first real cans (thinking m-audio q40, ath- m50, or grado sr80i).
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Aug 29, 2011
so, not to long ago i discovered how much better losless music is and have wanted to upgrade to nice headphones for a while.  now that my old $20 dollar one is going bad on one side so I figure I can now replace it =P.   anywho, I've been looking around and think the m-audio q40, ath- m50, or grado sr80i are my best candidates. 
I'm trying to stay under $140 (can get some wholesale).
I want them to work decently with an ipod when not at home.
I'm leaning towards closed, at least slightly noise cancelling (I use them when I practice drums, and to hear the music over myself I need to jack the volume wayyy up, which I'd like to avoid) but not too much, I still want to hear myself.  this is my main issue with the grados, but my friend has some and i really liked them...
I mostly listen to rock/altrock/metal (foo fighters, tool, black angels, cake, the dead weather, radiohead etc), and some electronica, classical, and jazz. basically nearly everything except country and pure rap. 
portability would be nice, but not necessary.
Any suggestions or insights about my choices would be appreciated.
thx in advanced.
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Did you guys happen to notice the date from the OP? This guy is likely on his third set of hp's by now...
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