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  1. bidn
    Indeed I think many open may be more or less divided between fully open (leak a lot) and semi-open (leak less).
    I don't have the Clear yet but I understand them re. this aspect to be similar to the Utopia and Elear, belonging along the HD 800 to the fully open kind.
    In what I call the semi-open kind I put the following among my headphones with some impressions: AKG K812 (treble too high though not as bad as HD 800), LCD-X (too dark; attacks too smooth for me), PM-2 (too dark; attacks too smooth for me). At this point I would not go for any of those (in general they may have been outclassed by newer headphones, though they might still be great for more specific musics).

    I don't think the Clear would suit your requirements, being full open.

    If you can wait and hold for a while, then I can recommend you to wait for the coming new Focal headphones, not announced yet at this point, so secret...
    If you can't wait, then I can recommend you to go for the AKG K872: closed headphones with a very wide soundstage like open headphones, more neutral then the semi-open headphones which I just mentioned above, good bass, better attacks than HD 800 though not quite as much as Focal's headphones.

    What kinds of music will you be listening to?
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  2. Paulo Abreu
    I can't compare since Clear is my 1st open back but it does leak a lot at moderate/high volumes. I remember the 1st day I used it my wife coming from 2 rooms far asking if it wasn't too loud?
    I had to explain it was an open design and show her the vents, or else she would be worried ...


    But in the latest days I've been listening Clears on our living room while she's seeing the TV and... no complains. May she's already burned? but I'll ask her an honest opinion today just for scientific purposes. Maybe I should complain more about the TV than vice-versa ? LOL anyway, my advice, just find a listening spot where you feel confortable and just for your own, or else ... no solution I can see.

    My 2 cents
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  3. jinrawke
    I had Focal Clear and AFO side by side for a month or so. The AFO is semi-closed and the sound leakage is quite closer to a closed back. As for the Clear, just expect it to behave like any other open back. In a quiet room, you can definitely hear them at a good distance. When I was burning them in at 'burn in volume' my Google Pixel 2 could recognize the song and give me the song name at about 10 feet away. They were sitting on my wood upside down U shaped stand.
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  4. Aeskualpio
    I listen to my Clear between 70-80db, sitting next to my wife and she never complains.
    If you can audition them I suggest you try them, get them to a pleasurable volume and then remove them from your head to evaluate sound leak.
    I find my HD6XX leak much more than the Clear.
    Hope that helps

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  5. SomeGuyDude
    You're not gonna love them if your family is constantly complaining about the noise leaking out.

    This is a really dumb line of discussion. Like you're expecting someone to line up all the open backs with a microphone and measure how loud they get externally.

    Listen, pal, if sound leak is an issue, don't get open back headphones. End of transaction.
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  6. Hedonism
    Did you end up selling both of them? Any updated impressions/comparisons between the two after a month or so of living with both?
  7. uelover
    May I request a moderator to come in and delete some of the irrelevant (mildly offensive posts)?

    A simple question on sound leakage level is asked, let that question be answered, period.
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  8. donlin
    Of course it was a joke.
  9. jinrawke
    They both are VERY VERY good headphones. IMO (as well as countless other reviewers and review sites), you can not go wrong with either. Once the Focal Clears warmed up to me, they were my go-to headphone. Are they worth the extra money on top of the AFO? For me, I would lean towards yes, they fit my needs BUT that is a highly subjective question that only you and your wallet can answer. Like as some others have said, they retained the amazing detail at clarity at a very low volume (which I tended to keep them at since I did use them for working sessions, sitting at a desk for a couple hours at a time). My ears tend to easily become fatigued and that really did not happen on the Clears once I dialed in at the lower listening volume.

    So why did I end up selling them? I enjoy both AFO and Clear and unfortunately one of them had to go. I have a pair Auteur coming in and can't justify keeping all 3 so I put up both and got rid of whatever sold first. Who knows, if the Auteur is my end game, the AFO may be going as well. If the Auteur doesn't go well with my ears, I will definitely go back to the Clears... or the next headphones that Focal releases (as rumors suggest).
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  10. Hedonism
    Thanks for the response. Looking forward to your impressions of the Auteur!
  11. Wildcatsare1
    Hi Franz, I absolutely love my Clear, but perhaps you should check out some of the great ZMF Headphones, that are semi-open.

    Please don’t take the comments seriously, they were joking with British/American sarcasm, I’m quite confident no insults were intended. If I can be of any assistance, please feel free to PM me.
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  12. Mart
    I hate you all.

    Happy new year! :)

  13. Jodet
    What I want is a Clear that weighs 50 grams less.
  14. SomeGuyDude
    The $1500-ish price bracket is incredible right now.

    I have the LCD-X but I really, really am curious to stack them up against the Clear, Auteur, Ether Flow, Edition X v2, Odin, and I know there are others.
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  15. donlin
    The Edition Xv2 was my main phone for almost a year leading up to getting the Clear. It's a very pleasant, easy to listen to headphone but compared to the Clear it's slow, with more prominent but flabby bass and grainy treble. Many places in recordings that I had gotten used to annoying sibilance with the Xv2 are very clean and grain free with Clear.
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