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FLC Technology FLC8 and FLC8s Impressions Thread

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  1. audio123
    after a few weeks with my sirius, i have concluded I am satisfied with it replacing flc8s. a superior upgrade imo.
  2. nmatheis Contributor

    Glad you're happy with Sirius. At almost 3x the price, I'd certainly hope it's a substantial upgrade. Now we just have to see what you think of Sirius vs Celeste when you get to hear her :wink:
    canali likes this.
  3. audio123

    most likely will be getting the celeste [​IMG] so i can do a head to head comparison
  4. canali
    question to Forrestwei: can you give us a rough ETA for the release?  end of Sept...end of Oct?
    i'm in no rush, as i'm heartily enjoying my flc 8s, but was just wondering... by xmas you think?
  5. Taggerung
    This is only their 2nd product. I don't think there's enough history for anyone to be thinking of a "normal" time-frame for launch.
  6. MuZo2
    I think gear technology used for tuning is very complex must be hard to get it right and also to get the production process for it.
  7. nmatheis Contributor

    I can only imagine that this is true. The fact that people were highly impressed with a non-tuneable model at shows is very promising. I'm willing to wait for Forrest to get it right!

    Still hoping to see him at RMAF, though...
    canali likes this.
  8. willowbrook
    Celeste will probably be the only IEMs I will ever come across that is worth considering buying without auditioning them even at a high price. Unless it's like $1500+...such amazing experience with FLC8s, so I trust it will probably just blow my mind and won't need anything else for a quite long time. It will probably be my first truly high-end IEMs purchase.
  9. omastic
    The Sirius is a mid head's dream with its lush and organic vocal presentation. Needless to say the premium build and accessories are great as well. However, I would take the FLC8s over the Sirius any day as I didn't find the Sirius to be technically any better, and such a forward mid just doesn't work for my preferences. 
  10. audio123
    yeah im a mids head hence sirius.
  11. audio123
    anything at that price range is good
  12. willowbrook

    Technically good, preferences and comfort are everything to me though.
    audio123 likes this.
  13. audio123
    yeap agreed.
  14. Brooko Contributor
    The FLC8S mid-range is arguably and measurably more forward than Sirius.
  15. audio123
    i feel sirius has more forward mids even though measurements suggest otherwise. Again,source used is different
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