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FIDUE A83 impressions and discussion thread

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  1. garcsa
    The A83 is definitely a very good IEM, but these MMCX  connector problems are really disappointing!!! My second pair is on the way to Fidue to change them.
  2. Midgetguy
    Alright, so pretty much confirmed now that there are 3 versions of the A83. Too bad, now you can't use your balanced cable on it anymore.
    Wonder if it has anything to do with just how some of these manufacturers are making proprietary versions of it. Like how much trouble VSonic had with theirs on the VSD3S and now the troubles Fidue seems to be having. They both made their own tweaks to the MMCX connectors and it feels like I read problems more often with these than the Shure and Westone IEMs that just use the standard basic MMCX connector.
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  3. geagle
    I may be completely wrong, and this is pure speculation on my side... But my take on the change, when I realized what Fidue had (apparently) done, was to assume that things might actually be backwards from what you're suggesting: that is, the standard MMCX connector on the original A83 iteration was finicky, and Fidue changed it to avoid problems. Mine, for instance, don't rotate freely like usual MMCX connectors do, and that might be exactly to minimize cutting out trouble. At least, that was what I thought, lol.
  4. Midgetguy

    Fidue's MMCX never rotated freely actually. They always at least had the locking tab on their cable which prevented the use of their MMCX cables on other manufacturers' IEMs, though other MMCX cables could fit into the A83's socket (due to other cables not having locking tabs). I think this is the first time I've seen the A83 with a fully recessed socket. Got a couple questions for you: does yours have a chin slider and are you able to find your QC slip that came in the A83 packaging to see what the QC inspection date is? Like I said previously, my first set that broke had a chin slider and locking tab (not protrusion + recessed socket) and I don't remember what the QC date of that one was while my current replacement set doesn't have a chin slider, has the same locking tab without recessed sockets, and a QC slip dated February of 2015.
  5. geagle

    Mine has the chin slider alright... Was bought at the end of June 2015 from Penon Audio, and I can definitely go check the box for the QC slip. Tomorrow, though, as the box's in the attic, and it's dinnertime, now, where I am :wink:.
    My educated guess, though, would be that anyone who buys an A83 now is going to be locked in to the Fidue cable... I'll check the QC slip and chime back, though, so that we can have more data points.
  6. Midgetguy

    Always good to know more! I'm not surprised that Penon Audio has more recent stock than Extreme Audio; Penon Audio is a very good distributor of Chinese IEMs, I've always had great service from them. That appears to be the possible case we're presented with now. Enjoy your dinner! [​IMG]
  7. JimmyTryhard
    Wow! There are now 3 versions?!

    I definitely wouldn't conclude this too soon. I bought my A83's around August 10th 2015, and I seem to have the version with the cable cinch but thankfully without the recessed cable sockets.

    I ordered my A83 on Amazon USA from the seller "JCN DigiMart." The first pair they sent had terrible and frequent driver flex on the right side, but the replacement pair that they sent has only flexed maybe 3 times out of 300 insertions and only due to rough insertions when it happened. Otherwise, the replacement pair is nearly perfect. I can also use aftermarket cables such as the Linum BaX with my non-recessed version.
  8. Midgetguy

    Can you try to find the QC label that came in the A83 box? @geagle is gonna try to find it in a day or so. Maybe we can somewhat figure out based on QC batches. The more info we can get the better!
  9. JimmyTryhard
    I think this is it? From what the date says my unit seems to have been checked in February 2015. If this is a warranty card or something, please don't use it haha. I can't read Mandarin.
  10. chrisadam
    Do u happen to know whats the diff between the upgrade version and the other one? cos i found two sellers on ebay, one states that its the upgrade ver and the other doesnt. However, the price diff is also rather significant as one of it is 99USD + 10USD shipping and the other is approx 91.38USD with free shipping.
    upgrade ver
    does not state whether its upgrade ver
  11. H20Fidelity Contributor
    You want the upgraded version with  8470 DAC chip.
    Forget about the old version, you don't want it, pretend it doesn't exist.
    That eBay seller you linked bigbargainonline is actually Penon Audio eBay account. (same person)
    You can just buy the 770c here below which is $5 cheaper than the eBay listing with free shipping.
  12. chrisadam

    Thanks! =)

    I was actually about to get the Fiio X3 II, and then I saw ur post! Now i can save 100 bucks! I hope it sounds as good as the X3
  13. chrisadam

    Oh yea, I just checked the second ebay seller again, and its stated that its the 8470 DAC, and not the older 8718... So would that mean that this is the upgraded version?
  14. geagle

    Ok, my QC slip says 30 Apr 2015... It was ordered on Penon Audio on June 27th, 2015, and arrived around a week later to me, in early July... I'd say that mine is later than both yours @Midgetguy and yours @TryHard? If I understand correctly, yours were both "passed" in February, right?
  15. Midgetguy
    So from what I'm gathering so far, the QC ones around your date are the newest versions, with both cable cinch and recessed sockets. And based on mine (I'll double check my QC slip when I have a chance this weekend) and @JimmyTryhard's reports, the 2 old versions, distinguished by with/without cable cinch, but both with locking tabs instead of recessed sockets, Sometime around February was when they stopped production of the first version without a cable cinch and made the second version with the cable cinch. Then, a couple months later, perhaps due to reports of some connection issues for people here in the forums, they changed over to recessed sockets.
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