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Formula 1-fi (Read the First Post!)

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  1. Hutnicks
    Game set and match with Merc the winner. They will not contest it at all, though I am dead sure they are going to be looking at the telemetry very closely. Simply put, they got under Vettels skin and he committed some grave errors this season. This one collected Lewis but really. they peed the championship away in Singapore and there is no way they will ever slough that one off.
  2. gr8soundz
    Vettel damaged his front wing after connecting with Max (who was in the lead and whose tire was not cut).
  3. Roen
    I see what you guys are saying.
  4. gr8soundz
    If not for Baku, no one would question Vettel. But after you deliberately hit someone once...... There's no conspiracy if someone, as you say, looks suspicious after being caught red-handed doing worse in the past. Only Vettel can say for sure if today was intentional but that thought didn't cross my mind until after I saw his in-car replay.

    It was strange to see Ham so slow working his way up the field but I saw pics after the race showing his rear diffuser was badly damaged.
  5. Hutnicks
    Hamilton it seems was forced into playing the damage limitation game here. End of season, high altitude, damaged car, his outright hesitation to go to hammertime engine mode to get past Alonso. I believe he was working to the worst case scenario and saving the car and engine in the off chance Vettel caught Kimi and the SCUD did a position swap to keep his chances alive. I can well see why Toto says he absolutely hated every moment of that race. Risk management as Brawn said in his book is the name of the game for drivers nowadays. Unless you have the Honda or Renault rotating time bomb under your bum, then you might as well Verstappen your way through and hope for the best.

    I think the new owners should pony up a hundred grand a race for fastest lap:)
  6. gr8soundz
    All very good points :thumbsup:.

    Too bad the FIA only hands out money for constructor points. Not sure how much money 1 point is worth nowadays, but (imo) it'd be better to again reward points for pole positions.

    They could award points for fastest lap (like other racing series) but I'm worried lower teams would burn up engines and change their strategy just for that. Imagine cars pitting for ultra-softs with 3 laps left at every race.
  7. Hutnicks
    Sure, but if they think they can afford an engine penalty it might be a way to re allocate some money downward to the back markers. Give them a sporting chance at something when a podium finish is light years beyond their capability.
  8. Roen
    Race fans, please allow me to pick your brains.

    Let's say I'm in a mixed class race.

    I'm in a car that is one class below the car behind me and somehow leading the overall race, maybe through pit stops, maybe because the faster cars had some reliability problems that they're fixing and that they've charged through the field. It is now the last lap.

    I'm ahead of the faster car in P2 and I'm taking my line normally. I don't realize how much faster the car is behind and I leave the door open, but when he starts braking, he's at least 3-4 car lengths behind me. Is that really leaving the door open?

    However, he's got such an advantage that he can brake later and harder than I can, on a shallower line, and still make the corner without running off-track at the speed he arrives at the apex with.
    Essentially, he divebombs me. I'm turning as usual and have no idea I'm being attacked. At the apex, we make contact, his car approximately in line with mine. Whose fault is the collision?

    I feel like the divebomb puts him at fault, but at the same time, he can still make the corner with the speed he's carrying, and when we reach the apex, the front of his car is already past my midline, his car is almost in line with my car.

    50/50, but what do you think? Racing incident? My penalty? His penalty?
    Touring cars, not F1 cars, if that matters at all (looser contact rules)
  9. Hutnicks
    Really depends on the series. The old Trans Am and Can Am series used to have that problem of sorts on a regular basis. It was left up to the under 2.5 litre and 2 litre cars to be aware of and yeild to faster traffic.
    In club and vintage racing it is a blue flag deal so essentially the driver of the slower car is responsible for being aware and letting the faster car by.

    In reality it is a position neither driver should put themselves in. The faster car should be able to get by on the straight and be well ahead for the turn or failing that, lay down the power on the exit and get by. The slower car should be aware and make it as easy as possible for the faster car to make a pass, after all they are not racing each other. Always has been a problem with mixed series races and always new drivers to the series get caught out and scared pooless:) The big car drivers inevitably think of their little brethren as back markers no matter what position they are in.
  10. Roen
    In this situation, I was in the lead for the overall, and it was the last lap. It was a move for position. It was a track where I was slower, but he couldn't get by me on the straight. In the low speed corners, I had exit traction acceleration advantage, and I was able to take defensive lines on most straights to prevent a pass. His only advantage was a bit of straightaway speed and massive braking advantage.

    It was the rare situation of the lower class leading a higher class. I wonder if that changes your viewpoint on it.
  11. Hutnicks
    I would need to know what the benefit to you for the overall win was in this case.
  12. Roen
    Sticking it to the upper classes? It's still an overall victory, regardless of the respective separate season series.
  13. Hutnicks
    If you didn't get blue flagged then I'd claim ignorance:) Personally, as long as he wasnt towing a direct class competitor along in his wake I'd probably wave him by on a straight rather than suffer the strain of defending against him and the resulting wear and tear on myself and the car.
    Roen likes this.
  14. Roen
    Lol, thanks for your input. You sound much more pragmatic than me!
    Last edited: Oct 29, 2017
  15. Hutnicks
    That comes with age, and fear:)
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