1. Feliks Audio Euforia EVO

    Feliks Audio Euforia EVO

  2. UntilThen

    Feliks Audio tube amps

    This is a thread for owners of Feliks Audio headphone tube amps to give their impressions, discuss tubes, share their head-fi gear around which their Euforia, Elise and Expressivo revolves. It is a place where like minded folks are encouraged to participate and share their passion in this most...
  3. hypnos1

    Feliks-Audio EUFORIA - A Wolf in "Sheep's" Clothing...

    WELCOME to all owners and followers of F-A's Elise Tube Amp who are now interested in moving up into even more lofty territory...with their new OTL amp, EUFORIA. A warm welcome also to those perhaps new to the Feliks-Audio addition to the very successful 'Elise', their previous...