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Formula 1-fi (Read the First Post!)

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  1. gr8soundz
    They first showed it from the front of the car (before he stopped completely) and I thought: Why does Vettel have a spare tire over his engine and where/how did he get it?
  2. Hutnicks
    Stewards calling it a racing incident????? How's that when the race is over?

    After an amazing drive to save the inevitable Fubarri collapse, Seb get clocked by the rookie and winds up with his left suspension on the right hand side of the car. That is going to hurt if the gearbox got pulled hither and yon and he needs to change it for Suzuka.

    Still no word on what failed on Kimi's car.

    Wonder what happened with Bottas. Lightning start and the car just seemed to fade. The new aero package may not be all it's cracked up to be. Small wonder Lewis did not use it. If they don't get that ironed out, it will murder them at Suzuka.

    Nice to see Max take a win after having a Raikkonen of a season thus far. Must be a relief for him to get through one without the car falling apart. Would have been nice to see more of the Ferraris challenging the Dead Bulls here. Seb made an effort on Ric but did not have enough car left to get serious about it. I am wondering where the Bull's found the speed. They sure won't be giving any credit to the powerplant:)

    Decent debut from Gasly. Kyvatt must be shopping himself around for a touring car ride about now. Having your seat taken out from under you TWICE is pretty unprecedented in F1 and that is something people tend to notice. Really no where for guys like him and Palmer to go in F1 at this point.

    I wonder how the conversation at FI is going. Only so many ways you can tell your guys to stop hitting each other.

    2 Mac's finishing a race. Nice to see. Vandoorne did a pretty decent job with the car. They have to be thinking right about now that with a Renault engine they could be as competitive as the Dead Bulls. Next year will be telling.
  3. Hutnicks

    Ah, let the bloodletting begin. Two disastrous races? Sergio, were you sleeping at Monza? Watching the SCUD implode is almost as entertaining as the races themselves. Is there anyone anywhere who was not aware they were using up their parts allotments? Cripes even the ever obtuse Martin Bumbledore was questioning their powerplant allocations for the rest of the season several races ago.

    Suzuka is going to be an absolute hoot!
  4. Herueyes
    I heard Vettel was running out of fuel so he intentionally crashed into Stroll 'cause he wasn't going to make it back to the pits... Not with the required amount of fuel... So he actually saved 4th place...
  5. Hutnicks
    Thats an interesting thought. Taking the steering wheel with him has raised a lot of questions.
  6. Herueyes
    gr8soundz likes this.
  7. oqvist
    He must have collaberated with stroll then because he didn't steering into him
  8. Hutnicks
  9. SteveOliver
    Nico Rosberg is appearing on Sky to offer his "opinions" on various things F1, I have to say he's doing an OK job for sure. :wink: can somebody please help him with his IEM's though. I think he has them in the wrong ears?
    Last edited: Oct 7, 2017
  10. jimmers
    I'm afraid they're the only ears he's got
    Hutnicks likes this.
  11. Hutnicks
    Be an interesting race tomorrow. The Vettel sandwich may make for some action.

    Big surprise Palmer gets sacked. Formula E awaits I am sure. Not to happy to see Sainz have to suffer the Renault blues for the rest of the season.

    Kimi taking a gearbox penalty. Conspiracy theorist could not help but notice that it come suspiciously just after the Vettel over Stroll (and particularly after the in car footage was released) "incident" Does the FIA really tag those components or is it an honour system?

    Flat out all the way round, lets see who really has the engine tomorrow.
  12. SteveOliver
    They said on Sky, the gearbox casing was damaged on SV's car, it went back to the factory for all the gears to be swapped into a new casing. That must be pushing the limits of what's legal.
  13. Hutnicks
    Hmmm. The SCUD seems to be fading at an alarming rate all of a sudden. Red Bull on the rise Merc chugging merily along. Bottas my well overtake Vettel for second this season.
  14. WraithApe
    Enjoyable race today spoiled by poor stewards decisions. Inconsistent on Max's infringement, when other drivers had been doing the same thing all race, and wrong in penalizing Ericsson v Magnussen - clearly a racing incident.
  15. gr8soundz
    Agreed. Soon as the message showed 5 sec penalty for Max all the joy of seeing him make the super-late pass for 3rd was gone (that pass alone would've made up for the strange driver intros by Buffer at the start too). Great race demoted to just ok after the stewards screwed it up.
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