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FIDUE A83 impressions and discussion thread

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  1. Midgetguy
    Open or closed? If open, what do other people feel like about a used HE560? I love mine and I feel like it's got some notable similarity to an A83. I've been seeing some HE560s in the FS/FT for well under your budget.
  2. Zankes
    I am gonna audition HD700 in the weekend. HE560 seems interesting but the price is crazy. I have settled with the dac/amp to go. Gonna buy odac amp/dac combo.
    Anyways I wanted to ask how would you guys describe Fidue A83. I am looking for new headphones to replace my good old Ultrasone pro 900 which have died, but I'd like to get less bass and I love my Fidues so maybe I want something similar to them. Personally I cannot put it into words what A83 sounds, but I can say I like them. So I want to know what people feel that they sound or they are generally described as
  3. tantalus007
    You could also try to audition the he400i. When i tried them at our lhs, for me they sounded like the a83's, altho it was paired with the mojo. Of course it might change sound sig when paired with the odac amp/dac combo. 
  4. Brooko Contributor
    If you like the A83, you'll probably also like the HD700 [​IMG]
    I'd describe the A83 is a bit V shaped, a little recessed (comparatively) in the lower mids, and bumped of emphasised in upper mids.  Very clear.  Can have a little grain.  Overall I'd say "fun" (bass/v-shape) and "vivid" (upper mid bump, and peak in lower treble)
  5. JohnC-HiFi
    If you're looking for a full size with a similar sound then check out the Final Sonorous VI:
    It's also has a hybrid design with a dynamic driver and BA inside each earcup.
  6. grrorr76
    anyone know where I can get myself a replacement a83 lead? I buggered mine today by accident.
  7. Midgetguy
    The HE560 is certainly a great headphone, which I feel matches the A83 well. If you're looking to buy brand new, then I'd agree that the price definitely isn't within your stated budget. But if you look for good used (which is nearly all of the used market since no one simply tosses around their nearly $1000 USD headphone [​IMG]), then you can find one for under your budget price. I've seen several of them in great condition in the FS/FT for $550 USD which is in your budget. Personally, I like to look in the FS/FT first since people here seem to take pretty good care of their gear. But if you're looking for buying brand new, the HD700 could work very well with 85% the performance for 50% of the price of an HE560.
    Good recommendation! The HD700 matched pretty well to the A83 sound sig too from the very short period I listened to them. Doesn't have the sibilance issue I occasionally have with the A83 and HE560 either. And they're super comfortable, most comfortable headphone I've had on my head thus far.
  8. Zankes
    I bought two of these but yet have arrived. Seller said they are official retailer and around the time these popped Fidue also started to sell official cables in China. I'll report back once I get mine.
    Also surprisingly enough this cable also fits perfectly for Fidue. No sound cut nothing, I use it currently. It works very badly on 215 though which is weird
    These are some affordable options for cables.
    Thanks guys for all the feedback on what phones to get. I appreciate it a lot.
  9. bimbim
    So I just accidentally left my iem at my parents house when I visit them
    Should I buy another a83? or can you guys recommend me an iem like a83 for around $500-600
  10. Shawn71

    Looks like you have enough money to jump into $600 IEM territory and have little love with your A83?,to me......:)
  11. friedrice2307
    Hey guys,

    Haven't posted in awhile. Hope everyone is doing well.

    Well, i recently got to try a mmcx copper cable from impact audio cable for my a83. The cable seems quite durable and flexible. Even though it looked thick but when I tried them on it seemed non existent.

    The sound from these cables vs the stock cables were much warmer and smoother in bass in my opinion. Thr highs suffered slightly but I really did enjoy listening to my EDM music more with these cables. It was a wonderful experience and the cable I tried was his tester cable so I order one and hope it comes in soon. But all in all it is a great cable. The cable I tried was his infinity series but I ended up ordering his shock series 8 strand cable. Well that was my update for the now.
  12. friedrice2307
    I know its no linum bax because of itsa really thin cable but it really is good quality cable for that price too. Well made
  13. bimbim
    Haha I guess I word it wrongly
    I lived in different country with my parents so it's a bit of hassle to send it
    And actually I just wanna know if any of you know any iem with the same sound signature in that price range
    Anyway my dad told me he'll send it to me so it's OK now
  14. aardvark5
    Took delivery of a pair of these IEMs last week and I'm very impressed.
    I'm 58 and I've been 'listening' to music for many decades but after a recent purchase of a DAC and Fidue 83s I'm now 'experiencing' music.
  15. H20Fidelity Contributor

    Welcome aboard.

    Get yourself a good FLAC version of Queen's song "The Hitman" and try that through your Fidue A83.

    A83 really pull that track off nicely.
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