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Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Review

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Nov 24, 2015.
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  1. Swolern
    Im positive it cant beat the TH-900, i was just wondering if someone has compared both. Jude's video stated the TH-X00 to have a more flat sound signature, while i found the TH-900 to have a pretty distinct U-curved signature which is very fun.
  2. lukeap69
    The 'most head-fi thread on head-fi' - I like it! This should be  the quote of the day (or month!) [​IMG] 
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  3. sahmen
    And what if beating or not beating the TH-900 lies "in the eyes of the beholder" (or in this case, "in ears of the listener"), i.e. a matter of purely personal opinion, which cannot be resolved by any consensus or by any kind of "objective" technical measurements?  I'm obviously referring to SQ assessment here, rather than purely technical properties, which are, in my view, much less important than SQ...
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  4. Sonido
    Soundsgoodtome you got yours early before everyone else iirl. Was yours a review unit or did you purchase it yourself?
  5. fuzzybaffy
    If you talk about your subjective preference of one headphone over another, then you probably shouldn't be using the word "beat". More like, "I like x more than y" or "I prefer x over y" would be more appropriate. "Beating" something carries a very specific connotation, that involves objective numbers and technical qualifications. 
  6. Whitigir

    Woaaa....mind blown, and well said :D
  7. mirnujAtom
    This week is going to be hard :)
  8. sahmen
    Fair enough! But I meant to suggest that I do not consider such "objective numbers" and "technical qualifications" to be all that interesting when/if taken independently, i.e assessed exclusively on the basis of their technical properties without taking into account how they enhance or detract from sound quality.  We all know that superior "objective numbers" and "technical properties" do not necessarily translate into "great sound," and that too can be proven "objectively."
  9. marts30
    So this prophet DecentLevi seems to have cast some doubts :lol:
    I'm sure we all listen to the same music he does. Wonder if he was testing it with his awesome beats.
  10. Fido2

  11. fuzzybaffy
    True. I agree with that. 
  12. tf10charged
    do you have faith in will and purrin?
  13. gelocks
    I always "plan" to keep my headphones (lol!). But I know I will probably sell a couple. I always do. In fact, at the moment I think I have TOO MANY!!!! :)
    Nice list.
  14. Khragon
    Looking like a not so great start for these headphones. A few that received them early are already trying to sell them. I haven't seen any "user" review that mentioned they agree with the expert review pre-drop.

    Glad I'm the only one that bought it, I was recommending these to my brother and friend, both decided to go for the pm3 instead.
  15. CCXR594
    While not completely agreeing, onefatsurfer had a sparkling review of them, and I'm more inclined to go with that as its unlikely that the pre-release reviews were purely to drum up sales.

    On a side note, I finally got my shipping email. Really psyched since it's only my second quality pair of headphones.
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