1. chrisdrop

    << SOLD >>Pair of matched RT EL39 Tubes (good for Euforia, Elise users)

    I got these last year when I bought a Feliks Euforia from another head-fier. Long story short, they were only slightly used by the prior user, and I didn't use them at all. They have been in my cupboard for close to a year unused. I keep buying tubes, so given that I can't use these in my...
  2. R

    [WTB] Feliks Audio Euforia 120V

    Hi, just looking for a Feliks Euforia, please post here or PM.
  3. iamalex

    **SOLD** Feliks Euforia 230V (2019) with MANY TUBES(!)

    Hi, I'm selling my Feliks Euforia, bought new in March 2019 from the official retailer in Switzerland. It was always in a rack and looks as new. MANY tubes come with it. The price includes PayPal and the shipping fees. It comes with a variety of tubes, as follows: standard...
  4. G-E

    [SOLD] Feliks Audio Euforia, with tubes

    This beatiful headphone amp is being sold because I've built a speaker system that gets most of my listening time, so this amp is looking for a new music loving owner :) Many positive reviews can be found on the internet. The Euforia won the headfonia 2018 award for best value headphone amp...
  5. yugas


  6. CoLdAsSauLt

    [SOLD] Feliks Audio Elise

    I'm ready to say my beloved Elise goodbye. As big as the love was, she always had to share attention with an Icon Audio HP8 Mk2, and mostly with an LCD-3 out of an Auralic Taurus Mk2, so she's only been used (#metoo) very lightly in the beginning. A few months ago, she saw herself replaced by a...
  7. DimitriTrush

    Xelento Remote

    see recent thread for Xelento
  8. UntilThen

    Feliks Audio tube amps

    This is a thread for owners of Feliks Audio headphone tube amps to give their impressions, discuss tubes, share their head-fi gear around which their Euforia, Elise and Expressivo revolves. It is a place where like minded folks are encouraged to participate and share their passion in this most...
  9. hypnos1

    Feliks-Audio EUFORIA - A Wolf in "Sheep's" Clothing...

    WELCOME to all owners and followers of F-A's Elise Tube Amp who are now interested in moving up into even more lofty territory...with their new OTL amp, EUFORIA. A warm welcome also to those perhaps new to the Feliks-Audio addition to the very successful 'Elise', their previous...