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FIDUE A83 impressions and discussion thread

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  1. aardvark5
    How weird, 5 of the first albums I played through them were the first 5 Queen albums when they were proper Queen :)
    I was that amazed I got my mate to come down who thinks he's been listening to Queen every day all his adult life and he was gobsmacked.
  2. twister6 Contributor
    Just wanted to expand on this reply with some clarifications.  A83 uses a standard MMCX connector which means any replacement cable designed for Westone, Shure, UE900, Oriveti, Pinnacle 1, and other standard mmcx connector IEMs will work with A83.  FiiO RC SE1 cable above is OK, but it has a really bad microphonics, and I mean really bad.  The ebay cable above is from Bigbargainonline which is eBay store of Penon Audio, and indeed they are one of the official sellers of Fidue products and accessories.
    But that cable above is a BALANCED wired version with 2 options of 2.5mm TRRS connection (for AK DAPs, as well as N5, PAW 5000, upcoming L3, and DX200) and an adapter for 3.5mm TRRS balanced connection for HiFiMAN balanced wired DAPs (HM series).  There are a few DAPs that can work with 3.5mm TRRS HFM connection, like PAW Gold, but a lot of other DAPs and smartphones will NOT work with 3.5mm TRRS balanced because it has a different wiring of L+/L-, R+/R- instead of a signal referenced to a ground.  And btw, HFM 3.5mm balanced is different from 2.5mm AK balanced, besides a physical difference also a different order of signal wiring.  I confirmed that Fidue balanced replacement cable with 3.5mm TRRS adapter works with my RE600 adapter (3.5mm TRRS balanced to 3.5mm TRS single ended).  So in reality this cable is NOT a direct replacement of A83 stock cable, but a balanced wired version of it.  It doesn't mean that it will not work with your DAP because some can accept balanced 3.5mm TRRS connector, but many DAPs and smartphones will not work with it.  Also, 3.5mm TRRS HFM wiring is implemented in new GeekOut v2 usb DAC/amp.
    The official Penon Audio link to the balanced wired cable with universal MMCX connector: http://penonaudio.com/FIDUE-A83-2.5-3.5mm-MMCX-Cable ($59).  The cable is nearly identical to the stock A83 cable, the same silver plated conductors, the same finish of the shielding, the same quality housing, and memory wire.  The difference is 2.5mm TRRS balanced termination and 3.5mm TRRS balanced adapter.  Another BIG difference, the stock A83 cable mmcx connector has a security tab to prevent A83 shell from spinning.  This also prevents use of that cable with other standard mmcx based IEMs.  This new cable does NOT have this tab, thus can be used with ANY mmcx based IEM.  Also, it comes with a spacer, a little ring that kind of stiffens the connection so it's not as loose.  The IEM shell will still spin around, which I actually like because it's easier for over ear adjustment.
    Here are detailed pictures of it (click to expand):
    fidue_a83_mmcx_cables-12_zps9gicwomy.jpg   fidue_a83_mmcx_cables-13_zpsmupa9tal.jpg
    fidue_a83_mmcx_cables-14_zps45ek4rom.jpg   fidue_a83_mmcx_cables-15_zpsl2bvgypg.jpg
    fidue_a83_mmcx_cables-16_zpskyeg5znz.jpg   fidue_a83_mmcx_cables-17_zpstptynosx.jpg
    fidue_a83_mmcx_cables-18_zpswiqpehbv.jpg   fidue_a83_mmcx_cables-19_zpsa0hztrmq.jpg
    fidue_a83_mmcx_cables-20_zpshf4i1qwe.jpg   fidue_a83_mmcx_cables-21_zpsyrpxxv81.jpg
    fidue_a83_mmcx_cables-22_zpshlczpltl.jpg   fidue_a83_mmcx_cables-23_zpst7idcts9.jpg
    fidue_a83_mmcx_cables-24_zpseeo6ampn.jpg   fidue_a83_mmcx_cables-25_zpsjkqq5lgr.jpg
    * last picture has Re600 connector, that one doesn't come with A83 balanced cable.
    Another official Fidue replacement cable Penon Audio offers is a standard silver-plated cable with 3.5mm TRS jack and universal mmcx connector, including in-line remote.  http://penonaudio.com/FIDUE-A83-MMXC-Mic-Cable ($45).  They offer this cable from their Bigbargainonline ebay store as well.  This cable is EXACT cable used with Fidue A73 IEMs.  And it also has the same spacer ring and similar housing and memory wire as the cable above.  It's actually rare to find a quality silver plated cable with in-line mic/remote, usually those have a regular copper wires because some assume people don't want to use silver plated audio cables with a smartphone.
    Here are detailed pictures of it (click to expand):
    fidue_a83_mmcx_cables-01_zpsezygyyo0.jpg   fidue_a83_mmcx_cables-02_zpsuvs87d81.jpg
    fidue_a83_mmcx_cables-03_zps54g8tjjo.jpg   fidue_a83_mmcx_cables-04_zpshw7a3zab.jpg
    fidue_a83_mmcx_cables-05_zpsxkvjdibk.jpg   fidue_a83_mmcx_cables-06_zpsltsr8xdw.jpg
    fidue_a83_mmcx_cables-07_zps3f4af1tk.jpg   fidue_a83_mmcx_cables-08_zpsuj7mr6hc.jpg
    fidue_a83_mmcx_cables-09_zpsnpzpdwfx.jpg   fidue_a83_mmcx_cables-10_zps8zzyrqfh.jpg
    In terms of a sound quality, both replacement cables are identical to a stock cable.  No difference!!!  Also as a bonus, both cables come in a very cool transparent plastic box/case which works great with A83 or any other IEM for a secure storage when you are traveling - love that you can see through to know what's inside of the case.
  3. H20Fidelity Contributor

