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Focal Clear headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by mtoc, Oct 1, 2017.
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  1. doraymon
    Allow me to disagree.
    If you grow your sales volumes you should grow your structure as well so to guarantee the level of support your customers deserve.
    They sell luxury products so I would expect even better customer service, no matter how many they sell.
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  2. rutter
    I think this varies more than that.
  3. devilboy
    Oh, I agree with you doraymon. Every company should reply to questions from their paying customers, especially one charging $4,000 for headphones and $200,000 for loudspeakers.
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  4. Drrizzt
    Normaly as a well established society you must have adapted your customer service to the size of your market. It seems pretty obvious.
  5. paul2qute
    Well that's me..focal clear sold, had to part ex them with Hugo 2 to get the chord hugo TT 2,I'm thinking of getting the Sony Z1R next, maybe end of the year, totally different from clear but I want something more laid back not as in my face
  6. franz12
    Somehow, my Clear sounds laid-back. I thought it was in-your-face when I heard it three months ago. At that moment, I thought I was sitting in the 5th row in the hall, but at this time, I feel like I am sitting in the 10th row. Did Focal change tuning? Or do I hear music differently this time? Or is my audio memory bad? I don't know.
    Anyway, Clear sounds so good. I will do some A/B soon with AFO which I gave to my parents, and make them keep what they prefer and I will keep the other.
  7. paul2qute
    Trust me when I say this I loved the focal clear miss them already but I'm just after a different sound,owned the focal utopia but it wasn't for me
  8. franz12
    Was Utopia too much in-your-face? I was thinking about buying one. But I like spaciousness and airy feelings of Clear.
  9. paul2qute
    I loved the clear the utopia was far to bright for me felt worn out after listening to it, we read reviews saying about all this detail but in reality it's totally different in my view
  10. Phronesis
    I'm a fan of the Audeze sound (hence owning the LCD-3 and LCD-i4), and interested in complementing them with a different sound.

    Considering all of the rave reviews for the Utopia, I decided to borrow a pair from my local shop and try them this weekend. With the right tracks, I find the clarity and detail of the Utopia to be enticing and somewhat addictive, but there's a touch too much brightness which gives vocals and instruments an 'edge' which sounds somewhat unnatural; I'm not finding it fatiguing yet, but I wonder if it would be fatiguing with more time. With other tracks, I find the Utopia much too bright and thin sounding, especially as volume level increases beyond a moderate level. So, to my ears, while the Utopia is seductively superb with some music, I find that it lacks versatility and is overpriced at $4K.

    That got me thinking that maybe the Clear might be a better choice, but I wonder if it gives up too much of the Utopia's stellar detail. I'd appreciate opinions from people who've listened extensively to both the Utopia and Clear.
  11. LoryWiv
    I auditioned the Focal Cear the other day and initially was blown away by it's forward, exciting presentation. However, with certain tracks and over time I found it too etched / bright and even a bit "tizzy." Overall Clear did impress me and may the right choice for many, but I too felt it might be fatiguing esp. as my current daily driver is a ZMF Ori, very musical but more laid back. So while I want a open-back with good detail retrieval to complement the closed-back Ori, I'm leaning more to the ZMF Auteur but don't have access to audition one so haven't finalized a decision yet.
  12. koiloco
    Coming from HD800/HE-6, I am having a hard time seeing why some people think the Clear are edgy, bright, and tizzy. We do hear very differently indeed.
    So far, it seems that people, who drive the Clear with SS amps, have somewhat similar impressions.
    On my tube amp, there're no issues in the high. The Clear are however more forward than HD800, with a smaller soundstage. For me, these 2 characteristics make them wonderful to listen at low volume.
    Last edited: May 27, 2018
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  13. franz12
    Agreed. Even with SS, it is not bright. It is just tonally correct to my ears. There are some brighter headphones than Clear like he400i or hd600.
  14. doraymon
    What they might be hearing is the brightness of their electronics or amplification.
    Never suffered from brightness with the Clear and I am quite sensitive to it!
  15. doraymon
    This is an interesting point, now that I think about it it’s true, I have never enjoyed music at lower levels like with the Clear (and Utopia for that matter)
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