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FiiO M11-Android 7.0, 2.5/3.5/4.4 Powerful Output, Exynos 7872, Dual AK4493 DAC chips, 3GB RAM, WiFi, Two-way LDAC

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by FiiO, Mar 19, 2019.
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  1. Luke-
    My Hugo stays at the same sample rate no matter what song is playing via amazon music so something seems to be stopping amazon music outputting at its native sample rate
  2. moodsmaster
    I got a chance to download the new firmware. Lucky for me the EQ improved quite a bit. it's still not the best, but it works much better.
    But I still hope thate the Hiby app will one day fully spport the M11 Chip. As of now i can only get 48Khz
  3. Mybutthurts

    Sorry misunderstood your issue, hopefully there is a fix or a setting change.
  4. PapaThrust
    First thing I tried was the eq, if anything I think it's worse than before. Try Hiby or Power amp and do a comparison by loading up the same track, it's not even close as to which will sound more realistic/accurate/enjoyable/true to the bands selected.
    It cuts too much headroom and the bass sliders are not balanced to the upper registers.
    I think Fiio is maybe trying too hard by attempting to make it more of an "effect" than just a simple straight forward eq.
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  5. mcook1970
    I have installed the latest firmware and to be honest it feels like a bit of a lost opportunity. I (like most others) have been waiting a long time for a firmware upgrade but i can't really see anything substantial to be able to say it has made any difference.

    I have always found the stock player to be ok when using wired headphones but with bluetooth it's very hit and miss. Personally, I think the app would be vastly improved with a proper replay and pre amp gain where you can manually set the gain to a defined value. It is really noticeable when using Bluetooth headphones where some tracks are really quiet, even on maximum volume. I have even applied replay gain in Foobar to the affected tracks and it has not made any difference.

    My go to apps at the moment are Poweramp and Neutron Music Player, they both have pros and cons but are more versatile and allow me to shape the music to how I like it. It's a shame the stock Fiio music player doesn't have the same level of functionality because it has a nice UI and looks the part but is missing a lot of features. Even the Hiby app, which i see as more of a direct competitor than the other app s i have mentioned, is better in this respect.
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  6. jdtenny
    Re: latest firmware update, my biggest concern is whether the Amazon HD music app will work now. I'd like to try it, but I'm not going to mess with a broken app if it doesn't work (re: the workarounds that could be used in past releases involving playing just the right track with just the right app). So ... does the amazon music service+app now work on the FiiO M11?
  7. harpo1
  8. Sven2015
    ...latest FW -> genre sorting sucks...
    2050 -> genre sorting still sucks....

    The FiiO music app is a joke until today! During the last months, I used my preferred 3rd party app without any problems!
  9. tr2420
    The Fiio M11 puts out 550 mW - from the 2.5mm balanced output + 4.4mm and 255mW from the 3.5mm output. Between that and 'High Gain' - no amp is needed.
    When I purchased my Fiio X5II I got the Fiio A5 amp. Very simple to use and crystal clear sound amplification.
  10. misteral201103
    New firmware - manual sorting of playlists! Thank you @FiiO , this is a wonderful addition. It's also something I specifically asked for which makes me very happy to see it implemented so well.
    Thank you thank you thank you!
  11. littlenezt
    hi there, want to ask some question,,
    is the dual ak4493 dac is used if we use single ended 3.5mm jack on the fiio m11 or it use only single dac and single amp ?
  12. salla45
    It would really help if you could advise what you don't like about the genre sorting and open a discussion to try and work out a solution. To simply say "It sucks" cannot possibly result in any positive changes.

    If you have made specific recommendations in the past, then highlight these again with links and put forward your case for Fiio to mod the software with your recommendation.

    Also perhaps address your requests to @FiiO so they see your requests specifically.

    If you start with a +Ve footing then your requests are far more likely to be listened to :)

    PS... I do understand that the Fiio app is frustrating in many way, but Fiio is working hard to make changes on a regular basis and they do listen to their customers unlike many companies.
  13. FiiO
    Dear user,

    The Amazon Music APP uses its own libOpenSLES library to play the music instead of Android's.
    During playback, the samping rate and other information are not sent to the Framework layer. So the system layer doesn't receive the audio information in Amazon Music APP.
    When playing music in Amazon Music APP, the Android's libOpenSLES library will use a saved PCM configuration to configure the hardware, and the configuration will not change.

    Best regards
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  14. magicrandy
    Do FiiO DAPs work the same way?
  15. kgs51
    I am interested in purchasing the SONY WF 1000XM3 but my concern is with the SONY Headphone Connect application. I downloaded the app just to see what is what like and the m11 says it was not compatible with the google play store. So, I am concerned that I can't use the app with the M11 and the earbuds.

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