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Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Review

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Nov 24, 2015.
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  1. elvergun
    How can you write a detailed review of a product if you only had a quick audition of a prototype?    How can you write any review (good or bad) if you have not spent some time with the model you are going to write about? 
  2. Sound Eq
    i do not get it if mass drop where to change the sound sig of the th600 or th900 with their own release why not ask what people preferences are
    i see many are happy about the highs being tamed but why affect the low end and reduce it as that was the main selling poit of both th600 and th900
  3. Astral Abyss
    I'm just saying we very rarely see negative reviews.  People just aren't motivated to write them.  Stepping aside from the negative "review" posted earlier in this thread, I'd still say that it's very unlikely we're going to see any negative reviews by well known reviewers.  Anything negative from someone with a reputation to uphold will be juxtaposed with positive points and the end result will either be neutral or noncommittal, assuming it isn't a positive review to begin with.
  4. Magick Man

    I noticed that, the admins over there really need to ban those guys from that discussion, they aren't contributing anything substantial and seem to be there only to troll people waiting for their orders (likely hoping to poison the waters on this release, either out of spite or for some other unknown reason).

    At the jump you could get the TH900s for $1800 off PriceJapan and realistically I'd put them at @$1200-1400, compared to their competition, in terms of just their SQ. Add in their light construction, superior comfort, and attractive aesthetics, and I'd place them at $1500. So if the THX00s are even half the headphones the TH900s are, then they're a screaming bargain.
  5. Magick Man

    How do you "hate" a set of headphones so much that you can't write a detailed review? I dislike several cheap or poorly designed cans (ex. the Denon D7100s) but I don't hate them. Maybe folks like that should take some anger management classes or find a hobby that's more compatible with directing such negative feelings towards harmless inanimate objects, like target shooting or repeatedly smashing their faces into fence posts. :blink:
  6. fjrabon

    eh, I mean "hate" is a strong word, but I don't listen to headphones for academic purposes.  If I don't like them, and find them strongly grating in sound, I just stop listening to them.  If I listen to headphones for ~20 hours per week, I'm not going to spend 5-10 of those listening to things I don't like.  
    I also try to be fair and realize that if they have some aspect that I don't like, that will keep me from being unbiased in other ways.  I hated the treble on the DT990.  I knew it would prevent me from giving a fair review of it, so when people ask me about I simply say the treble was way too much for my tastes and I didn't like it.
  7. ibs63
    Just got mine this morning and I love it! Listening directly out of my AK240 or my Chord Mojo and it is really smooth, clear, punchy. It is not quite warm but not quite cold either and the soundstage isn't big (more intimate). Sorry I can't explain it better. My HD650 is warm and fuzzy and this is more in my face, smooth and punchy but not fatiguing.   I listened to classical, jazz, dance (disco, house, trance), rock, blues, R&B, Soul,  new age, world music, latin, folk (American and world), latin, african    I listened to some old disco that is recorded very hot that ususually can pierce my ears (Come into my Heart by Boris Midney) and the TH-X00 made the song sound sweet and smooth.   Not sure what other folks are hearing but I guess everyone has their own personal taste and expectations.  The earcups are comfortable ( I am a woman so my ears probably are not as big as others) and the headphones look gorgeous.   My only wish is if the cord could be shorter and it was a 1/8" termination but I guess I can always pay someone to fix change that.  :)
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    I'm going to enjoy these for sure.

    What nobody likes is what I love.
  9. elvergun
    If they had not changed anything then they would have released the TH600 with wooden cups...or the affordable version of the TH900 (which would have been suicide for Fostex).   
    Massdrop released a different flavor without asking people...and if people don't like then they can still purchase TH600 and/or the TX900.  I don't like excessive bass, so I can't wait to hear how they tuned the THX00. 
  10. PixelPusher21
  11. PixelPusher21
    On another note, I get mine on Wednesday.  I have never heard any of its older siblings so I don't have any bias going in.  I am very curious as to what I will think of them compared to everyone else.  
  12. fjrabon

    oh no! The round going on now of people who have actually heard them that's pouring in seems to be very positive...
  13. JungleApe
    All you guys are complaining about how you're getting these cans at the end of the week and i'm sitting here in Germany hoping to get them before Christmas [​IMG]
  14. elvergun
    Well, yeah....but you guys won the World Cup, so I don't want to hear any complaints from you either.  [​IMG]
  15. JungleApe
    Well that's fair enough [​IMG]
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