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FIDUE A83 impressions and discussion thread

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  1. davey48
    Could anyone comment on how well these isolate sound? Especially compared to Etymotic or Shure headphones. I'm a bit worried about background noise when on a loud train or airplane etc.
  2. JimmyTryhard

    Since these have a dynamic driver, the housing is ported and therefore will not isolate as well as a fully balanced armature housing, like the shure se846 for example. However, the isolation is still decent and will drown out enough noise to allow you to listen clearly enough on buses and trains in my experience; you just won't have a completely silent background.

    Isolation is also heavily dependent on tips, and the a83 is known to be finnicky with the tip selection for most. I recommend you order JVC spiral dot eartips if you want to guarantee a decent fit; this is what I did so I never had to struggle with finding the proper tips myself. The spiral dots are well renowned on this thread as well.
  3. Zankes
    If the Fidue tips do not fit me, I assume if I would order those JVC tips I would have to go for small size? Because I tested my shure tips, small size stays perfectly inside and mediums pushes out a little so the headphone won't stay inside my ear. I would use shure tips for fidue if the fidue one don't fit, but the issue with the shure tips are that they are completely worn out, so I'll have to order new ones.
  4. ardacumhur
    I can suggest TF10 tips, now I'm using these tips and quite happy with them, especially after Sony Hybrid tips
  5. JimmyTryhard

    I would say that it is a good idea to get the small size in your case. I personally have the medium and am very satisfied, but I have found that I can fit with almost any size well on most types of eartips for some reason. Typically the only issues I get are to do with the material of the tips. Sony Hybrids and Spiral Dots have grippier and softer surfaces than most stock tips I have found.
  6. LoryWiv
    Consider one size bigger tip thsn your usual for A83 noting the shallow, more extenal canal fit.
  7. JimmyTryhard
    H20, I just wanna say thanks for introducing me to Maria Mena. I'm hooked :0

    I got all of her albums..

    I really like the single 'Home For Christmas'. Sounds so freaking real on the fidues. It's like her voice was made for these. Or the other way around.
  8. H20Fidelity Contributor
    Great, she sure is special.
    Cause & Effect and Viktoria are my favourite albums.
    Her Viktoria album will really test your gears performance, the better your gear the more emotion or movement you'll draw from those tracks. This is true for all music however, there are IEMs I simply won't bother playing Maria's albums with since hearing them in a certain light, 1Plus2 for example. A83  suits her vocal range. 
    Be sure to check out Ane Brun as well sometime. Another wonderful artist with almost haunting vocals.
  9. WhiskeyJacks
    I am now checking out Maria Mena, I am always interested in finding something new and unique to listen to, being that I listen to anything from classic rock- indie-punk- classical- progressive-blue-folk-etc. Would you recommend her for someone that has a wide tastes of music H20? 
    ON another separate note, damn this thread is getting there as far as posts, I remember back way when months ago when there has a handful of pages. It is definitely deserved, for the price you pay the Fidue A83, sure is something special, it's tonality. detail, clarity, along with the fact that it gives you such a big sound for such a small piece of gear really is something special, not all IEM's can do this especially at the price. I hope anyone that looks over the thread will give them a shot, I had upon being asked for my impressions written a review of sorts to a member here, and supposedly he went out purchased them the day after. After trying out a few higher end tier IEMs and then receiving the A83s he gave me all this gratitude and thanks for the fact that he didnt waste an extra couple hundred dollars on something he didn't even like as much as the A83's, now that is saying something. 
  10. H20Fidelity Contributor
    I'll say anyone who has enthusiasm for vocals would approve Maria's music.
    At first her voice may sound peculiar or odd compared to your run of the mill female vocalist.
    Before long she becomes the Maria you'll grow to love, if it works out for you.
    Head to utube and test a few tracks, see what you think.
  11. davey48

    Thanks for the input. Are these the tips you are referring to? Would different tips provide different levels of isolation or is the issue with the fundamental design of the in-ears?
  12. JimmyTryhard

    Yes, those are the ones. Make sure to get the right size.

    Using different tips will give you different levels of isolation for sure, but the maximum amount you can achieve will be less than a non-ported design. It all depends really based on how the tips work for your specific ears in the end.
  13. Zankes
    Does different tips sound different or is it just isolation which changes?
  14. Midgetguy

    Like @JimmyTryhard said, the tips will change the level isolation, as long as you're asking about different sizes. My isolation hierarchy is as follows: silicon < foam-filled silicon < foam. And as far as sound, it does change that too, minutely to my ears, but I'm not as discerning of an audiophile (though I don't consider myself to be an audiophile anyway, more as just someone who happens to enjoys music, headphones, and IEMs all at the same time [​IMG]). For me, silicons offer the best seal, and as such the best bass response. Foams don't work so well in my ears, so bass response usually isn't as good for me, but it trims the highs a bit for the IEMs that are on the fence in terms of piercing treble. I don't listen closely enough for changes in sound with different tips and don't tip roll much, so I can't give you any meaningful overall opinion on the sound properties of different tips, but I'll say that my first priority is comfort and convenience. This is why my hierarchy for tip usage is more like this: silicon = foam-filled silicon > foam. Foams just don't work out for me so I never use them. Besides, different IEMs work better with different tips, I just happen to use silicons all the time as I don't have any foam-filled silicons around and the foams don't work out on my comfort and convenience scale.
  15. Zankes
    I see thanks for the answer. I am not an expert either just someone who enjoys quality. I used foam tips for 3 years on my shures, so I have never used silicon actually. So not sure how I would feel about comfort
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