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Feliks-Audio EUFORIA - A Wolf in "Sheep's" Clothing...

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by hypnos1, Jan 9, 2017.
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  1. hypnos1
    WELCOME to all owners and followers of F-A's Elise Tube Amp who are now interested in moving up into even more lofty territory...with their new OTL amp, EUFORIA.

    A warm welcome also to those perhaps new to the Feliks-Audio name...in addition to the very successful 'Elise', their previous budget-price 'Espressivo' is currently undergoing a resurgence in interest and gaining high praise in reviews. I shall be posting links to threads and other info that might prove interesting for background research later on, and at the end of this first post...which I shall keep updated as often as possible.

    But now on to the new amp in question...and why the heading statement?! : basically, because from the outside this amp looks just like the Elise, and does in fact retain the same tube complement - 2x 6SN7 drivers and 2x 6AS7G/6080 powers. But after considering my request for possible upgrades to just my own amp, the project blossomed into something rather bigger, and in fact became what they had in mind for a next model!

    They found that the alterations/upgrades engineered by the family firm's boss, Henryk Feliks, resulted in such a leap in performance - without having to incur MUCH higher cost with a totally new case, bigger transformer etc. - that it did indeed warrant a completely new name, rather than another Elise variant....hence EUFORIA was born!

    So..."Wolf"?..."Sheep"?...perhaps the latter isn't strictly correct, because the Elise is FAR from being a sheep that merely follows others...it leads!! I use the word 'Sheep' advisedly, because going from Elise to Euforia hits you in such a way that is, at first, somewhat perplexing as you look at the 'clothing'...a Wolf does indeed jump out at you from under its cloak!

    The first surprise is a dynamic presentation that certainly had me wondering how this could be from 'just' upgrading certain components and circuitry - a very naive initial thought, until I looked further into the extensive internal alterations...and could fully appreciate Mr Feliks's "work of art".

    Then you notice the increased detail resolution, over and above the excellent handling by Elise. This is accompanied by impeccable control across the entire frequency range...instruments and voices are positioned in their own space, but remain nicely balanced within a coherent, expansive soundstage.

    Another area that surprises is its consummate ability in the speed arena - this does take it to quite another level of performance...from initial note attack through to maintaining complete control of fast, complex runs at all frequencies...whether bass rolls or top hat histrionics!! Everything seems to be so effortless in this amp's capable hands. And turning up the volume pot brings greater delights still...delivery remains so smooth, right up to ear-shattering levels. Once again, its handling of dynamics leaves you confident that you can indeed go the occasional "extra mile" in the volume stakes without either the sound breaking up horribly, or your ears having to suffer from the amp's loss of exquisite control...very encouraging indeed, in my book lol!

    These are just the more obvious qualities of this amp...there are more, but indigestion must be setting in for some! Further observations of my own, along with those of soon-to-be-owners will come later. These are also from 'just' the stock tubes...things begin to get even more exciting with higher grade tubes - especially those 'alternatives' that (as yet!) are not officially sanctioned by F-A, but which are proving to be suitable (and safe), from extensive trials by myself and senior members of the Elise threads.

    From my own initial tube rolling in Euforia, it is already apparent that this amp matches Elise's supremacy in regard to flexibility in this area, and its 'neutral' signature will allow fine tuning to one's own personal tastes, afforded by the luxury of a very wide choice of tubes...especially the drivers.

    All in all, I believe Feliks-Audio have once again raised the bar in the performance/price arena, and will appeal to those who yearn for a taste of "summit-fi" at what I personally consider a very reasonable price indeed...especially for a high quality, non-factory-production-line product made to order.

    And so for now, a list of the main upgrades/alterations over Elise....further specs and info/ordering over at the Feliks-Audio website : http://feliksaudio.pl
    Or email Lukasz (Feliks) direct : info@feliksaudio.pl

    1. Pure silver wire for signal paths...teflon-tubed.
    2. Mundorf and Nichicon capacitors.
    3. Dale and Caddock resistors in new circuits.
    4. High quality Teflon sockets with gold-plated pin receptors.
    5. High quality gold-plated RCA connectors.
    6. Improved noise reduction for power supply, RFI/EMI.
    7. Upgraded PsVane 6SN7 drivers...(still the Russian 6N13S/6H13C powers).
    8. Upgraded transformer.
    9. Removal/reduction of spike at switch-off.

    As with Elise, there is pre-amp out (with protective circuitry for Direct-coupled amps)

    A few pictures to be going on with :

    My prototype next to early Elise- the only actual size
    increase being the transformer housing.. :

    P1000812.jpg P1000811.jpg

    P1000816.jpg P1000815.jpg

    Some circuitry blurred for protection reasons!.. :

    Price : $1399, but currently being offered at a 10% pre-order discount...

