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Formula 1-fi (Read the First Post!)

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  1. oqvist
    omg ocon on his 21 plop day doing his 22th grand prix and his mom has never won a gp from pole position... This is the drop never ever Sky sports again.

    To bad about the start
  2. WraithApe
    Stewards inquiry going on now. Reckon they'll penalize Vettel or just chalk it up as a racing incident?
  3. Hutnicks
    Pretty silent on everyone's part coming out of the interview. Fubarri blaming Max for the whole thing is not going to sit well with anyone, least of all the FIA.

    Really nice to see the SCUD returning to their former ways though. Good luck winning it with six races left on the clock and the wear on their powerplants they have. If in fact Deadbull have gotten their act together it's going to take a miracle for Vettel to bring of a WDC and the SCUD is notorious for not creating miracles.

    Too bad FI could not capitalize more on this one. Once again inexperienced management and strategy shows them up. The good new is they are actually learning.

    Alonso once again demonstrating his magnetism for ill luck.
  4. Hutnicks
    Ah so the ubiquitous "No Further Action" decision comes down from the Stewards. Interesting call that.
  5. gr8soundz
    Once again they fail to punish Vettel (so he keeps doing risky stuff like this).

    Just checked the replay and Vettel's angle at the start never changed until he hit Kimi. Looks like Seb and Max never even touched but Max had absolutely no where to go, pushing him into Kimi then Seb finished off his teammate's car.

    So Vettel pulled a 'Rosberg' by refusing to straighten out (not leaving room) after cutting off another car that was about to pass him.
    Last edited: Sep 17, 2017
  6. Muinarc
    That one will go down high on my "bonehead moves that cost you a championship" list. As much as I like to see verstappen show is immaturity, that one is all on Vettel.
  7. Hutnicks
    Yeah. Somehow the "I couln't see Kimi" excuse falls a little short. I do think Vettel collected Max first just from the debris falling off the car but still he should know full well that there is nowhere to go for the kid and slamming on the binders is really not an option on the start grid with 18 cars coming at you. Telemetry at least seems to show Max tried to back out but I suspect even he knew it was all over at that point.

    Why they dont replace the all but usesless mirrors with LCD's using wide angle cameras on the airbox is beyond me. The weight is trivial and at least you would be able to actually see something coming up on you. Add the Halo into the mix and visibility takes another downturn next year.
  8. oqvist
    But that is what most race incidents boils downs to. Otherwise every single incident where there is contact should be penalized where one is to be blamed 55 % and the other is just 45 % guilty. Drivers are sitting in the cockpit with very limited fov. They don´t have the all seeing eye we have and the ability to replay scenarios and do it better the second time. Vettel could squeeze quite a bit more hadn´t Kimi already been there. We seen cars cutting the line of competing cars is a ok in formula one so it´s not a bad move in that sense. There is some series in simracing where the car that is hunting all he need to do is to put his nose in just a little bit and the car ahead must leave room. That is not right either.

    In this scenario it didn´t work out.. However had Kimi got a worse start or Max a better one that may have secured a win for Vettel instead of getting stuck in 3rd place and there would never be an argument how stupid it was to take the racing line from pole. I wonder how many f1 drivers on that grid that would just accept their poor start and let some cars by without even a fight after getting pole? It´s in the big minority I am quite sure :D. It´s truly impossible to spot Kimi so it´s a valid excuse for sure otherwise he would get penalised for not leaving space.

    Vettel has been penalised before so I don´t see the argument he is not getting penalised.

    Besides better mirrors putting radar on the car and have them telling you when you have a car besides you through Siri. In Simracing there is some plugins and they are much more effective then any virtual mirrors. Having virtual huds like air fighter pilots would be pretty cool as well. They could project all cars around you and the driver can still focus on the apex ahead. Similar to helicorsa in Assetto. Much better then traditional rear view mirrors and more F1 if you ask me.
  9. Hutnicks
    Uh yeah. He took 4 cars out of the race so really there should be no penalty assessed for sure. This aint simracing this is flesh and blood and at 40 million a year salary there is a premium on responsibility. Situational awareness is at a premium and the sport needs to look at it's own precedents when making judgement calls.
  10. oqvist
    No f1 driver on the grid would see kimi there. Some would not take the risk to cover up maybe but most would for sure. Cant penalized just for taking risks its racing its all about calculated risks trying to be on the limit. Sometimes it backfires like this, sometimes it wins you races.
  11. WraithApe
    What's most perplexing is why Vettel would take such a risk when a WDC is on the line, he's sitting on pole and his main rival for the title is well down the grid. I was expecting a no nonsense drive from the front from Vettel yesterday but instead he pulls out an unnecessarily aggressive and risky move right off the start line and chaos ensues. I guess he's got his punishment with the DNF and one would think, little chance of still challenging for WDC unless something goes badly wrong for Hamilton in the last 6 races of the season.
  12. Hutnicks
    That is indeed the puzzler of the week. Unless he was absolutely terrified of the threat the Dead Bulls posed, there was no reason to come across that aggressively .
  13. oqvist
    Most fast drivers is aggressive though. They are more comfortable over the limit then under that is the main difference. So that there is big risk taking going on with drivers like Hamilton, Max, Vettel, Pastor, Grosjean and well most drivers on the grid is not odd at all. Had Kimi not got on the inside of Max I don´t know if there would even be this discussion. Would perhaps be what good racecraft it is Vettel boxed Max in and how it secured his win instead of having to battle Hamilton for 3rd :)
  14. Hutnicks
    Well, the issue of protecting ones chances for a win rears up here. Vettel was clearly in the all or nothing mode of thinking which loses more championships than it has ever won. His over confidence in that he could not fathom Max or Kimi making a better start than he speaks more to hubris than good race craft. In short he took an un acceptable risk when it was not warranted.

    On the plus side he had re negotiated his contract before making the move that resulted in the SCUD having both their cars eliminated on the first lap for the first time in F1 history. That is a record that even his idol Schumacher never got round to capturing:)
  15. oqvist
    Lovely timing
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