1. 3

    Monoprice 8323 / Kicker HP541 Appreciation Thread

    I think these headphones are one of the greatest value headphones out there and wanted to start a thread for others to voice their appreciation as well. I included the Kicker HP541s in the title as these appear to be the same headphone just re-branded.   Product Link...
  2. bananacar

    need an amp suggestion

    I have a pair of kicker hp541 over ear headphones and my music player is an android phone so it doesn't have enough power to drive the headphones. I'm trying to decide between the fiio e11 or the digizoid zo2. Which one would be a better choice or should I combine the 2? I'm new to the...
  3. -xX-Mew-Xx-

    Anybody heard the Kicker HP541's?

    Can someone whos heard them give me a review?
  4. Doyouwantaspoon

    Best sub-$50 over-ear headphones?

    My HA-RX700s just broke, and I hate buying the same thing twice in a row.. Is there anything better for around $50? I figure since these were $50 when I bought them, and can be found for less than $30 now, I should be able to get something better than them for $50.
  5. EvansCantStop

    Looking for my first cans

    Over the last few months, i have been listening to more and more music, and going on longer car-rides, playing more guitar, ect. I have always wanted a decent pair of headphones to just bump up my music experience.  I've been looking at the Sennheiser HD 439s but have been reading very, very...

    Brand new Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 80 OHM !!!

    So, I just got my DT770's in the mail today. My first impression is that they're built very well and very light. I have stretched ear lobes and these are still very comfortable on my ears, they do sit on my ear rings though. The sound is much better in every way when comparing to my Kicker...

    Portable over/around ear headphone for ~$200?

      Hi, I'm new here on Head-fi and am interested in buying some good headphones for while I'm working. I work in a factory generally dont have to walk far from my station for 2-3 hours at a time. I want something that doesn't require an amp but I may be interested in using one in the future. I...
  8. Ashade

    Some doubts...

    Hello all! I've been reading a lot in the last months about headphones as I'm increasingly entering in this world. I've always loved music, but recently I had to move from Spain to States and my colleagues decided to gift me a Bose AE2. I have to say that I don't hate them at all, they are...
  9. bb62610

    Best Over/On-Ear Headphone for under $30

    My friend was wondering if he could be a decent headphone for around $20 and I recommended to him the Monoprice 8323 a.k.a Kicker HP541's but I was wondering if there were more options out there.  Which would you recommend?  Anyone?
  10. Killashell421

    Best headphones for hip hop/rap for 300$

    I'm new to head fi and I'm wondering if you guys can help me find mi next headphone. My current headphone is the Sony xb500 and mi budget is 300$ but I can manage to put it up to 350 if necessary. I listen to alot of hip hop/rap music( mostly old scool ) from my itouch 4 so I need good bass. I...
  11. BiGTiMER5


    I was an avid user of SkullCandy, had 3 different pairs, all of which BROKE. I went to a friend's house and we proceeded to get on his gaming PCs. Both had identical pair of Sennheisers which had, until then, only read about. Of course I was amazed.   I'm tired of paying for utter ****...
  12. shakgriig

    Shure SRH440 vs Monoprice MEP-839/Kicker HP541 with different pads, which is better?

    I am looking for cheaper headphones that are comfortable with large pads, I can't stand things pressing on my ears, and also with very low sound leakage so not to disturb people in the same room as me that are reading.   I have narrowed down my choice to the SRH440 and the Monoprice/Kicker...
  13. bmeat

    which can do you vote for?

  14. mrwilson5160

    Best Headphones for ~$50

    Hey guys, I need a pair of headphones for college, so I don't disturb my roommate. What are the best headphones for around $50? They can be new or used.
  15. Nicook5

    first real cans (thinking m-audio q40, ath- m50, or grado sr80i).

    so, not to long ago i discovered how much better losless music is and have wanted to upgrade to nice headphones for a while.  now that my old $20 dollar one is going bad on one side so I figure I can now replace it =P.   anywho, I've been looking around and think the m-audio q40, ath- m50, or...
  16. Greg00139

    Over ear headphones

    Good evening I want to buy myself a pair of decent headphones and I have about R1000(rand) ($140) to spend. I don't really know a lot about headphones, but I do want Noise reduction and some surround sound. Im open to all options   Thanks   Greg (apologies if i sound like a complete idiot)
  17. misiektd

    Denon DN-HP700 or ... (180$)

    Hi guys,   I recently moved on with developing my audiophile needs, and found buying new cans necessary :) My previous HP where Denons AH-D310, which i must say where fine - until I started to listen to higher quality drivers. BTW they fall apart few days ago, so I wouldn't recommend them...
  18. ExquisiteZero

    Am I hearing things correctly?

    well, the HD438. I feel that the bass is bleeding into the mids. Bass bleed, not sure what that means. The distortion of the bass is quite disturbing. The overall sound is actually...rough, not smooth, not clean. Actually, my description aren't quite accurate. Hope you get what I mean.
  19. centerside

    Sennheiser headphones?

    Hey guys, I've been reading through head-fi for quite a while now and have just recently decided to create an account. I am by no means an audiophile but I do tend to become picky on the headphones I use (for the sound quality and comfort as well as and most importantly durability)   I've...
  20. stewieg

    Good portable cans for under $200

    Hi.   I need a good pair of cans for under $200.   -Rock/Metal -Over-the-ear -Portable-ish -Closed -Comfy -iPod and PC   I think that's it for now.   Any suggestions?     Thanks.
  21. Dsnuts

    09' M50.. Reincarnated..The Kicker HP541??!!!... A headfi first Duo take...

                                                                     A Duo take...Dsnuts n Gn3ral Karl..     Let us start by saying a hearty hello to the community.. On behalf of one G3nral Karl and myself, we humbly ask the community to enter this review with a clean slate..I know each and...
  22. Ballista

    JVC HARX700 vs Kicker HP541

      Hey, I'm stuck between these two headphones, which do you recommend and why? I'll be using it for music (rock/rap/dubstep) and gaming. Thanks.   Kicker HP541 vs. JVC HARX700   Links: Kicker...
  23. Euphonium

    New to headphones, what to buy

    I'm VERY new to the world of headphones. The only ones I've ever used are apple ear buds. So I'd like some help to find the right headphones for me.   I want a pair of headphones around 50 bucks. A little over is fine but I prefer closer to 50 or under. Bass is very important to me. As is...
  24. Naked Hound1

    Final Decision -- Under $50

      Hey I'm new to high-fi and well to real quality audio. I've always loved music but never had money to get real headphones.   I only have 50 bucks I've been looking at A LOT of headphones. I was wondering if you guys/girls could help me. This is the first good/decent pair of headphones...
  25. Shotor102

    Audio Technica ATH-M35

    So there's really not a whole lot been said about these headphones. They're sold at my Local Best-Buy and Future shop for $79.00, $53 online but apparently were about $135.00 when released retail.  I'm aware that Audio-Technica tends to boost their headphones with overpricing... And from...