    (Apparently some minor cosmetic changes being made to the exterior, so will hopefully have the up-to-date look soon).

    Other useful associated links, if interested...(Elise info will give a good background to this new amp, plus recommended tubes and related subjects).

    http://www.head-fi.org/t/813488/feliks-audio-elise-impressions-thread-a-new-start-please-read-first-post-for-summary (more information on Euforia in my most recent posts)




    My other gear : Oppo BDP103 as media player (Redbook & hi-res files); Custom made Malbru Tube DAC, based on ESS Sabre 9018 (ECC85/E88cc tube output; silver wire for signal line); pure silver interconnects; Beyer T1 (v1); PowerInspired Mains Regenerator; high quality insulated mains/unit power cables.
    Edit. As of April/May 2017, media playback is via Naim Uniti Core (server/streamer/CD ripper/internal HDD or SSD/external media); Chord Hugo 2 DAC; Airlink Transformers Balanced Mains unit, with Avery Magnetics "Advanced Filter System".

    Cheers for now....CJ
    Last edited: May 10, 2017
  2. aqsw
    Im second.

    My euforia is booked.
  3. hypnos1
    Welcome aboard aqsw...will be interested to hear what you've asked poor old Lukasz to do lol! [​IMG]...CHEERS!...
  4. UntilThen
    Hello H1 and Aqsw. :)

    My euforia is in the oven now and should be ready by late Feb / early Mar.

    Looking forward.
  5. aqsw
    Hey Ut. Good to talk to you again. Sometimes I think I'm insane chasing my audio dream. Then I think of you!
  6. aqsw
    H1 and I know the real secret already though. We have something in common that you guys don't.

    It has tubes too!
  7. connieflyer
    Boy I am glad you added that "it has tubes too!"  Well, looks like we are on another journey in listening pleasure.  End of February-March we should be starting the roll, roll, roll your tubes.  Looks like a good starting crowd, wonder how many they have sold already? @hypnos1 don't let this thread go to your head, we are watching!
  8. UntilThen
    Try not to think of me. Think of euforia. [​IMG]
  9. UntilThen
    8 posts and not a single photo. It's time to post @hypnos1 own photo. [​IMG]
    Euforia on the left. Elise on the right.
  10. UntilThen
    Hello @aqsw and @connieflyer good to see you guys here. What are your invoice numbers.

    Aq what other upgrade did you do?
  11. connieflyer
    My invoice number is 099, and expect it any day now. okay next month. What month is it now anyways, to early  to be doing this but, had to get up and see how much snow we had during the night.  Should have stayed in bed.
    I am sure @hypnos1 is up and around by now, and sadly over worked from his monumental tome so just grab an Earl Gray and listen to this and let the day slowly develop. Hah, first video!

  12. connieflyer
    I think AQ is having his delivered with bacon and eggs, whoa that sounds good, maybe I better get some breakfast and leave here a bit. Our fearless leader has not woke up yet.
  13. hypnos1
    Hi UT...late Feb/early Mar?...can't wait that long ol' boy - get 'em to stoke up that boiler a good few degrees lol!![​IMG]...(but please don't tell Lukasz I said so!! [​IMG])...CHEERS!...
    ps. Thanks for posting the photo of Euforia sitting next to little sis Elise...which, I suppose, urges me to now denote the new amp 'he/him' as opposed to 'she/her'...such power!!...(mind you, those 'Amazonian' gals are no slouch either lol!! [​IMG]). I promise to get some pics on post#1 soon....when I've recovered!! [​IMG]...cf is spot on!!
    Yo guys...just a few more tweaks to make to that intro - despite further indigestion lol!! [​IMG]...(and you want to keep watching, cf?...sure your poor ol' stomach can take it?!!! [​IMG] [​IMG]).
    Hmmmm, cf...need something a bit stronger than Earl Grey just now, my friend.....but the EG will indeed be most welcome later on today....and that lovely music shall soothe the furrowed brow this evening - IF I get five minutes rest, that is!!! [​IMG] [​IMG]...BFN...
    ps. RFTs now on their way to Poland...fingers crossed!!...
  14. hypnos1
    Wonder if we need more clues, lol?...I too am quite sure "it" is indeed helping things along very nicely!!...just you wait, mon ami...[​IMG]...(but let's just hope not for too long! [​IMG]).
  15. UntilThen
    @hypnos1 my wish for Euforia is covered here. 
    Your 1st post here has granted me my wish. Now I just need to hear it for myself. Alas I have to wait for early March because I've requested a black and gold version. [​IMG]
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