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FIDUE A83 impressions and discussion thread

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  1. Zankes
    Okey, was about to order complyfoam Isolation Plus for my Fidues, but then the shipping is 12USD which is a no go for me, so does any one use any alternative tips or have any suggestions. I thought about getting spiral dots as they are way cheaper, but foam is more comfortable for me
  2. LoryWiv

    +1 for Spiral Dots.
  3. puppyfi

    The followings are tips I had tried that can fit:-



    From left: Spinfit, Meelec, UE, Vsonic, Sony, Fidue, Vsonic and UE Foam.
    Can't say which provide the best sounding as I am still testing. I don't have spiral dots though.
  4. H20Fidelity Contributor

  5. puppyfi

    H2O approved combo :beerchug:
  6. sunset754
    Hmm, ah think ima git me wun of those aliens.
  7. puppyfi
    Take your pick :)
  8. sunset754
    Would they enhance the A83 experience as well???????
  9. Zankes
    I have been rambling about too much about the tips, sorry about that.
    But here is still a question.
    I decided that I will buy JVC spiral dot 14 usd vs 40 usd comply foam (After shpping) so they seem more appealing.
    Anyways I was testing my Shure tips which size would be right. Small Vs Medium.
    Small goes very well to the ear and it doesn't seem to drop out even if memory wire is not in place. It's very easy to take out and comes out without any resistance.
    Medium, it feels like it vacuums into my ear and when I take it out I hear PLOP sounds and I need to use little more power to take it out. It stays in the ear also without memory wire, but when I look the headphones on a mirror medium size pushes out a little compared to the small. Feels like there is little friction on the ear, but maybe isolation is better?
    So does anybody have any idea which size I should go for with the Spiral Dots? It seems so hard to decide... I used small Foam tips for 3-4 years on my shures, but I did this test with silicon tips as the foam ones were completely wornout. Maybe MS size if I am having hard time between S vs M? I have no clue so I need hel
  10. puppyfi
    A83 is pretty tips sensitive. The sound signature using the default silicon won't do for me. At the moment, UE silicon medium is still my preferred tips.
    As for any enhancement over the choice of aliens, I'm not sure. H2O has the gun metal while mine is black. A while back, there was rumoured gold version which could sound better [​IMG]
  11. JimmyTryhard
    Just choose whichever you think you'll prefer based on these observations with other tips. I personally have the same experience; with small tips I can get a decent seal and it is very convenient to take in and out, and with medium it provides a better seal but it takes a bit to pull it out. I personally chose to order medium spiral dots, because I think the A83's really do benefit from the tightest seal you can get (imo).
  12. Zankes
    Well you helped me decide, thanks. I am gonna try my luck with MS size. The reason why it was painful to decide which size to get as it takes sometime to arrive.
    Also I noticed that I had a sample on my A83 of ComplyFoam isolation model, they didn't isolate at all so I guess it's better that I didn't go for those. I don't know why I didn't feel like that the isolation was good, maybe size was wrong, hard to say. I just don't want to hear baby crying over my music on a bus haha.
  13. friedrice2307
    When it comes to foam tips i always go a size up. If i am a medium i always purchase a large. Whe you crush the tips then put in your ear they expand.
  14. JimmyTryhard
    I just sat down and did some hard listening to both the GR07 and A83. It's amazing how similar the two's signatures actually are.

    I tested both on the same sources and even at one point put a GR07 in one ear and an A83 in another while matching volumes and tracks. This type of comparison is actually surprisingly telling and can give a clear picture of the differences between the two.

    I found that the A83 is like a direct upgrade to the GR07, with the soundstage being noticeably more open and less congested and the resolution/clarity also being very noticeably better. When listening to both simultaneously, it was really easy to hear that the GR07 just sounded a bit less clear and even slightly veiled dare I say. They both sound similar in tonality but seem to differ in mainly the small details and general quality.

    I also seem to have found that my GR07's end up feeling actually less comfortable over long periods of time than the A83s not because of fit (GR07 is more ergonomic) but actually because of SOUNDSTAGE. Never in my life would I have even considered this, but sure enough today I spent a few hours with the GR07 and couldn't help but feel claustrophobic in a way. When I inserted them into my ears it would instantly feel like everything is a little bit narrower and closed off, but when I insert the A83's I don't feel very much change at all, as if the stage is the same size as the outside world. This is when both are using the exact same tips as well. I had never imagined that soundstage could change comfort.
  15. sunset754
    It is interesting that I felt the same as well when tried my GR07BE, which I had rated so highly. I didn't think of them as veiled, but after the A83.....most defiantly an upgrade, but I still have a soft spot for them.
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