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FIDUE A83 impressions and discussion thread

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  1. H20Fidelity Contributor
    Yes, I can relate owning Tralucent 1Plus2. I believe Brooko owns the universal version of your custom.
    I wasn't too fond of his early impressions, but I'll keep that mind. [​IMG] 
  2. Brooko Contributor
    Took a while getting used to it Luke, and came very close to selling at one point.  Glad I held onto it now. I really like it.  I'd still like a little bump around 2 kHz, but I can do that with EQ.  Bass is amazing, detail is incredible (for a smooth fatigue free IEM), and the Adel module adds a natural soundstage like you wouldn't believe.  I really regret not adding the extra and going U10 now. 
  3. H20Fidelity Contributor
    Glad it worked out for you Brooko! 
  4. dTruth
    I decided to buy A83s last month and currently using it with Sansa Clip Zip.
    Is Sansa Clip Zip good enough to drive A83? If I upgrade/ buy another audio player, will it improve my listening experience with A83?
  5. Midgetguy
    I personally would stick with the U6. But that's just me. I demoed them all at a meet and money no object, I would've bought the U6 or A6 if I wanted CIEM. They all sounded amazing, but I liked the U6 the most.
  6. WhiskeyJacks
    Whether or not the sansa clip is good enough with the A83 Is really up to what you hear and what you feel from the pair, I have used a sansa clip but never at the same time as with the A83. I do know getting a better source/DAP like the Ibasso dx80/90 Fiiox5/5 ii increased my listening experience by a good amount especially due to restrictions on certain audio format I had prior while being portable with these devices. I would recommend if the sansa sounds good but you feel like you could enhance the enjoyment from your A83's then to invest in a Fiio x5, or a DX80 or 90. I have used the x5 and the dx90 with the A83 and it paired well. The Fidue A83 do not require any amping from the players I mentioned, the only reason you would need to add one is if you were trying to bring something else to the sound, like making the mid range show a bit more(for example). Depending on the sonic frequency of your amp
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  7. Kwangsun
    I've never had a good experience with the Fidue A83. I like them at times. At others I hate them. It's just that rough edgy top end that bugs me. It's a bit of a love or hate relationship. One thing that is absolutely certain to me is that my Music Two blow them out of the water. No contest in my opinion. And they M2 didn't even cost significantly more. I've found my daily music nirvana in the M2. And in its big brother, the Ei.XX. Honestly, can hardly go back to any UIEM that I own at this point. All my other TOTL UIEMs are now in the closet. 
    Despite that, I'm sending in my replacement sets for another replacement sets. I'm starting to wonder if I should even bother. But still having driver flex issues. QC on the Fidues = What QC?
  8. Zankes
    Are there any good replacement cables for these IEMs which people can vouch for? My right ear is getting quieter when I walk... Cable doesn't seem to be loose or anything, might have been that -30 celcious is too much.
  9. borjok536

    I have the same experience.. My right ear is quiter, there were times also that when i move my ear, the sounds disappear.
  10. Kwangsun
    I tried Linum BAX on my Fidue and while I consider the cables to be excellent in terms of ergonomics and sound, they did not work well with the Fidue I currently have. The right piece kept falling off. I think the MMCX connectors on the A83 are not really very good and are prone to contact and locking issues. I'm getting the A83s replaced again, so I'd probably be able to report back on my findings after I get the new pair. But assuming that the problem is unique to my pair, the Linum BAX is excellent. Music is fine as well. If I'm not mistaken, the Music model brings out the vocals, so will probably work better with the A83s recessed mids. 
  11. Midgetguy
    If anyone is finding the treble to sometimes be a little harsh (and need to fix their cable problem), the cloth-sheathed MMCX cable for Shure IEMs from Lunashops works well. My connection issues disappeared when I put those in. I'll warn that you lose some of the clarity with this cable though. Still, not bad. And I've got a 2-pin version of the Linum BAX for one of my IEMs. If that's anything to go by, the BAX cable is fantastic.
  12. bimbim
    ok i've received the cable and the traluscent DAC AMP that H20Fidelity recommend.
    i'll give a quick review on what i think about it after using it for 2 hour (in my way to office).
    Bare in mind i'm not really knowledgeable on Hi-fi term so i'll just tell based on what i hear.
    it improve the fit significantly since now it can rotate and i can barely feel the weightof the cable.
    the vocal and accoustic's guitar sounds definitely improved IMO but some sound went missing or at least barely able to hear it.
    for example in Masayoshi Yamazaki's one more time, one more chance, there're some guitar sound went missing or really quite.
    And in Boyce Avenue's Fireworks a small part of the Cajon(that box thingy) sound also went quite and i barely able to hear it.
    I'll get back to it later after work~
  13. borjok536
    Would the xduuo x3 paired well with Fideu A83 or is there a significant difference in terms of sound quality compared to Fidue A83 with FiiO X1?
  14. bimbim
    Just want to update
    After using the new cable and Traluscent DAO
    i absolutely love it, all the details DAO bring A83 into a whole new level
    but unlike H20Fidelity who said he can only use it for around 1 hour as it make his ears tired, i can use it all day
    Thanks @H20Fidelity to recommend me the DAO 
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  15. H20Fidelity Contributor
    Thanks for the feedback bimbim. Enjoy the setup. [​IMG]
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