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Feliks-Audio EUFORIA - A Wolf in "Sheep's" Clothing...

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by hypnos1, Jan 9, 2017.
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  1. canthearyou
  2. UntilThen
    Congrats Mordy. I like my T1 G1 but the headband is a bit worn. Mine has an earlier number in the 5000 series with a 7N OCC cable. Very clear I love the tone.

    I'm usually at 10 am volume level.

    Your tube combo should sound good.
  3. Oskari

    Dagen gryr
  4. DecentLevi

    So this will be my Euforia rig until another time TBD. Putting most of my things in storage and goin' on an a well deserved extended vacation in several Asian countries the rest of the year. I've now got two new superb mobile rigs including prototype IEMs with top DAP and a small solid state amp of great caliber for on the go. Extensive recent experience with the Euforia has shown the GEC 6as7G + hi-end 6SN7's such as 'Bad Boys' and smoked grey ones to hold up astonishingly well to to the best of EL12 setups, even better in some regards. I may not have time to report back though as I leave the states quite soon. Until sometime later, perhaps. It's been fine, folks!
    Last edited: May 20, 2017
  5. UntilThen
    Well take your time through Asia. Don't forget to drop in on North Korea, Mongolia and Tibet. I'd also suggest that you pack your tubes and Euforia properly and not in Woolies shopping bags. :ksc75smile:

    You ain't seen or heard extensive recent experiences until you step into my shoes. UT will be here as has been from the beginning of the 2nd Elise thread and my Euforia continues to sound amazing. I'm past the optimum hours now. Sometimes I wonder if I will hear a better tone but I'm about to get the Gumby and HD800 very soon.

    I will update on how the whole setup sounds when 'it' arrives and burn-in.
  6. mordy
    Hi DL,

    Wishing you a safe and pleasant trip! If you have access to the internet, send us some reports here and there.
  7. UntilThen
    On a fateful day in May 2017, I paid Addicted To Audio in Newton a visit - a fateful visit I must say. The aim is to buy Gumby and Pokey (HD800). Alas Gumby is out of stock !!!

    So I end up listening to 'Sultans of Swing' by Dire Straits on this behemoth (see picture below)... with Pokey of course.

    The sound that reach my ears is unbelievably transparent and cutting edge. I don't mean harsh. I mean CLEAR, PRAT and 'I want to buy it now' kind of tone. I sat there flipping through songs after songs, oblivious to Tom (the salesman) trying to tell me that if I'm interested, he will do me the Deal of the Century. I didn't hear what he was talking, especially since initially I wanted the Yggy hooked up to the Woo Audio WA22 that was sitting next to it, in balanced configuration BUT Tom stuff it up and couldn't get the WA22 going. So I end up listening on the HD800 through Yggy and Ragnorak. Hey, it's probably a good thing because this is one SS amp that sounds pretty amazing. I can hear everything, right down to Knopfler's breathing. I make a mental note that I have to filter that out when I get this home. I am not going to listen to every singer's breathing.

    So did I buy it? More to come.

  8. UntilThen
    I end up buying Yggy and Pokey. Gumby is out of the movie now. Too bad he's out of stock. Tom made me an offer I couldn't resist even though my wallet says no.

    He took $400 off the package price. I look at him with eyes glistening but I'm trying to conceal it, so I countered 'take $500 off and make my day or you will swim with the fishes'. Being the seasoned salesman that he is, he said, 'Let's meet it halfway - $450 off !'

    I was about to say, 'Throw in an Omega headphone stand and it's a done deal' but I'm anxious to get this thing home and lunch is beckoning. So I shook Tom's hand and that was it. I got meself a Yggy (which I didn't plan on buying) and HD800 in a brand new box.

    So I have to burn in the dac and the headphone with Euforia. Think I'll just listen to it while it burns in and see if I hear anything different when it transforms.
  9. pctazhp
    While your at it, don't forget to transform your signature. I'm going to bed now and am sure I will be waking up to an entirely new world in the morning. Congratulations )))))

  10. UntilThen
    Ok signature now says Samsung Galaxy S7 edge and earbud.
  11. UntilThen
    Yggy unboxing lol

    Pic 1
  12. UntilThen
    Yggy and Pokey

  13. UntilThen
    Outdoor deck - this is true ladder deck. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  14. UntilThen
    All together...

  15. UntilThen
    I've been so used to my NAD d1050 dac with Euforia and modded HD650 and T1.

    1st impression - With HD800 and Yggy in the setup with Euforia. Both headphone and dac are still raw. Brand new. I want to capture what I hear right now as compared to my old setup.

    You are kidding me. Right out of the box, this setup with a burn in Euforia have me grinning from ear to ear. Sound cues snap to attention and have an immediate focus. Soundstage is wide and deep. I hear all the notes, instruments very clearly. High notes are tingling. Vocals are already sounding like a million bucks. Bass is pretty awesome on my bass track - 'Rock You Gently' by Jennifer Warnes, The Hunter album.

    Tubes in Euforia are Sylvania 6sn7w and Bendix 6080wb slotted graphite plates.

    I can't see how I want to go back to NAD d1050 again.... and I know that the sound will get better and better in the days to come.

    Fate has it that I got a Yggy when I set out today to buy a Gumby.... no in fact at the start of my search for a DAC, I was thinking of the Denafrips Ares.

    I'm sure glad it turn out this way.

    ps... I'm still using a plain vanilla USB cable to connect Yggy. :laughing:

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