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FLC Technology FLC8 and FLC8s Impressions Thread

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  1. shapetheLOLa
    Hey there,

    So I have just bought a pair of the flc8s für 140 euros. I just noticed its coming with a 2.5 mm balanced cable, which I cannot use with my phone.

    Will I hurt the flc8s if I buy a cable from null-audio? Is there something to even it out?
    Or do you just recommend using the silver upgrade cable?
  2. qu8it
    You would have to ask null-audio if they have any 0.74mm 2pin cables with the correct polarity for the flc8s.
    The silver upgrade cable will work of course. (or the "FLC8 Black TPU Rubber Cable" or "FLC8S Blue Braided Cable")
    Another option is to get a 2.5mm balanced female to 3.5mm male adapter to use with your balanced cable.
    If you can do some DIY, you have more options.
  3. csglinux
    You could get an adapter. It's trendy to be rocking dongles these days :wink:

    Or you could order a replacement 3.5 mm cable from lendmeurears.com. (Copper or silver cables available for the FLC8s.)
  4. shapetheLOLa
    Thanks, guys.

    I just ordered both a new cable and adapter.
    I want to try the default cable with adapter first, but I have heard not the best things about the stock cable.
    If it does not work out I will try the replacement cable :)
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