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FiiO M11-Android 7.0, 2.5/3.5/4.4 Powerful Output, Exynos 7872, Dual AK4493 DAC chips, 3GB RAM, WiFi, Two-way LDAC

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by FiiO, Mar 19, 2019.
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  1. ExpatinJapan
    FiiO M11 unboxing Pics, enjoy

    A2B818C4-1AC9-4426-AD7E-C14ED9B0BBC9.jpeg 54FB165A-9319-49C3-911F-AD4FA291996E.jpeg 50CFD05A-127B-4696-BA1B-C350F6E2B808.jpeg 651577E8-1EC9-4B7D-A03F-E531CBD92461.jpeg F5003FEB-E908-44AE-AB1A-CCBEDC40ECA0.jpeg 3FDE3BFB-7B97-4EC5-AD73-2B1EA3928E9D.jpeg 40ED7CA5-935C-42E0-9D9B-B40B90CF06D0.jpeg 874B496C-DFA3-4E90-9CA9-1CDF9B686CC2.jpeg DDCC3CCB-1AC9-4DB0-AAD7-6EFD930897E5.jpeg C9508122-3A25-4CE4-A140-86B27D411BB4.jpeg B759CFBC-E97A-4EC2-82F0-C6836B8C7E6B.jpeg

    23D7C594-6AD8-47F2-BA72-305818B8D7BA.jpeg BB7AB036-DF41-495F-81FD-4A56C91E3FA8.jpeg E9209465-ABBA-4F46-95A6-89994DDB5AB4.jpeg 2225C576-8410-40F6-A48B-FB06CF70649E.jpeg 4A330D04-88F4-4292-ADF6-760A4F4E1502.jpeg 10BA97F1-845C-479E-918E-E266287B368F.jpeg 358AEB26-0CAF-484C-940F-F3D1388F144C.jpeg F8EE772B-0097-40B8-BB56-A0E44D3A35C3.jpeg 2F00DE44-3E93-473D-945E-264711796697.jpeg B8E9B3FE-C304-41BE-A8AB-69861ABDB55A.jpeg

    *Full set of pics on Head pie


    Last edited: Jun 3, 2019
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  2. shadow84
    What would be the best way / settings to maximise battery life? I intend to turn off wifi, bt or if its has airplane mode.
  3. Caguioa
    I will be upgrading from an ipod classic, how big of a leap would this be.

    my headphones I will be using are is shure 846, Will I need anything special like an amp for m11?

    and do u need an amp for full size headphones to run m11? I plan on getting hd800S for my m11, unless there are better DAP out there.
  4. pinche juan
    Like 4-5 days. I don't know if they open all the boxes but they opened mine to add the sd card.
  5. abitdeef
    Huge upgrade from an ipod classic.
  6. mommam034

    I have questions about ldac
    I tried connecting my BT headphones (Sony WH-1000XM3) on Note9 & Fiio M11.
    Both support LDAC, but I find that it has different results.
    I'm not sure if I understand anything wrong.
    Fiio M11 does not support LDAC or Poweramp does not support BT Fiio M11?

    • Poweramp version V3 Build 830
    • Fiio M11
    • Android 7 Fiio V1.0.5

    Fiio M11

    Samsung Note 9
  7. G_T_J
    Now available in stock at AMP3 players
  8. abitdeef
    Do you have to go into the developers menu and change something? Or in the menus somewhere? I forget how to get to the developer's menu.

    But it has to support full ldac, oh fiio?
  9. mommam034
    Fiio M11 run on Android 7.
    No menu BT setup in developer menu
  10. abitdeef
    Oh yeah that's right, hmm. I'm sure fiio will sort it out. Only ldac in pie. It's weird you're getting the ldac icon but bitrate isn't right. Haven't messed with Bluetooth yet myself.
  11. lesale08
    Just saw this on youtube.

  12. jmills8
  13. zeroselect
    I am also waiting on my M11 and the issue seems to be on certain SD cards. Fiio has address this problem in a post. I will be running 2-512gb Samsung microSD but looks to me i won't be having a problem.
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  14. fatmanny
    Fiio's Facebook page are giving away some FH7 as a draw. Go check it out!
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  15. abitdeef
    I don't have Facebook:frowning2:
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