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Fostex new RP headphones - T50RPmk3, T40RPmk3 and T20RPmk3

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by sopp, Apr 15, 2015.
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  1. axtran

    Getting those soon. :) Probably the weekend, if I have time.
  2. TennojiM
    Hi guys!
    I'm just starting to play with my pair of headphones.
    Same story with rattle on low. Will play with screws recently.
    But for now I have different question.
    During ear-pads replacement I realised that front fine mesh on dinamic partially ripped-out.
    Can you tell me - is this mesh is just a dust protector? Or it's affect sound somehow?
    And is this mesh can be replaced with something else?

    Kind regards!
    Last edited: Jun 1, 2017
  3. rendyG
    Be careful to not overtighten the screws, I managed to break like 2 of them and I thought I was gentle :/ (they broke brobably coz I was playing with them repeatedly..)
  4. TennojiM
    Ok, I get it. Thank you)
    But anyway - what about this mesh at the front of driver? Can I remove them completely?
  5. majo123
    Hi guys I am totally new to this thread and literally have just clicked buy on the t50rp, im certain that what im just about to ask has already been covered at some point.
    I was wondering about the replacing of pads , i have read all about changing the sound quality with thickness and the shure pads and brainwavz but i have very small ears and was wondering if I would possibly get away with the stock pads????
    My other question is about driving them, i read that there hard to drive i will be purchasing a schit asguard or Valhalla not certain which yet but i also own 2 daps fiio x7/am3 and an opus 1, will the fostex not run at all on either of these 2 daps or just not efficiently or too quiet???? .
    Know im a late comer to the table and thanks for any response.
  6. SpiderNhan
    I initially swapped to Shure 840 pads because I'm cheap, and they were certainly more comfortable than the stock pads, but would eventually get painful against the arms of my glasses. I ended up not using my mk3 much because of comfort issues.

    Then Massdrop offered the Dekoni T50rp sheepskin pads for $20 cheaper than they normally sell for. On Massdrop I read that most of the Dekoni staff wear glasses and their pad designs take that into account. I bit. Holy crapoly if the comfort, isolation and bass impact didn't increase significantly. My suggestion is don't be cheap in your pad selection. I haven't tried other options like the Mr. Speakers or Brainwavz pads, but I 100% vouch for Dekoni.
  7. Nick-s-f
    1. Can't go wrong with the Shure 1540 pads. Comfortable as hell and mine have over a year of use with no signs of wear...even with having removed them dozens of times for modding purposes.

    2. I'm sure any amp or dap can get decent volume out of the T50RP MK3. The problem comes when you listen to something that is mastered at a low volume, sometimes you need some extra push for those quieter songs. Though this one is dependent per person.
  8. majo123
    Well i have just recieved them and i running them at the very top of my opus1..but they sound fantastic out of the box, very neutral lovely detail was wondering do this improve with burn in?
  9. Nick-s-f
    The only change I could note with mine when they were stock and fresh-out-of-box is the treble calmed just a bit..but I think that was brain burn-in. The treble on the stock MK3 always was a tad sharp to me..but that clarity is so worth it.

    Note: Forgot to add, I never used them with the stock pads for more than 5 minutes, too uncomfortable. Always used 1540 pads with them with no noticeable change in sound from the stock pads.

    Stock or modded, they still deserve a spot next to the TH900 and Ori in my stable. Very proud to own them.
    Last edited: Jun 3, 2017
  10. majo123
    I mostly own iems and daps , i only own 2 pairs of fuller sized cans , akg q702 and some Phillips fidelio l2s , im just about to venture into a more desktop system and bought them because i heard some comparisons to hifiman he400i and Audeze lcd2, obviously I dont expect them to sound as good.
    I will eventually be pairing with schiit asgard 2 and bitfrost multibit so im hoping when I do they will realy sing.
  11. majo123
    Well i have had my t50rp for about a day now and love em.
    My fidelio l2 have pretty good write ups and are honestly fantastic (been compared to senn hd600 in some review's) but the fostex just sound fuller more engaging to me, notes carry more weight and punch and i have not run them with anything other than a fiio x7 and opus1 daps yet, realy impressed for the money.
    I read up a lot on these before I purchased them about changing the pads and cable,
    Personally I dont find the pads that uncomfortable even after wearing for a few hours, there not as comfortable as my Akg 702 or my fidelio but im not realy feeling any problem with the pads.
    So the shure 1540 seem to be the most popular, should I change the pads for sonic improvements??? Or just leave stock pads if not having issues with being comfortable.
    I do definitely agree in changing the cable and was wondering which is best sonically.
  12. TennojiM
    Most of people complain about width ear-pads, and to be honest after replacement of the stock pads with Shure 1540 pads sound really become a little bit flat, BUT it's just because this pads are wider than stock one. AND do not forget that Shure 1540 pads made of memory foam, so after two weeks of use this foam compress, takes the form and becomes nearly as the stock pads in width and sound becomes totally same as on stock pads. And the comfort of Shure 1540 pads is worth it - its just like breathing pillow on your head. Extremely comfortable.
    Last edited: Jun 4, 2017
  13. TennojiM
    Sorry for the second post in the row. I just want to share some thoughts and trick.
    So about headphones - now I do not even want to look in the dynamic type headphones. Planar-magnets really awesome!

    So story about rattle. Actually my rattle sometimes accompanied by barely noticeable cracking. During playing with screws I finally recognized source of all this wobbles - membrane from the side where the signal wires soldered... if from this side screws not screwed tight and allows vibration to go outside the square area the external part with two wires punches base of chassis. Firstly I tried to fix this membrane part with wires by two-sided sticky tape. It's a terrible idea because when I realized that this do not works during my tries of removing this sticky tape I almost damaged wires and slightly bent external membrane part. So in the end solution is: unscrew screws completely and starting from the left-bottom corner push top cover of dynamic to the base with force and screw them again one by one by star pattern. During this process unfortunately you have very high risk to damage threadф (actually I damaged few of them... duh) but overall in the end you get good balanced sound between two cups without wobble.
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  14. SpiderNhan
    I've been playing around my T50rp mk3 recently, taping up vents, putting different materials in front of the driver, and stuffing cotton into the ear cups. Recently I've discovered a slight channel imbalance where the left side is about 15% louder than the right side. I've never noticed it before I started playing around with cotton in the ear cups. Can adding cotton cause a channel imbalance? Or was this always there I didn't notice until I was actively listening for changes I may or may not have made?
    Last edited: Jun 14, 2017
  15. SpiderNhan
    double post
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