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FLC Technology FLC8 and FLC8s Impressions Thread

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  1. Koolpep

    A custom IEM or CIEM is a IEM with a shell that is custom made from your ear impressions.
    This is a custom on the right and a FLC8S with custom ear tips on the left:
  2. dlayman
    These are my "understandings", I could be wrong.   I don't believe the Celeste is a custom, at least at this point.  The FLC8S started out as a universal, and a custom version was later offered.  That could happen with the Celeste too, there is no way to know.  I don't think it has to be opened to make changes, I believe the tuning changes can be made by moving dials or some other such control on the exterior of the shell.  I have no idea how they sound compared to the 8S, just that there are 3 times as many sound profiles.  Anyone please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, I'm making these conclusions just based on picture and what I've read.
  3. Koolpep
    The Celeste will have different tuning system. Gear drive based one, to change the sound. So it will use a couple of screws you can change from the outside.
    But guys - this was already mentioned in the thread. Just go back a few pages and read.
  4. omastic
    If the Celeste with its complex tuning system could be made custom it would be quite an achievement in my book! 
  5. JohannLiebert
    Does the flc8 hiss on smartphones like the samsubg s6 or htc m8 or is generally prone to hiss? The stated senitivity is not high, so I hope not :wink:

    Red grey gold is a vshaped tuning right? From description I predict it should sound similiat to söthe sennheiser ie800? Spacious with a lot of subbass and sparkling highs?
  6. audio123

    they dont hiss for my samsung.
  7. HiFiChris Contributor

    I am not sure about the two smartphones you mentioned as I've never heard these two, however the FLC8s is one of the more hiss-prone in-ears.

    The FLC8s is somewhat different to the IE 800 in the lows with this tuning; red-black-green would imho be more similar to the Sennheiser. The FLC8s is one of the very few in-ears that has the ability to really just focus on the sub-bass without highlighting the midbass and upper bass. The Sennheiser has got more midbass, upper bass and lower root in comparison.
  8. Whaleshark12
    No it does not hiss on my Htc M8.
  9. willowbrook
    Red grey gold is not vshaped at all. I would actually put it somewhat balanced, maybe even mids emphasized depending on track except for subbass which is attenuated just a little to give a very fun listen. You can just hear the presence of subbass enough to be enjoyable (depending on tips). Other than that, mids are beautiful, no sign of typical vshaped mids at all. 
  10. JohannLiebert
    Would you say they hiss as much as your sd2?

    How does the soundstage od the flc8 compare to ex1000, dunu dn2000j or even the sd4? Those 3 have the best soundstage Ive ever seen in an iem. Wide width, depth and 3d.
  11. HiFiChris Contributor
    Regarding your first question, I would say it's comparable and that the FLC8s is just slightly less sensitive to hissing sources.

    As for your 2nd question, this is what I have written in my FLC8s review regarding soundstage:
    So what you're basically getting is a more precise, sharper separated soundstage that is a bit wider than deep but does create a good spatiality.
  12. D6nuts
    and the Celeste, some news?
  13. willowbrook
    Not yet, sit tight!
  14. D6nuts
    Normally, Celeste should not come out in September , it's weird to have no news
  15. nmatheis Contributor
    Yes, sir tight for now. I'm sure Forrest will give us an update soon...
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