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Fostex new RP headphones - T50RPmk3, T40RPmk3 and T20RPmk3

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by sopp, Apr 15, 2015.
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  1. audiolibrarian
    I just received my Alcantara pads and it definitely helps with comfort, but I'm curious what it does to the sound of the T50RP MK3's. I'm still new to this and probably cannot hear as well as some.
  2. rendyG
    I didn´t want to share other people´s work, but recently there has been questions about pad rolling.
    I think this could help someone, all the credit goes to authors of these measurements.
    First one done by MadEconomist, second one sadly I don´t remember where I found it, I think also at red...
  3. colgateam
    I finally got my mk3's to where I don't think I can get any more out of them for my preference in sound.
    Mods are plasticine in baffles, thick felt + ladders in cups then covered with cotton. Ear side has a less dense foam insert with 4 bass ports covered and two foam squares placed as per post on previous page.
    I found that putting anything on the rear of the driver itself caused everything to become very tinny sounding and muffled.

    Other mods are shure pads and leather headband.

    While I was at it I recabled the whole lot including through the headband with 26awg wure.


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  4. skingg
    Quick question.
    Are the models in Japan naturally called t30/40/50rp mk3with the "n" at the end? Or are these a newer revision?
    I compared the technical specs with the non 'n' version and they are exactly the same so I wonder what may be the differences, if any.
  5. kimikaze
    I think those are both the same, just different labeling(not on headphone itself) for different market.
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  6. axtran

    It is a little historical, and a little confusing. I think it's retained from the days of the MK2.

    When the T50RP came out, it was the "MK2" family with the 35mm square driver that we all love today. However, during that era, there was the T20v2 and T40v2 (note v, not Mk). Those had 45mm circular drivers, which were jammed in between two large magnets, and the whole baffle was essentially a single piece.

    The T20MK2 and then T40MK2 were released, pretty much T20v3 and T40v3. This is when the T50RP returned. We call it the MK2, however it was just marketed as a "T50RP" considering the last T50 looked like the super-vintage T50 "Mickey Mouse" looking T50's.

    The original release of this T50RP had some nasty pads, and essentially downplayed the greatness of the 35mm square driver--it was thought to lack bass, completely. A minor revision happened, which is only represented as T50RP Mk2n by say, 2008-ish, and the pads were revised, and I'd say this is when the headphones started to really gain their fame in being the modder's dream Planar headphones.

    These days, everything has been normalized as "T*0RP MK3." I noted that Amazon.co.jp still retained the "n" moniker for some reason, but they're the same.
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  7. paulmazz
    Right now my biggest annoyance with the T50s are the recessed vocals. I've been playing around with an eq and I've found that vocals sound much more present when increasing ~4-5 kHz where that dip is. Has anyone discovered any mods that would bring these frequencies up without also increasing that 10 kHz peak. Right now I'm using a the mayflower mod but without adhesive felt on the driver but rather stiff felt taped on and modified 1540 pads. I feel like I've reduced the mids bass to where I want it, but I just can't get those vocals to come through especially for male vocals in metal e.g. Pantera.
  8. axtran
    Hard to tell without you showing pictures of the actual full mods.
  9. SeEnCreaTive

    I found the more air restriction I had, the less bass, but the much more mids came out. As o found out when doing.the open Alphas

    Edit: Fixed the auto correct
  10. colgateam
    I have mine setup with thick foam + ladders in cups, thin layer of cotton without covering stock vents or middle plastic screw housing.
    Then covered 4 bass ports on ear side of driver, shure 1540 pads, and one piece of 8x8mm foam in middle of earside driver.

    Nothing covering back of driver at all as I found it muffled them way too much. I'd like to listen to someones' who has managed to get foam on the back of the driver with it still having hood vocals.

    Bass is probably a bit too much still but this is my most reliable setup for a range of music
  11. SeEnCreaTive

    Covering the back of the driver is how it's done mostly, although mk2s might be different
  12. axtran
    Finished my "slight" mods to my T40RP MK3: http://imgur.com/3HL6x9a
    Thanks to @fleasbaby , @iceppak , @mrspeakers , and @zach915m for helping supply the core components as well as learning lessons on how to properly plan, create, and tune the T40RP MK3 of my dreams.
    I actually didn't tune these drivers at all (just OCC wire to Hirose Plugs, before acrylic hot glue to baffle), and the baffles can't be any more rigid than Gabon Ebony... the natural timbre of the wood sound is just perfect. Beyond perfect, actually!
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  13. Nick-s-f
    The all-black look is gorgeous! Do they have a bass vent for the outside of the cup? Did not notice one.
  14. axtran

    Not quite--the baffle is hot glued (with a nice acrylic glue) to the cup. There is a small protruding "ring" to fit it perfectly ( @fleasbaby thought of everything). I didn't "seal" it, rather I glued it like this ( O ) , where O is the center cavity and driver. The top and bottom act as bass ports, approximately 1mm x 15mm.
  15. Nick-s-f
    How do they sound? You able to get Fr. measurements?
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