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FLC Technology FLC8 and FLC8s Impressions Thread

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  1. DigitalCitizen
    Hi guys. I've started to notice a little while ago that one of the connections of my FlC8s's has a bit of wiggle room, while the other one doesn't. Is this something to worry about? Should I remove the cable for the first time to inspect if something's wrong?
  2. nmatheis Contributor
  3. DigitalCitizen
    @nmatheis Not yet, no. It's not a very big amount of flex, but enough to be noticeably different from the other connection.
  4. dlayman
    I wouldn't remove the cable as each time you do this, you put a little more play in the connection. It might go years and years and never cause a problem, but if you want to play it safe, you could send them for warranty inspection and repair if it needs it. Forrest has been very good about helping people with any issue. I'd contact Forrest about it and see what he recommends. If it's minor, it might just be normal tolerance. It could be an issue with either the cable pin or the socket on the IEM.
  5. DigitalCitizen
    Yeah Forrest has been great. I'll think about doing that.
    BTW, do you know if Forrest offers some kind of upgrade program to get the customs made for a lower price? I would be very tempted to have that done if i don't have to pay another 350+ euros (excluding the extra hassle) just to make them customs.
  6. dlayman
    I don't know, but I would doubt it, since I think you'd pretty much be starting from scratch to build the customs. I don't think they could just transfer the drivers from your old shells to the customs, and if they could I think the time involved would eat up much of the cost savings. I'm not sure if the filters are the same either. I never had much interest in customs as I've always been able to get a good fit with my IEM's. Maybe I don't know what I'm missing though, lol. You could always contact him and ask. FLC8 is pretty popular and people are always looking for a way to get them for a little less money. I imagine you could easily sell them and recoup most of what you paid for them.
  7. DigitalCitizen

    That's all true.

    I've not yet made a decision on whether or not to buy the customs, I'm just thinking about it.

    I always find it very fiddly to get a comfortable and consistent fit with universals, and customs seem like the perfect solution to those problems.

    It does get into a scary territory though for me. The most I've ever spent more on a single piece of audio equipment was when I bought my HD600s. To be carrying around a 600 euro pair of earphones all day, especially at college, feels like it might be excessive.

    I'll probably either buy the customs or save more and get a Stax system. Tough choices.
  8. dlayman
    I actually bought my HD600's for less than the FLC8s. Both have proven to be extraordinary investments. It's hard to say what was the superior choice. Going custom is a more high risk proposition. Being that that I'm conservative and am capable of choosing a stop point where I feel more investment is a bad decision, I like where I stand right now. FLC is a brilliant enterprise, but I'm satisfied where I am. You might want to look into the Celeste. A universal Iem, but with unique capabilities.
  9. Whaleshark12
    But you do have to take in mind that, custom IEM are much harder to sell considering the buyer still need to have it reshell and is a life long companion which you are bound to stick with just this CIEM instead of keep swapping.. :)
  10. audio123
    I regret trading away my flc8s but if celeste can impress me, I am in for the celeste.
  11. willowbrook
    You can try various 3rd party tips like comply, spinfits, spiral dot, ortofon tips, and so many others. If you want to go for another, you'll have a hard time selling your perfected CIEMs. If you do know exactly what you're looking for with thorough auditions, why not :D
  12. Koolpep

    You could also buy these here form null audio:

    Custom ear tips - made of soft silicone. Comfort of customs with the resell value of universals. They make the FLC8S stick out a bit more but the comfort is amazing and isolation of course as well. Benefit is: they fit all my other favorites as well from small Beyerdynamic 102 to K10 and HA-FX850, LZ-A3 and so on....
  13. dlayman

    Those look interesting. I might give those a shot just for the heck of it. I'll have to look into cost
  14. DigitalCitizen
    Ha, those look funky. I'll look in to them.
  15. ezekiel77
    Hi guys, I have a brand new FLC8/8S upgrade cable for sale. These are single crystal silver cables and improve clarity and background blackness. There are a few good reviews of them earlier in the thread. Ad is in my sig. PM me for more details. Thanks.
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