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FIDUE A83 impressions and discussion thread

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  1. friedrice2307
    Those hybrids dont fit eell for me. Still looking for tips that will fit best for me since i am not satisified 100% with my current tips

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  2. Brooko Contributor
    See if you can find Sony Isolation tips. Same hybrid - but with foam inner, silicone outer. Best of both worlds.
  3. friedrice2307
    Those are the ones i tried.

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  4. Zankes
    I have been thinking about getting Comply Foam tips. Silicon is NO GO for me, because they hurt my ear, so I absolute want Foam.
    Does any one know are there much difference between: Isolation, Comfort, Isolation Plus and Comfort Plus. ?
    Isolation would be cool in a way, because I could get red and blue tip,s but not same for the others...
  5. friedrice2307
    Isolation all the way or theres another options. Custom made tips. But you need ear impressions

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  6. ardacumhur
    I can say Sony Hybrids(without foam) is increasing sibilance, I realized that after using TF10 tips on my A83
  7. JimmyTryhard

    Funny, I found the opposite. Maybe they just don't sit in your ears as deep as they do for me personally. Everyone's different I guess.
  8. LoryWiv
    I've had my A83's about 10 months, and last several weeks the right channel volume is very low and muted. I cleaned connectors, gently moved (centered) the earpiece pin as some suggested, tried a Shure cable instead of stock --> No improvement! Worse still, I am remiss in that I can't locate my receipt nor recall which seller I purchased from to initiate a return / repair for what I suspect is a dead driver issue. Obviously, the lack of receipt /purchase info. is on me, no excuse....I think it was an Amazon seller but there are many.
    So self-flagellation aside, any suggestions? Other fixes. Contact Fidue and beg assistance (without proof of purchase date I can't really expect warranty service but they may offer a repair at reasonable cost.)
    Thanks for letting me vent and for any ideas to correct the right channel issue.
  9. garcsa
    Don't worry , contact Mr. Michael Lin: michael@fidue.com. Had similar problem, and solved.
  10. Darkestred
    These are such wonderful sounding IEMs.  Very clean, decent bass and so much warmth and depth.  To me, the A83's have made cringe worthy tracks listened on GR07s, sound "wonderful."  I always pay attention to drums.  Each piece has weight and a natural sound.  The kick drums punch and warmth gives me a sense of "feeling" the beater mash into the drum head...really top-notch stuff.
    I too am having fitment issues, but this isn't uncommon with IEMs.  The only pair that never came out of my ears were the old GR07s with the rotating nozzle.  I now have the new GR07s with the same tips from my old GR07s and they fall out all the time.
    The best (and not the true best) fitment with the A83s that stay in for the most part have been the comply t400s.  Still searching.
  11. Midgetguy

    +1, Michael offers fantastic service. My only hope for @LoryWiv is that Michael's distributor isn't completely incompetent this time. My experience with Michael: fantastic.
    My  experience with his US distributor Extreme Audio: let's put it this way, I could have sent a dog out to run from here in Seattle, WA to Wisconsin to pick up the package and run back.....and then 2 months later, the A83 sent from Extreme Audio would finally arrive in the mail. WHAT COMPANY TAKES 4 MONTHS TO SHIP AN RMA?!?!? I had to do an RMA once where I shipped an IEM to CHINA and got it back in 3 weeks; another country on the other side of the world and it took 1/5 of the time. Extreme Audio is in the same country as I am! No excuse, will continue to be unhappy about their service. Alright, rant over.....for now [​IMG].
  12. LoryWiv

    Thanks very much to Darkestred and Midgetguy for the helpful responses. I will contact Michael this evening after work. I live in No. Cal. but Wisconsin was home for 20 years....perhaps Extreme Audio will take pity on a poor, A83 deprived fellow cheesehead.
  13. Midgetguy

    For your sake, I really hope their service is much better than what I got: took forever and was old stock. Best to have something as a backup just in case. I filled my time with like 5 other sets of IEMs in the meantime haha. That said, ended up with a couple of my favorite IEMs.
  14. LoryWiv

    Ha...never too many IEM's. I'm considering the Trinity Delta, although what really intrigues me is the upcoming U or A-series 1964 ears with the Adel module...pricey though and would take 6-8 weeks to ship. This hobby is tough on those of us seeking immediate gratification! [​IMG]
  15. Paulus XII
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