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FiiO is Giving Out 2 Free K3 Headphone Amplifier & USB-C DAC! Wanna win one? Simply reply to this thread on/before 12.12!

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by FiiO, Nov 30, 2018.
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  1. Ynot1
    I was introduced to Fiio while shopping dealextreme.com and I found the best amp that ran on triple A battery.
    The amp still works after all these years. And I was not done. I went ahead and bought the very first Fiio amp
    that had a bass boost. I lived a little back in the day.
  2. KS80
    Looking for my first DAP is how I got to know Fiio's products, I haven't decided on the DAP just yet but Im sure somewhere down the line I will own a Fiio product!
  3. syke
    I see FiiO everywhere in Hong Kong. :L3000::L3000::L3000:
    Maybe with this, I can join the crowd.
  4. sejmus
    I am started looking for an affordable audio solution instead of my smartphone because I'd like to get more out of my IEMs. After extensive research FiiO looked like one of the best options out here, but it is hard to get them in my country and I've wanted to wait till after Christmas :)
  5. sejmus
    The earphones I bought are Tin Audio T2 and they sound loads better than my older earphones. I'd like to get more out of them while not constantly drain my smartphone battery...
  6. sejmus
    My computer has broken motherboard DAC, so I have to use a cheap external one and I am really not satisfied with it
  7. sejmus
    In time I am going to buy some comfortable earphones for long listening sessions and getting a DAC for free would make this dream come real quicker ^^
  8. BDWearer
    I use headphones at work, and am looking for something better to drive them than the the laptop's jack. This looks like an excellent option!
  9. Shroomalistic
    I just started getting into DSD audio, this thing would be perfect for my setup and help me ditch my soundcard/amp combo I currently own
  10. kaishinaw
    I think everyone has the same issue with noisy laptop ports that's why Fiio's lower costs amp/dac are so attractive for most. Main reason why I got into the Q3.
  11. CoryGillmore
    I need this amp because I lost my job, my dog died, I crashed my car and my $&#* got chopped up into 8 pieces. Also I was forced into prostitution at the age of 7. This amp would it all worth it. Thank you.
  12. Mr Trev
    I like Fiio.
  13. thanks4alltheFish
    My knowledge and use of Fiio products comes from head-fi meetups, but I hope to change that on Wednesday
  14. Captp
    I know about FiiO from the many posts here on HeadFi. I've been looking for a portable amp to get a little extra volume from my Items.
  15. Xii4oboii
    Hi hope to win this k3

    Get to know fiio is thru ur digital player cause the design and sound of ur player is very good so I buy as a gift for my friend and he like it alot :)
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