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FiiO is Giving Out 2 Free K3 Headphone Amplifier & USB-C DAC! Wanna win one? Simply reply to this thread on/before 12.12!

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by FiiO, Nov 30, 2018.
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  1. Shotgunsingh
    Hello Fiiophiles.
    I came to know fiio when I was searching for an solution for low volume of my android phone.
    I came across Fiio A1 in 2015
    Very good improwin the sound quality and overall volume of the phone.

    Then I came across high resolution audio. And then I realized about the concept of DAC.

    As I already have experienced Fiio. So I went ahead bought fiio q1mk2 and e10k
    Both completely brilliant.
    Apart from this I posted some short reviews for the same.
  2. zato23
    When i started my journey on hi-fi (2016) i readed about a company from China that make great products for great price.
    My first Fiio product was the Q1 but after using it for a wile i decide to go for Fiio X5 III and A5 Amp .
    I had problems with X5 as it was slow and laggy and sold it with big loss.

    Now i have the A5 ,some fiio cables,FiiO HS2 Headphone Output Switcher and i am waiting for BTR3

    I will definetely will buy Fiio products in future and will recommend them to friends because they make good quality products with reasonable price
    My only suggestion is to make better firmware before release the product.
  3. Tokyoghoul
    Recently returned to the Fiio world with the BTR3. It's my second Fiio product since the X3 dap I had years ago and I'm loving it. All hail USB-C!!
  4. Pete7874
    I'm in!

    I've been using the Q1 for close to a year now. Very happy with the improved sound quality it provides over the laptop's built-in sound card.
  5. sfleming
    Great idea !
    My initial exposure to Fiio was at RMAF some years ago. The products have quite a fiollowing and I'd like to eventually have the pleasure of owning one :)

  6. pfloyd
    Been meaning to get a Fiio product for years but never got around to it, is now the time?
  7. 40lb
    My first Fiio product was the E6 being feed from my Zune HD, discovered it after randomly browsing online for new IEMs. Curious about it I looked for reviews resulting in me discovering the world of Head-Fi, at first skeptical of the world of Hi-Fi I thought of starting off small, so try it out I purchased the E6, that was 2013. Fast forward a few months I bought original X5 along with the E12A after enjoying the E6. I don't have the E6 any more but I still use the X5 from time to time. The E12A on the other hand I still use frequently as it is one of my favorite portable amps.
  8. benoe
    I'm looking for a solution to drive my earphones without jack output on my phone. BTR series looks promising
  9. Siddharth64
    Was looking for entry level dac/amp, so researching e10k led me to the k3, also the Fiio F9 while comparing it to similar earphones.
  10. xxxfbsxxx
    My very first moment with fiio back when i was in my secondary years with the small amp e3 and slim square shape portable speaker (cant remember model). Long after that got and still own the very popular e17, its still going strong untill now. Few years later, decided to buy the first dap from fiio which is a x5 mk1,it was such interesting and unbelivable experience as it could be compared to the much more famous and expensive ak100mk then bought the second amp e12 to go with x5. Somewhere later bought and sold the first dac amp from fiio e18 :)
  11. Sp12er3
    I love all my Fiio, the Q1 start me off on the brand, my M3 Still get some work due to its battery champ and the BTR3 is my dream wireless gadget, so thankfully.. Very satisfied so far.
  12. TidalWave
    Most of my headphone music listening is done either on the go or somewhere not near my computer, so a portable amp is what I prefer. Very curious about the new Fiio.

    I first learned about Fiio a couple of years ago when I first started casually looking into low-budget-friendly mobile amplifiers. Fiio A5 / E12A were among my main contenders in the beginning of this year when I finally decided to buy an amp. I ended up getting a deal on another amp, but I'm still curious if I should have gone with a Fiio version and the DAC/amp combo in as tiny package as K3 would be super useful.
  13. Hyde00
    FiiO E10K is my first DAC/amp that started my audio journey, since then I've acquired a few extra DAC/amps. Really excited to see what improvements they made in the K3!

  14. Climber
    I loved the E10K and even gave a couple away as gifts. Would love to give the K3 a try.
  15. swmtnbiker
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