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FLC Technology FLC8 and FLC8s Impressions Thread

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  1. xuan87
    Well, I finally tried these last weekend, and my only regret is not trying them sooner!
    I popped by LMUE last Saturday to check out any new goodies that Teo might have and the 3 default FLC8s tuning demos units were just right there and I tried the Pop/rap followed by the balanced. These were really impressive given the low price tag and the possibility of further tuning to my liking. I was seriously contemplating the customs as they could be tuned too (I initially thought they could not be tuned like the Sleek versions) and it was attractively priced at US$660 (converted by the SG price).
    I have the opportunity to buy a used FLC8s in the near future so I'll do that first, wait for the Celeste to be released first, then try that, and decide on what customs to get.
  2. willowbrook
    So I just switched back from medium spinfits to small spinfits due to comfort issues and of course bass quantity have been affected by this. The magic is to just slightly fit it in with a bit of open jaw, not all the way deep. Still can't decide whether to stick with grey/grey/gold or go red/grey/gold or go red/black/gold. All sound so good and my memory is not the greatest...only if I had another pair...sigh. Black LF filter sounds a bit bloomy though.
  3. Sound Eq
  4. MuZo2
  5. DigitalCitizen
    I'd love to see some pictures of it.
  6. ajaxender
    I swear I saw pictures of the FLC booth at Canjam, including a snap of one of the Celeste prototypes, but they don't seem be in this thread nor the Canjam impressions thread so who knows.
    Headphoniaks Facebook page has a picture of a prototype (keeping in mind its bare compared to the intended finished product with the tuning gears), and a handy detail in the description. Hopefully official announcement soon. 
  7. omastic
    There are may be 2 or 3 very brief impressions of the celeste from the canjam impressions thread. To be honest, it seems like most people who attended the event were interested in full size headphones and desktop dac/amp setups. Not much focus on portable audio gears. 
  8. willowbrook
    I guess we're just going to have to wait for official announcement by forrest. It is 4BA+1DD though, looks pretty nice.
  9. audio123
    same setup configuration as the sirius.hmmm
  10. MuZo2
    ajaxender likes this.
  11. ajaxender
    ^ yep that was them haha
  12. willowbrook
    Really funny haha
  13. terminexia
    I'm actually quite pumped up for the Celeste. If it can go toe-to-toe, or outperform, the endgame CIEM I have in mind(which would be the Fitear Private333) at a lower price, I won't mind ditching the idea of getting a ciem completely and just going for the Celeste.
    Really looking forward to the final product. Can't wait.
  14. originalsnuffy
    I admit I missed the general descriptions of the Celeste.   Is this a custom; in that one would go to an audiologist for a custom fitting?
    I have never been all that clear what constitutes a CIEM anyway.
    What improvements or changes would be made relative to the FLC8S?    I gather that the unit must be opened for modifications; and that then it is closed up again?
    I actually do have some custom ear molds that were made for my old Shure E2C units by a now defunct unit of Starkey.   They worked decently in airplane usage.   Unfortunately I never did "cotton to the sound of the Shures relative to my other IEMs and I eventually sold them.
    The customs sort of work with my Phonaks,but the sound with the Phonaks is much better with other tips.  I think there is too much leakage from the mismatch of bores.
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