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FIDUE A83 impressions and discussion thread

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  1. Midgetguy
    Too true! I can say with certainty though that the Adel series sounds incredible. They were up here at the Seattle meet in July and had the universal demo versions and I listened to all of them. Phenomenal sound. My personal favorite was the A6. I currently have a 1964 Ears Qi universal and I like it. You can see what I've listened to on my profile and the stuff I've owned and still currently own.
  2. friedrice2307
    Only if i can afford these iems. I hear so many good things about them

    Sent from my SM-G928P using Tapatalk
  3. LoryWiv
    Good input as I've not heard any of the Adels. Thanks from my ears, not my wallet. Sounds like you auditioned and enjoyed the universal A6, same as U6? How was the U6 fit for you versus the somewhat tricky fit many have with A83, well-chronicled in this thread?
  4. Midgetguy
    I'd love to be able to afford them as well. Trust me, having heard them has not made things easier [​IMG]
    Based on what I see on their site, the U6 is the universal version of the A6, so yeah, I listened to the U6. The shell style is much more in line with what you see from Noble and Heir Audio. Since that design has longer nozzles and is less rounded (on the ear side of the shell) than the A83, it fit more easily and more comfortably. It still wouldn't be long-term comfortable like any other large IEM that isn't a custom, especially in my smaller ears, but it would fare better than the A83 in my case. One of the most impressive things about these offerings from 1964 Ears is that they're making universal and custom versions. Heir makes a universal 8-driver and Noble has the K10U, but I don't think I know of anyone making a 12-driver universal.
  5. puppyfi

    Just got this :p
    Burning in now...12hours so far :D
  6. garcsa
    VLC player? Just for burning in, or...? Try Foobar2000 for eg. Enjoy music! [​IMG]
  7. puppyfi

    Yes, I'm using my lowly Intel Atom Asus Eee PC netbook just for burning in.
    I have foolbar2000 on my other pc/laptops for Music. :D
  8. JimmyTryhard
    Congrats and good luck! [​IMG] 
    I personally use foobar2000 as well but not as often as just listening straight from my DX50. I actually prefer the UI of the DX50, and don't know yet how to modify my foobar UI.
    I'll get around to configuring it eventually...
  9. puppyfi

    Currently on honeymoon period with this combo :p


    I'm starting with UE medium tips but am slowly trying out different other tips as well :rolleyes:
    This tips rolling exercise, and also for my brain to get burn-in, may take sometimes :D
    At this moment, it is so far so good on the sound, fitting and comfort.
  10. LoryWiv
    Columns UI is a FooBar plugin component that adds some nice options.
  11. LoryWiv
    I am really interested in the U6...and you've further whet my appetite. Did you actually prefer it to the 8/10/12 or just feel that the 6 driver was a "sweet spot" for price / performance? Also, the U6 is designed to be balanced (unlike U8 with 4 BA's driving the bass / lows). Did it come across as bass-lite compared to the A83's?
    Thanks, Midgetguy. Not a lot of impressions out yet except a few A12 reviews, so I really appreciate your thoughts on the 6 driver. I could aim for the 12 but am not sure which of my kids I would sell to raise the funds. [​IMG]
  12. sunset754
    @puppyfi, does Foobar2000 have a burn in component? Or do you just use Various tracks on a loop?
  13. Zankes
    I think I will get Complyfoam isolation Plus for the fidue. I was in a bus there was baby making loud noises and even through the music I could hear the baby... Just appalling 
  14. puppyfi

    @sunset754, sorry, there is no burn in component that I am aware of in foobar2000.
    I simply load in a pink noise that I copied somewhere (or using tracks like The Police Synchronicity 1, for example) and use foobar2000 (or whatever program) to loop the tracks continuously for my burn in.
  15. sunset754
    Ah,ok thanks! I've been using the Burnin generator with pink noise, or the Jlabs with a mixture of pink, white, and frequency loops.
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