement over the Jotunheim in terms of resolution? These lack a balanced input, but which has more power?
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