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FIDUE A83 impressions and discussion thread

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  1. bimbim
    To late, it's already been paid hahaha
    H20Fidelity likes this.
  2. H20Fidelity Contributor
    You're well on your way now mate. Haha, you'll be dining in style. 
    Come back and tell us how things work out. 
  3. bimbim


    I'll be back and give my impression after they come
  4. nekromantik
    Anyone been able to compare these to the Sony A3?
    I prefer a sound similar to A73 and was told A3 would suit that, however was wondering if upgraded Fidue would have same signature. 
  5. Midgetguy
    The A83 definitely doesn't have the same signature as the A73. The A83 has a slight v-shape (depending on the setup) with great clarity while still retaining good bass impact. The A73 has a much warmer sound signature so the A83 might not be what you're looking for.
  6. WhiskeyJacks
    Okay if anyone is looking for a portable amp try Meier audio's Before I was having issues with my used and worn meier 2move portable amp/dac I used it line out from my dx 90(for amp only) and plugged in my fidues and was really just thrilled to listen to music and try different tracks with the pairing.  Extremely detailed and musical, and I believe this is from Meier's house sound with his portable amps and from what I have and talked about with other headfiers the 2move was one of the better portable amps until the stepdance . 
    Other note, has anyone in this thread or reading this thread paired the Fidue a83 with either the Oppo Ha-2, Fiio E12a, Fio e12diy edit.? I am in need of your guidance with the synergy if so and suggestion if not.
  7. H20Fidelity Contributor

    I've tried A83 with Oppo HA-2 (as a DAC) it was decent enough but personally didn't find HA-2 a true upgrade from DX90. And I'm not really into FiiO amps house sound.

    If you want something to research maybe Chord Mojo may interest you if you're looking for a dac/amp, run it from DX90 coax out.
  8. WhiskeyJacks
    Thanks for writing back to me with your impressions, I would not be able to afford the mojo, so that is kind of out of my options. I have read that the e12a is a good amp especially for the price, but if you don't care for the house sound than i can understand why you would not select it. I may just save my money and pick up a headphone and use the pb2 for now and go inside and turn down gain and voltage, because it is very quiet and transparent.
  9. H20Fidelity Contributor

    I don't know.. my general rule these days is unless I'm trying to colour the sound in some way or add something like more stage width I try to avoid amping my IEMs. (with the exception of dedicated dac/amps). I have been pretty guilty in the past though using a stack with low impedance IEM. :D

    Anyway, feels like we've flogged the A83 horse to living death by now lmao. Feels like it's been about 2 years. Mine are completed with thier groovy cable, I just use them with Cayin N6 atm. I'll give my unit points for hanging in there remaining function.

    I'm on the hunt for a new IEM, about $1k or something. Maybe K3003, SE846, JH Angie with a few more hundred on top. If Fidue would just hurry up with an A83 successor it would make my life a lot bloody easier.
  10. WhiskeyJacks
    As far as amping I do not do it unless the sources (DAC/DAP's) doesnt right(as far as my preferences goes) with my IEMs or headphone. As far as the SM64v2 with the DX90 I love it as far as the combo goes without an amp or with one. The ibasso Pb2 honest is the best sounding amp paired with the dummy buffers and the LM49710's as the opamp. It is a very transparent amp with the Fidue and the Sm64 but I feel like I can hear the detail from the A83's even more than the DX90 alone and it helps show how tight and quick the punch in the bass the A83s can be without taking from the midrange. The Meier 2move gives it perhaps a little warmth but just pairs really well with it either way. I do not feel like fidue needs either one of these amps though to sound great, just good source and decent bit music files. I am actually picking up the amp for a full size hp that is on it's way, but it would be a plus if paired well with my other headphones as well. Do you know if they have anything in the works in particular for the next IEM for Fidue?
  11. Midgetguy

    Maybe a Campfire Audio Jupiter? Honestly, I'd be curious to hear your thoughts on the SE846 and Jupiter, seeing as they're both quad-BAs costing as much as IEMs with 6+ BAs. Also, the build on the Jupiter just looks beautiful in my eyes.
    Fidue's not releasing an A83 successor so soon; can't make your life easy now could they? Nah, that'd take the fun out of seeing you squirm and wait for their next flagship haha [​IMG]
  12. H20Fidelity Contributor
    I personally know nothing about what Fidue have coming, maybe we should all abandon the thread because they're quite content selling A83 and sales are doing well. Maybe they work on the theory of build it once and let it last rather than the fast moving pace of portable audio products.
    I was thinking last night, have you considered the Cayin C5 amp? Hisoundfi and Twister6 really enjoyed that amp with A83.
    Honestly, I have my money ready for Tralucent Ref.1 as well, I'd rather give my money to Gavin or down the Tralucent chain because I trust his ears and judgment.
    But I need to demo Ref.1 first, if one member in particular would hurry up and contact me we could get that show on the road (I'm waiting for his move)
    Regarding new companies and gamble purchases I really won't do over $500 without a demo first. 
  13. WhiskeyJacks
    So are we closing this thread then H20? I was just wondering because I can understand what you are saying with no new developments from Fidue, but I was uncertain until you mentioned that you have not heard anything. And for those who read this need and or want a portable amp and or amp to use with their Fidue A83s because of the pairing with your source isnt as much to your liking or etc. Then I still say the house sound of Jan Meier's portable amps, whether it be an older on like the Meier Audio Move, 2move, stepdance, and or his newer listings(in comparison to the others) like PCstep, and or quickstep, sound and pair really well with the DX90 and A83s. Just a suggestion
  14. Midgetguy
    I'd think the Ref.1 is gonna be a pretty good choice. Based on what we've both heard come out of the 1+2, I'd trust that Gavin has made the Ref.1 sound pretty damn good. It's like Fidue; if they made something higher than the A83, yeah that'd be interesting. In Tralucent's case, there IS something higher than the 1+2.
  15. LoryWiv
    Although I have a fond spot in my heart for the A83, since I received my 64Audio A6 I haven't looked back. In comparison, the A83 sounds very artifical, admittedly good value and a fun sig. but nowhere near the overall quality of the A6. A slightly more in-depth comparison is here.
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