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Feliks-Audio EUFORIA - A Wolf in "Sheep's" Clothing...

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by hypnos1, Jan 9, 2017.
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  1. UntilThen
    My friend, you owe it to yourself to get a Yggy in any colour !!! This is the real schiit and it's the first and last time I'll use this phrase.

    At the shop I was debating on the colour. I wanted black but then I saw the Yggy and Rag combo in silver and that's matching. In the end, it didn't matter as they don't have black there. I have to make my way out of the shop real quick because I just saw the Focal Utopia there and the last thing I want is to walk out of the shop with it as well.
  2. connieflyer
    Also noticed this spec Input Capability: up to 24/192 for all inputs, will this pass dsd files? My PSAudio passes 24/192 but not dsd files. If you have a dsd file would you try it please? If it does pass dsd then it is in the running, if not I guess I will pass
  3. pctazhp
    I swear I don't know what CF and UT have been drinking, but it must be very powerful stuff. Regardless, of what CF says my USB3 cable works just fine, regardless of whether it is smiling or frowning. Just to show you how much CF knows, he told me USB 3 had broader bandwidth but I looked at it an USB 3 cable is no broader than the old USB 2 !!!!

    As for Yiggy which UT says is USB 2 but should be USB 3, or whatever, this is appropriate USB 3 cable: https://smile.amazon.com/AmazonBasi...8&qid=1495306722&sr=8-16&keywords=usb+3+cable When you have time and it won't inconvenience you, LOOK AT THE BACK OF YOUR YIGGY!!! I hate to ruin your good mood, but the type of USB female input (Type B) on your Yiggy is exactly the same type as my lowly and dis-respected Bimby.

    And Schiit Wyrd has its own power supply, so no need to worry about powered USB hub with it. And BTW, how do you know Yiggy and Wyrd USB inputs are USB3 ??????

    Do I have to do everything????
  4. UntilThen
    It doesn't do DSD but hey if you have a DSD file, it will convert to PCM and it will sound great. Trust me, the way Yggy makes redbook files sound and if you're not impressed, I'll eat my Yggy. Even youtube sounds great. :ksc75smile:

    Serious, you should read all the glowing reviews of the Yggy from so many reviewers and also head-fi impressions. Don't just trust my words. Muiltibit is as good as it gets. :dt880smile:

  5. pctazhp
    OMG!!! If you were ever my friend, that is officially ended as of this very moment!!! I've been taking about Schiit multibit DACs forever, and you are NOW just looking at Schiit website????? SHAME, SHAME SHAME !!!!!
  6. UntilThen
    Don't know about Wyrd but Yggy is USB3 as documented in the US Library of Congress.

    Here right from the Schiit Yggdrasil website..
    Yggdrasil also features our all-new USB Gen 3 input module, for exceptional USB input performance.
  7. connieflyer
    I sent Schiit an email to see it the unit will pass dsd or dsf files. If I got one it would probably be silver the Sony is silver and it would sit on the dac. The Euforia currently sits on the Sony Hap-S1. Or I suppose I could get a can of spray paint for the Sony
  8. connieflyer
    Downloaded their manual and it still says usb 2. So it probably has not been updated yet. My friend I have looked at that Schiit for a long time, just never felt the need before. Liked other products better. But am seriously looking at this. Don't know why all the manufacturers are making the indicator lights and script icons on the front panel so damn small now, need a magifying glass to read them.
  9. connieflyer
    I suppose if I bought it I would have to learn how to pronounce it. That was the main reason for not considering them before,
    Spork67 likes this.
  10. pctazhp
    OK. I just looked more carefully at Schiit website and it says Yiggy has USB3, but what do they know??? I'm leaving this afternoon for 8-day overseas tour, starting with Saudi Arabia and all inquiries for the next 8 days should be directed to James Comey.

    Right now I'm listening to my Schiit multibit DAC using superior SPDIF input, so NaNaNaNaNaYah :triportsad:
  11. UntilThen
    I just tried some dsf or dsd files from this site and it works. Dsd 64, 128 and 256 all works. I downloaded it and open in JRiver. The Stereo 24/352.8 khz sounds amazing.

  12. connieflyer
    It might be better for me to stay with the equipment I have, had a bad experience upgrading this week. Bought a more powerful vacuum cleaner, and with the old one I could run over power cables and the like, but the new one sucked them up, now have to repair vacuum, almost pulled over equipment rack!
    UntilThen likes this.
  13. connieflyer
    In that case will definetly consider this. How come there is no spell check orupload buttons on this site anymore?
  14. UntilThen
    Good. All I have to do is to get you and Pct to buy the Yggy and the commission I get will cover my Yggy.
  15. UntilThen
    Ok..... watch this video 5 times and repeat it for the rest of the day.

  16. UntilThen
    CF if you get Yggy, we would have identical setup. How good is that? :beerchug:

    6am and I'm still listening to music. Where has the night or morning gone?

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