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FiiO is Giving Out 2 Free K3 Headphone Amplifier & USB-C DAC! Wanna win one? Simply reply to this thread on/before 12.12!

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by FiiO, Nov 30, 2018.
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  1. xanlamin
    Hi, I purchased many FiiO products over the years and they just get better and better!
  2. Makahl
    FiiO X3 II was the first DAP that I felt I was finally upgrading the SQ when compared it from my sansa clip. Since then the FiiO's progression is amazing. :)
  3. mdboyce
    I've never owned or heard a FiiO product, but I've seen them over the years on Amazon and always been intrigued by the apparentappar to performance ratio. I've heard good things and would love to give this a spin.
  4. Mr Trev
    First found out about Fiio ages ago when I bought a e6/Audeo PFE111 bundle. Then I bought a X3 1st gen. - still use it (and apparently some people still use my modded firmware for it too)
  5. AJZ0
    The original E5 when it was difficult to buy, then the Q1 which is my portable. I confess I didn't buy a FiiO desktop DAC/amp... because there was no K3. Just got the μBTR for a family member and tested it with my HE400i which that tiny DAC/amp has no business driving, but it did and provided Bluetooth reception in places other receivers drop.
  6. jaxz
  7. vlmddmlv
    I saw FiiO on Ads
  8. lantian
    Found out about Fiio back when my brother was looking for a dac for his smartphone. After about 4 months I bough for myself the x7mk2 and got x7 for my brother(both are amazing sounding daps). Really like your products.
  9. Nexja
    I have not yet got to know FIIO but I would absolutely love to. I'm currently using an all Sennheiser setup that's majorly lacking bass and I'm looking for a new favorite brand to enjoy while gaming and listening to music, among other things! :)
  10. symo
    Purchased M3 DAP, however everytime that I changed albums the player would stop working and required a restart. Swaped for another M3, and had exactly the same problem. Updated OS the problem remained. Returned M3 and got the A1 amp to use with an old Nokia. Nice little device, however shame for poor battery life due to low capacity of battery (get approx 7hrs on low volume).
  11. sdrcks
    replied :sunglasses:
  12. tui2004
    My first real DAP is Fiio X3. I think it was 3-4 years ago.
  13. PMAismycity
    I've been using the BTR3 for a few months now and it absolutely makes my life much easier . :o2smile:
  14. Fiikoasdada
    FiiO products are awesome! I have used the FiiO E10K, it is awesome, it also has Linux support. So with Linux + Jack, I get excellent sound.
  15. cprime
    I first came across FiiO with the E5 and E6 in 2013 while doing a search for headphones and mp3 players on Amazon. I've been paying attention to their products since then and often considered purchasing from their line of DAC/amp/DAPs.
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