    A83 is generally great for vocals. Freddie Mercury with his 4-octave vocal range will place the balanced armatures into clarity overloaded at times.

    What DAC did you settle on btw?
  4. aardvark5
    Don't laugh but it's the Creative E3 which is a Burr Brown DAC.
    I think it's awesome so goodness knows what dearer DACs are like.
  5. H20Fidelity Contributor
    I have an old Creative Soundblaster USB sound card I used many years ago, they produce nice sound. 
    I was quite surprised when I pulled it out years later for another listen.
  6. Midgetguy

    Creative Soundblaster cards are quite good as far as sound cards go. I had an Audigy 4 way back in my first PC.
  7. H20Fidelity Contributor

    I think I picked my Creative up on eBay for $21 or something, probably a fake, I'd use them with a fake pair of Sony MDR-V700. (many years ago)

    Living the dream back then. May have been a few bottles of whiskey involved as well. O_o

    A83, still use them happily everyday, they live along side my Tralucent hybrids and are used exclusively with an iBasso DX80.
  8. Midgetguy
    I think mine was legit, so long ago, over a decade haha. Listened with Sony MDR-V600s actually haha. Such a far cry in sound quality from my current collection, headphones or IEMs.
  9. aardvark5
    Just remember lads, the sound quality in the Creative E3 is a few rungs up the ladder that the old cards.
    I had my first Soundblaster back in the early 90s and it had four sets of pins on it for 4 different types of CD players.
    I think it was Panasonic, Matsu****a, Matsui and IDE.
    I personally thought IDE would die.
  10. Midgetguy
    I'd sure hope the E3 is better than the cards H20 and I used over a decade ago haha.
  11. Zankes
    Had any one here tried out Westone W40 who owns also Fidue A83? I honestly do love the A83, but the isolation is so terrible that it makes me puke while I am at work or commute with the bus. (Big warehouse lots of noises), so I am thinking of getting second pair of IEMS with better isolation and W40 peaked my interest as I read that it is like IEM version of HD600 according to some people with what I absolutely fell in love. 
    The reason W40 seems like a good option, because it has maybe the sound I am looking for. Neutralish, balanced I think, detachable cable. Available as "Fulfilled by amazon" so the warranty will be stellar.
    Not sure if it would be better than A83 , but I really need isolation. I think I would still use A83 from time to on leisure walks and suchs
    Hopefully they are not worse than Fidue as a83 was 250€ for me and W40 would be 500€ ;_;
  12. friedrice2307
    I have the same issue so I am also looking in to audiofly af140
  13. aardvark5
    I stand in front of a very loud rock band on stage and they are virtually quiet when I have my Fidue's on.
    Have you tried different ear tips?
  14. Zankes

    I literally tried tons of ear tips. Fidue ones were terrible. Complyfoam did not feel right with the short insert. I ended up using jvc spiral dots. I hear every single sound isolation is terrible.

    Before fidues I used Shure 215 and they had the best isolation ever I think, because you could put them very deep into your ear. With shure I had foam tips. I am looking for the same isolation experience
  15. bimbim
    have you tried spinfit ?
    for me the spiral dots is the worse (maybe because it's M size)
    the complyfoam is not good for me
    i end up re-try the biggest one from fidue and it actually fit my ear well even thought last time it doesnt fit me well
    but then again you can try changing the cable, as i've got a better fit when i change the cable (because it can rotate to fit my ear)
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