1. R

    Help in recommending headphones for music production

    My first proper set of cans was the Technics RP-DH1200. I used these for DJing and for listening to music and really love how they sound with strong but not overpowering bass. Unfortunately, they suck in terms of durability as I'm on my 3rd pair now in 6 years (weak plastic points which a...
  2. Bassicle

    DJ headphones for portable usage

    Are DJ headphones suited for portable use (like phones), and if so... will they need an amplifier to sound the way they should?   Thanks in advance
  3. rocMcBan

    Schiit Stack (MM) or Asus Xonar Essence One for Technics RP-DH1200

    Hello Everyone, Being in the hunt for a new DAC/Head amp for my office, I was wondering how does the Magni-Modi combo from Schiit compare with the Asus Essence One (regular edition, not the Muses, then the price diff would become too important) ? In my neck of the woods, after all is said and...
  4. ipooptoomuch

    Am I going to ruin my Sansa Clip+ by plugging in Technics RP DH 1200 headphones into it

    Am I going to ruin my Sansa Clip+ or get a big sound quality loss by plugging in Technics RP DH 1200 headphones into it? (it has 3500mW input power with 50 ohms impendence. I'm also wondering if I could attach a nice amp to the headphone port and get a sound quality boost. (I only listen to...
  5. entralax

    Help With new Headphones, again!

    Hi!, a year and a half ago i asked for your help to buy headphones, i ended buying the Marshall Major, and yesterday they "passed away" now im in the need of some good headphones (yeah sorry for the bad english)   Im from southamerica Chile so things like headphones are a little bit more...
  6. TheXwar

    Solo Beats By Dr.Dre or Technics RP DJ1200 ?? Please help me !!

    I'm an owner of Technics RP DJ1200 and recently a friend of mine told me to trade his Solo Beats with my headphones. I don't really know what to do because im very satisfied with Technics's audio quality. Will the Beats be better or worse? Should i trade them ? What do you think guys? Sorry if...
  7. Spamdunk

    Where do I go from here? Want to move from Ultrasone 780 to...???

    Hi everyone,   I am a long time lurker and bought my last pair of headphones through lots of research on here. Thank you so much for being a fountain of knowledge!   I currently own a pair of Ultrasone HFI 780 which I use via a cheap Fiio E5 running through a 5th Gen iPod and HTC...
  8. jordan85

    Help Picking Out New DJ Cans (~$150)

    Hey all-   I am looking to get a new set of cans for DJing. I DJ old school hip hop, funk and soul, and a tiny bit of electronica. For background: I previously had HD-25-II's. I had no complaints, but I wouldn't have minded slightly more bass on the low-end, I thought highs could be a...
  9. RyanElchhhh

    Which headphones to choose? (Technics, Ultrasone)

    Hello guys,   I'm new to this forum.   I want to buy new headphones (Because i bought beats by dr. Dre and they F...... SUCK!!)   Now, i saw some headphones on the internet, but i can't decide which to take.   They will be used for just listening music on an iPod, while...
  10. dreadpirateross

    Technics (Panasonic) RP-DH1200.

    Seems like I've been everywhere looking for a review on these cans, but I just come up with pitches from sellers... Anybody here ever heard 'em?
  11. Nicook5

    first real cans (thinking m-audio q40, ath- m50, or grado sr80i).

    so, not to long ago i discovered how much better losless music is and have wanted to upgrade to nice headphones for a while.  now that my old $20 dollar one is going bad on one side so I figure I can now replace it =P.   anywho, I've been looking around and think the m-audio q40, ath- m50, or...
  12. Mostafa1000

    why the technics RP DH1200 isn't taking a big concern in any big review for the DJ headphones ?

    I just surfed the Internet for the best headphones for Djing and i found that Armin is actually wearing the technics RP DH1200 ,i read a lot of reviews about this phone it is so good ,that's why Armin use it and i found the ultimate rating for the headphones and i found that the Sennheiser...
  13. Annirak

    Closed headphones in $100-$200 range

    I'm relatively new to the hi-fi world, but the last set of ($35 Altec Lansing) headphones I bought has lasted five years, so I decided that it was time to spend a bit more on my audio and I'm looking for suggestions on headphones   I'm looking for closed headphones in the $100-$200 range...
  14. cookiesureshot

    best sounding headphones for under 100 bucks for at home DJing & production, and portable travel??

    What's up. I need some new headphones. I'm coming from  Technics RP-DH1200 And old school pioneer DJ headphones.   I listen to and DJ mostly hiphop/funk/soul/jazz/drum n bass/house/techno/world.    I'm wanting to know the communities opinion on the best sounding (portability is a...
  15. meticadpa

    Technics RP-DH1200 - thoughts?

    Hello, Audiophiles, I'm new here (as you can see), and I'll start out by saying that I'm not an Audiophile as such, but I do like my games and music to sound good. I recently acquired (through my father) a pair of Technics RP-DH1200 headphones for free (he bought them, didn't use them, ever)...
  16. Lonelykid

    Need HELP for Choosing NEW headphones.

    I'm totally new to the world of HD audio. I'm currently using a SONY MDR-V55. I was very happy with it until recently, I got a chance to try the "Technics RP-DJ1200". Ever since I'm getting a muffled feeling with the SONY.   I had no idea the technics RP-DJ1200 were so expensive, until it was...
  17. lazyjae

    M50 vs DH1200

    I haven't seen to many reviews regarding the Technics DH1200, but it has detachable cord and pretty good reviews. Anyone try the DH1200's?
  18. loghead

    Need advice regarding a good phono preamp

    I just recently set up a new turntable for my bedroom so I can enjoy vinyl through headphones while relaxing in bed. It is separate from my main audio system which is set up in my entertainment system, so I need a new phono pre-amp. Here is my set-up:   Technics 1200 mkII turntable with a...
  19. Roller

    Questions about RP-DH1200, ATH-M50, Audio 2 DJ and PA2V2

    Hi there. I'm a bit new here but from what I've seen, there's plenty of info about many different audio gear.   I've been using my old faithful Technics RP-F290 connected to an usb creative stereo x-fi, but somehow my ears just need more :) I'm thinking of getting a Native Instruments Audio...
  20. Technics RP-DH1200 DJ Headphones

    Technics RP-DH1200 DJ Headphones

    You want absolute quality, style, and comfort on the decks, or at the studio? Technics has the 'phones to fit your needs. Closed-ear designs ensure that you hear every note, folding swing-arms allow for one-sided monitoring, the 24k gold plated stereo plugs make flawless contact, and every set...