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FIDUE A83 impressions and discussion thread

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  1. Midgetguy

    Yeah, foam just happens to feel weird in my ears. Plus, gotta squish them prior to putting them in and it's always taken me several tries to get it the way I like it in the past while all I have to do is shove in the silicon tips and I'm good to go. Different tips work out for different ears [​IMG]
  2. JimmyTryhard

    Well said. I also prefer silicon tips mainly due to convenience and comfort. Tips definitely can change the sound a bit but this is mainly just because they change the position and angle of the nozzle within the ear canal. Different positions and angles (for example: shallow position, tilted 20 degrees upward) can change the perceived sound anywhere from a whole lot to just a little.

    Midgetguy, could you explain what "tip rolling" is? I've seen that phrase before but never understood it fully.
  3. Midgetguy
    To my knowledge, tip rolling simply refers to the process of trying out many different tips on an IEM [​IMG]. I don't do it often as I don't have that many tips to try with and I usually can't hear that much difference anyway, so for me, it's a waste of time to try anything beyond getting comfort and convenience right.
  4. Zankes
    My Fidue A83 arrived today they came with cable that stops the headphones from spinning and also my Shure 215 cables fit them.
    Pass date: 27.01.2015 ( January 27th)
    I am not sure how I feel about them, when I first put them there was this weird hiss with IEMS and I was like What, then I changed eartips and hiss is gone and the sound feels that I can hear new things again, but I need to get used to them. I am not sure was I imagining the hiss or what
  5. Midgetguy

    All the A83s have cables that prevent spinning. Does yours have a chin slider or not? It sounds like you got one of the first couple of versions since I don't think the 3rd (recessed socket) version can take other cables cuz it looks like other connectors just wouldn't be long enough to fit right.
  6. Zankes
    I have chin slider. I guess I got lucky, got cheaper than normal price and got the version I wanted.
    EDIT: My opinion has changed a little now that I have been using these all day and comparing them to Shure 215 which were my old ones. I love these, there is clearly and improvement in this upgrade, it sounds way more cleaner. Few things which bother me a little is that in pop songs for example it feels like the guitar and drums and every sound equipment is overpowering the vocals compared to the 215. Also when I wear these long time my outer ear starts to hurt a little so I need to move them a little, I feel like this could be an issue later, never had this feeling from 215. Also the tips which came with the A83 are utter joke and unfortunately I couldn't get my Shure tips to fit.
  7. Midgetguy

    Hmm....so by my definitions, you have version 2, one with a chin slider and locking tab. Looks like yours is in the crossover period of when they we're transitioning versions I guess. Mine was somewhere in the first half of February and yours is late January, so I guess that's the period in which they added the chin slider?
    Anyway, the comfort can be an issue for me as well. After a couple hours, ears are aching a little. I think it has to do with the shell shape itself combined with my small ears. There's no way the A83 would fit Shure tips, it's nozzles are actually fairly large in my opinion and unfortunately shorter than I'd like as well.
  8. JimmyTryhard
    The A83's definitely are that type of product that at first may have you wondering what all the hype is about but then later unable to put them down. My first listen was with a defective unit, so my case is a little different, but once I finally got the fixed pair it took me some time to adjust regardless.

    On first listen, you sort of listen and take it for granted. You decide to go and try listening to your old gear and that's when you realize: oh my god what in god's name am I listening to? Your old gear feels lacking in an inexplicable way, and when you go back to the A83's, you just melt into your chair. All of the flaws of your old gear are suddenly so apparent: scrunched soundstage, sibilant highs, cheap-feeling build, why did I even bother going back? I'll rest here in fidue land...
  9. sunset754
    I did that yesterday. You know, you check out some of your older iems  like the GR01 I got about 2 years ago and had not used them much for some reason even though I knew they were pretty good. And they were, but I they needed some "burn in" so I did, to help reduce/eliminate some sibilance, and perhaps they sounded a little better, and then today I tried the A83's and wow! They still surprise me with how good they are! They have one of the best presentations out there.
  10. Zankes
    Okey, I definitely prefer foam tips on the A83, does any one know any high quality foam tips which would preferably have better isolation and be more comfy, because the isolation on these is super bad. 
  11. tantalus007
    Has anybody here tried the spinfit cp100 tips for their a83's? Cant seem to find the cp800 in amazon. In the spinfit website it says the cp800 fits fidues. Or should i just get the spinfit rd01L? tia [​IMG]
  12. JimmyTryhard

    From what I've heard, spinfits seem to compliment the ergonomics of the A83, although the sound has had mixed opinions.

    Do tell us about what you hear when you do get them! Maybe I'll have to try them.
  13. tantalus007

    The problem is i dont know which one to order in amazon. hehehe!
  14. friedrice2307
    I have purchased and tried 3 different types of tips at the moment. The best tips for sound in my opinion is the jvc spiral tips. Get the right size for your ears. Thats my opinion based on use.

    Also tried the hybrid tips from sony and they are very uncomfortable and hard but the sound was great on them as well but did not isolate as well as the spirals.

    The third ones i tried are the comply foam tx400 and i like those better than hybrid tips from sony because of comfort and isolation but it is a bit of a hassle to smash the tip before putting them in. Comply foam have various types of tips depending on what you want.

    This is what i do. When im at home i use the jvc spirals and when im out i use the comply foams.

    Jvc spiral tips no matter what i do i cant seem to isolate as well as the comply foam but then again my ears are wierd so its really hard for me to get a good fit on any tip.

    Sent from my SM-G928P using Tapatalk
  15. JimmyTryhard

    Interesting, I actually just switched to Sony Hybrids from JVC spiral dots today, and I've gotta say that the spiral dots don't tame the treble quite in the same way.

    I personally feel most comfortable with the hybrids moreso than the spirals, but they both feel quite nice, just different depth and grip. The hybrids have a deeper and stronger grip in my ear canals.

    I mentioned that my silver cable seems to have expanded the treble a bit more from stock, borderline harshly so, but I am delighted to now realize that the sony hybrids essentially cancel this effect out for me as they did on my GR07. I do still enjoy the spiral dots sound, however.

    One last thing to note about hybrids is also that they are a bit tricky to fit onto the A83s; the shaft of the eartip is essentially the same circumference as the nozzle of the earphone, which means there is a little bit of difficulty in fitting them over the nozzle. I'm currently using the green shafted Medium size (epex10a). If you are using a silver cable rather than stock you may want to use hybrids instead of spirals, but the difference isn't as important with the stock cable.
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