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Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by mtoc, Oct 1, 2017.
  1. ctaxxxx
    But why? Do you all live in a single room, or have paper thin walls?

    Just buy some quality closed backs or in-ears if they keep complaining. The TH-900 or MDR-Z1R have a great soundstage with air similar to an open back, especially the former.

    Or wait for the HD820, since rumors suggest it's coming soon.
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  2. dontfeedphils
    Instead of questioning what he wants or why he wants it (since he seems to know what he's looking for), maybe just help him with his original question?

    Some open-back cans leak more than others and he's looking for specific comparisons. If I had experience with those cans I'd help.
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  3. wldcohso

    I can confirm the HDV820 is really nice and a step up from my previous HDVD800. Using a balanced 4 pin xlr though.
  4. dontfeedphils
    He was talking about a rumored closed can from Senn, you're talking about their amp. Different things.
  5. ctaxxxx
    I am just trying to have him reconsider his suggestions. It will be a waste of money for him to buy the Focal Clear, and then have his family complain that they're too noisy. I will let others help him with his question. I just think it's personally ridiculous.
  6. TSAVJason
    It would seem shared space in your family is difficult to share. This is not always easy. I had to ask my family to respect my time as I would respect theirs. Sometimes it’s required to discuss the sharing of space. Other times it’s essier to make compromises on the gear like getting a set of closed back in your case ....just my thoughts on the topic
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  7. wldcohso
    I agree totally, nobody got time to be asking how loud each openback headphone is.. either you want openback or closedback headphones. Family approves and disapproves openback. Lol... kind of funny though...
  8. franz12
    I already have Ether C Flow, which I enjoyed much. But once I got Aeon Flow Open, my Ether C Flow got 0 head time. I am not a fan of sennheiser or audeze darkish sound. But I think I will love Clear (or focal sound). So I am seriously considering to buy it, so I am asking.
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  9. wldcohso
    I misunderstood,thank you.
  10. wldcohso
    Buy from a dealer with great return policy and no restocking fee. Search around, I’m sure you can find this without issue. Or if you have somewhere near you to audition them and see how loud they are.
  11. donlin
    Agree, just a completely ridiculous situation. I feel sorry for the poor guy though.
  12. franz12
    I already have a reliable closed back. Buying another closed-back is not an option.
    Before making a decision about whether to buy Clear, I just wanted to check the FACT about its sound leakage. (whether it is more or less as other cans, JUST FACT)
    I don't understand this kind of aggressive answers.
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  13. uelover
    Just ignore their posts. I have my Clear coming in tomorrow and I will let you know about the sound leakage.

    The two headphones I have had so far with the greatest sound leakage for the HD800X and the HE1000 - its as if I am listening through speakers.
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  14. ctaxxxx
    Then here are the FACTS -

    "My measurements didn't show a marked increase in openness to the acoustic environment around you (though my measurement system seems to wander around a bit in its isolation measurements lately), but in wearing and comparing the Clear to Elear (and Utopia) I do think I hear it as slightly more open to external sounds."

    "I'm not sure I know what's going on with my isolation measurements of late, they seem to be wandering around a bit. I'd trust the Clear isolation measurement of the sn A1BRQE000013 measurements more than those shown on the 000007 unit, which does seem to be about 5-10dB more open than the Utopia or Elear above 3kHz."
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  15. Rowethren
    I would guess by the fact the Clears are so open that they will leak a lot, you can see completely through them. Tyll reviews have isolation tests as well they are measured for external sound getting in but I suspect it is the closest you will get for what you are looking for.

    Also both sides try chilling out, the thing about family came across as a joke to me but maybe I have too much of a British sense of humour... :p
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