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FLC Technology FLC8 and FLC8s Impressions Thread

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  1. omastic
    With the Red-Grey-Grey setting I didn't find this to be the case. Its possible that the extra treble presence of the FLC8s lets me perceive its mid as being less forward. I definitely hear the Sirius as having much more mid range presence in the overall balance when compared to the FLC8s.
  2. xuan87
    Just curious, has anyone tried the FLC8 with the FiiO stranded SPC cable? I have a mint FLC8 and the balanced FiiO cable on the way.
  3. audio123
    do note flc pins are 0.74mm
  4. xuan87
    It was listed as being suitable for the FLC8 so... I guess I'll find out!
  5. audio123
    :thumbsup: cant wait for it
  6. Brooko Contributor
    I assume you mean this one - http://www.head-fi.org/products/fiio-balanced-cable-for-ultimate-ears-and-m-audio-earphones-rc-ue2b/reviews/16442
    FLC8S is mentioned in the review
  7. xuan87
    Oh darn... Guess my search continues
  8. audio123
    i believe it cant fit
  9. Brooko Contributor
    Not without forcing it, and that would damage the sockets.  I've let FiiO know.
  10. audio123
    yes dont risk it m8.
    the silver cable complements the red housing of the flc8s though [​IMG]
  11. Flcforrestwei
    Please DO Not use the Fiio cabe on FLC8s, the wiring is different, and the connector is L shape, can not insert backward.
  12. willowbrook
    Has anyone tried something like one side with stock cable and other with 'superior' cable plugged in to see if there is concrete difference between them? Doing it on a source with two inputs like Mojo will do the job. Volume will be matched and you will be hearing the same thing, just with different cables on each side. I know you won't be able to clearly distinguish the difference, but if there is any difference I might upgrade the stock cables. Yes, I am not a firm believer on cables and if anyone could confirm this who owns mojo with a better cable, it would be somewhat assuring ^^
  13. Brooko Contributor
    Wouldn't be a fair test unless you knew that both sides were volume matched. EG MEE P1 cable has higher impedance than other SPC cables. It's also softer/quieter by about 2.2 dB which is very noticeable.
    Funny thing with the MEE P1s - if you volume match and measure, there is no difference between that cable and a copper, or other SPC cables - the freq responses match almost perfectly.  People hear the difference in volume and attribute that (incorrectly) to better sound / wider soundstage / more vivid / better bass etc
  14. willowbrook

    Thanks for the clarification. Ah yes, I didn't think of the impedance difference, doh. There is a whole world of discussions on sonic differences between cables, but I like to think you spend more money towards build quality/aesthetics and flexibility on cable upgrade rather than real sonic upgrade. Don't want to start war on cables, but seeing posts like this cable sounds brighter or better or has deeper soundstage or whatever really seems to make me interested, but also doubtful at the same time.
  15. audio123

    brooko u r right. the p1 has no change in sound with different cables after critical listening.
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