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Formula 1-fi (Read the First Post!)

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  1. chunkfnk
    *** Everyone visiting this thread please remember to keep it spoiler free for at least the first day after the race (Monday) as some of us either can't catch it live or choose to stream it from another network we prefer***
    If you must discuss the race immediately, please use the spoiler tags and remember to not mention the race of qualification results outside of the spoiler tag. Thank you.
    This is how to use the spolier tag as demonstrated by member: Pudu

    Seeing as how Lotus announced their E21 on Monday and McLaren is set to announce their MP4-28 tomorrow, I'm curious to see who on here watches Formula 1. [​IMG]
  2. MarkyB16
    I'm a massive F1 fan and I'd love to see this thread take off.
    I can't see anything too radical being unveiled by any of the teams this year as the regulation changes have been so slight but it's always exciting to see the new cars. Bring on testing next week! 
  3. Happy Camper
    Another Formula fan here. I've seen a couple races and nothing compares in motor sports. Indy car included......:D
  4. chunkfnk

    As would I. I did a search for a thread like this before making it and unfortunately it looks like there aren't that many F1 fans on here? 
    Yeah, although I'm sure more teams might start running the DDRS so maybe we'll see some faster cars down the straights. I'm looking forward to the 2014 season though with the new Turbocharged V6 engines they're planning on running. [​IMG]

    It's always nice to hear from a fellow F1 fan! I have the hardest time finding people to talk to about F1. Which races have you been? Did you check out Austin last season?
  5. Happy Camper
    I've been to the Brickyard a couple times when they first came to Indy.
  6. proton007
    Another F1 fan here, but I've never been to an F1 race, always watched it on TV.
    I almost stopped watching it because it was getting boring, but the last season was interesting, so I'm keeping my hopes up for this year.
    More than F1, though, I like LeMans 24Hr. Its my dream to witness that event, atleast once.
  7. chunkfnk
    Did you get to see Schumi?
    Well it seems like Kimi and Lotus are hungry for the championship and we got Lewis trying to bring Mercedes to the top so we should be in for a good season, hopefully.
    LeMans is awesome, I definitely want to go experience it at least once in my life as well. Have you seen the documentaries Truth In 24 I/II?
  8. customcoco
    Another F1 freak here !
    I've never been to a race. Always watch it on TV.
    I must say that I've been pretty bored by the last season, I hope that Hamilton will show what he can really do this year.
    Where did you hear that they'll use turbocharged engines in 2014?
  9. proton007
    I'd like to see Lotus doing better this year, because they showed their potential in the last season. Kimi is a good driver, and seems the car suits him well.
    But I hope Mercedes have the car suit Lewis' style. Given their past couple of seasons, its going to be really tough.
    Even though F1 is fun, endurance racing is something else. Keeping a car running at those performance levels for 24 hrs is no small feat, especially for the drivers and the team members. 
    No I haven't seen the documentary, but thanks for the mention, I'll look it up.
  10. Audio-Omega
    I have been watching F1 since the days of Nelson Piquet but I have never been to a race.  [​IMG]
    It would be nice to see another team wins this year's championship.  
  11. proton007

    Yeah, I'm getting sick of RB and Vettel. 
  12. MarkyB16
    Here's a quick summary of the major rule changes for 2014:
    1. New turbocharged, 1.6 litre V6 format with an 8-speed gearbox. Engines will be limited to 15,000rpm and must last for 4000km instead of just 2000km prior 2014.
    2. The Kinetic Recovery System (KERS) will be incorporated into the design of the engine and a Thermal Energy Recovery System (TERS) will be introduced. The TERS unit will give drivers an additional 161 bhp (120 kW) for thirty-three seconds per lap, compared to KERS which gave drivers an 80 bhp (60 kW) for six seconds per lap.
    3. The 2014 regulations require the use of lower noses than in previous years, in the interests of safety. The tip of the nose would have been no more than 185mm above the ground, in comparison to the 550mm allowed in 2012.
    4. In order to promote fuel efficiency, cars will be required to carry no more than 100 kg (220 lb) of fuel at the start of the race, 30% less than in 2013.
    5. The position of the exhaust outlet will change so that it is now angled upwards toward the rear wing instead of downwards to face the rear diffuser so as to make the practice of using exhaust blown diffusers (passing exhaust gasses over the rear diffuser to improve the car's downforce extremely difficult to achieve).

  13. antberg
    Massive F1 fan here aswell,nice idea to put a F1 thread around here.
    The rules for 2014 seems well promising too,especially new engines turbocharged!It has been speculated the possibilities for a turbocharged for 2013,but then they did not make up.
    I agree with Proton,for years F1 has been quite boring,until 2 years ago,with some unorthodox changes but necessaries to keep the "Circus" interesting.
    Although i support Ferrari and forever i will,i have great hope for Kimi and his Lotus,they showed their capabilities with a Team at the moment financially and technically not at that level as Red Bull or Mercedes.And i hope Felipe Massa can start the season with the same opportunities as Fernando Alonso and being able to stay at his same performance.
  14. Pudu
    Been following F1 since the late eighties. I've been to Silverstone, Spa, Montreal, Monaco, and Sepang - but my opinion is go watch Free Practice in person once (so you can feel and hear the cars) and then watch the races on tv.

    I've contemplated starting an F1 thread here for a long while.. but I always watch tape delayed races and I like to be able to browse Head-fi on race days without accidentally seeing a spoiler - yes I'm paranoid and don't even like talking to my relatives on race days :ph34r: .

    Man I hope Ferrari and Macca don't flounder out of the gates this year. Can't stand another Red Bull domination -> it feels like 10 years ago. Glad to see Valencia gone too. Looks like we are back to the ring after all (okay not THE ring, but you know what I mean).

    Nürburgring to host 2013 German GP

    Kimi's 2013 steering wheel:

  15. Audio-Omega
    McLaren couldn't issue a Pit Lane Pass for me as it was in the realm of FIA.  
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