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Formula 1-fi (Read the First Post!)

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  1. Roen
    Dive-bombs themselves are a contentious issue as you're not allowed to establish a lead position with a dive-bomb that puts you at a speed which is incapable of clearing the corner within track limits.

    But RIC hasn't been that egregious, even if his dive-bombs come from a long way back.
  2. Roen
    I don't remember SAI on OCO, but for RIC / BOT, Ricciardo gained an advantage, but no position, which is why the stewards left it as no further action. If RIC repeatedly went off track to gain time advantage, you'd be sure that the stewards would give an appropriate (time) penalty.
  3. oqvist
    You must be a sadomasochist to drive sauber particularly if you are a relatively heavy driver. The chassi is so crap they can´t compensate so you have to have borderline anorectic like wehrlein to keep the minimum weight. I can´t believe he actually found somebody to race :D
  4. SteveOliver

    Max was off-track by quite a bit.
  5. oqvist
    Seeing that it was 100 % the right call
  6. WraithApe
    No-one was disputing the fact that it was a technically correct call...
  7. Hutnicks
    I am.:) If you want track limits, then impose them, Put up a wall or a gravel track. At that level of competition any available space is fair game. These guys did not get into the first formula by staying within the lines of colouring books for christmas.

    All ya all, get ahold of Buttons latest book to see what the drivers think of the whole thing. In short and to summarize, If you give us an opportunity, we are going to take it, thats what we have trained for for our entire careers.

    Blame the FIA and the worlds worst architecht Herman Tilke if you must but waving an open space in front of an F1 driver is like blaming the bull that gores the idiot american tourist that gets in its way in Pamplona.
  8. Roen
    Track limits have always been the rule in any form of circuit racing. That being said, there's no technical deviation from that. 4WO that leads to an advantage that isn't given back -> Penalty.

    It's the enforcement of them that's lax and what is being bitched about.

    Couldn't I just straightline T3-5 if track limits weren't the rule? It's all paved anyway. Or Eau Rouge for that matter. But you'll see every driver tries to dip 3 wheels off......but never the fourth. Sometimes the fourth does go off and sometimes they get a penalty or give a space back because of it.
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2017
  9. oqvist
    Yes of course as a driver you are looking for the fastest way around. That is why we have track limits because otherwise drivers would just drive across the grass totally ignoring any corners. It takes no skill at all to not cut and go straight through corners. You don´t need to be at any level of competition to be able to cut corners :p

    However we do want overtaking and surely they are allowed to cut a lot so understandingly it can be confusing how far you are allow to stretch things before getting caught. But in this case Kimi could have cut corners as well to stay ahead and defend his position but he didn´t? In that case Max would never get a shot to overtake.
    Last edited: Oct 24, 2017
  10. Hutnicks
    Bugger it all then. All courses should be Monaco:)
  11. Muinarc
    Let's hope my DVR works this weekend. The last 2 races failed to record due to my DVR being on the fritz. :sob:
  12. Hutnicks
    You cant spool it off to disk on a computer? Should be a decent race and Hamilton should clinch it barring any unexpected dramas on the Merc side. Big hoohaw over his spin today not giving him the data on the supersofts. Uh guys, ever heard of a guy named Bottas? Plenty of data to be had from his car.

    The SCUD being themselves, loose nut on a fire extinguisher????? Really??? So what happens on race day, forget to bolt on the tranny or something? Good thing they have that whole QC thing under control. Some things never change. I remember Mark Donohue commenting when Penske bought a Ferrari 512 that it arrived looking like it was assembled from used parts in a scrap yard:)

    Deadbulls are the spoilers here. If they can jump the Ferraris it will be all over but the crying for podium spots. A well motivated Verstappen and uber aggressive Ric will spice things up.

    FI should be interesting. Perez and team orders at the Mexican GP might make for some contentious mid pack antics.

    Kvyat out finally, following on the heels of Palmer. Wheat from chaffe time as there are so many good young up and comers about dying for a seat. Lets hope Haas gets with the program and sends Grosjean packing too.
  13. Muinarc
    That sounds illegal!

    See: The history of Italian manufacturing and military equipment.

    Spoilers would be nice, Maybe the force india and redbulls get into each other and we get fireworks too.

    The series has needed a big turnover like that for a while. I like Alonso but he's past his "best if used by" date and Massa should have been gone 4 years ago in my opinion. Raikonen is too old to make a difference too.
  14. gr8soundz
    I know that DVR feeling. Unfortunately, you don't know it's down until after the broadcast. Heck, in the early 2000s I was borrowing VHS tapes of races from a co-worker just to keep up with F1. Anything is better than digging out a half-working VCR.

    Bottas was on the ultra-softs for his P2 run so no long-run data for Merc on the super-softs.

    Max's Red Bull had engine trouble though. But I agree they looked pretty good compared to the front runners. Everyone is down on horsepower due to the altitude so we may indeed see Max or Daniel on the top step which would be a nice result considering the Austin fiasco.
  15. Hutnicks
    Yes. I think next year is going to be make or break for Alonso. Most think he can still compete at the top but there is a big ? associated with that now. Kimi is a perfect number 2 but truthfully I don't think he has the heart to mount a challenge. I suspect next year is the last for him. Massa, should not have come back this year but bowed out gracefully. Now he is in a miserable position of trying to justify his presence while the wolves wait on the sidelines to eat his carcass. My money is on Pascal taking that seat. di Resta had a shot and did nothing several years ago and while I would love to see Kubica take that seat, the questions over his health remain. Were he guaranteed 100 percent capable it would be a no brainer, he's lethally fast in a Hamilton type of way.

    The only real class act was Button who knew when and how to make an exit. Others should really learn from his example. Still, I guess it's hard to give up that paycheck:)
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