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Feliks-Audio EUFORIA - A Wolf in "Sheep's" Clothing...

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by hypnos1, Jan 9, 2017.
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  1. Spork67
    HeadFi isn't telling me about new posts on subscribed threads any more - in fact it's making the difficult to find. I missed you guys on here, just did a bit of catch up reading.
    DL - hope your Asian holiday is great - certainly going to be a nice long one if going for the rest of the year.
    UT - congrats on the Yggy! I'm just a little bit jealous. :)
  2. UntilThen
    Thanks Spork. Good to see you again.

    I use to read all these reviews of Yggy showering praises and I say to myself, 'Is it really that good?' Can a DAC make such a difference?

    Well now I'm finding answers to those questions for myself and it's not even 48 hours yet. There's a startling realism I hear in all the songs I have never heard before. Dark Side of The Moon is such a treat to listen to now. Suddenly Euforia came alive and amplify these realism to my HD800. It's a treat to my ears ! Those reviewers showering praises on the Yggy were not on crack. My setup now sounds as good as the Yggy with Blue Hawaii and Stax sr-009 that I heard at the Meet, except it's better to my ears. There's better dynamics, energy and slam. Yggy delivers bass in quality and quantity and instruments separation is .... well now I know what 'uncanny' really means.

    I would totally recommend such a setup. There's synergy here. Yggy > Euforia > HD800. Sell the cat, sell the dog, buy these and live happily ever after. Forget about whisky. Don't need that. These will get you intoxicated.
  3. hypnos1
    Hi mordy. Sorry for the late reply - can't seem to catch up with everything after my (short!) break...(takes me longer with every year that passes these days lol!!).

    WELL DONE with the T1s...it will indeed take quite a long while to adjust to these Beyers, especially after mainly speaker-listening! But they do repay your perseverance in the end...although it can take a fair while to get the rest of the system just right for them (and not just the tubes used!). Trial and error is the order of the day here lol...(but some would say this is just as true for the HD 800s!!).

    It has in fact taken me a long while to get things to the point where I actually prefer them to the Sennheisers - as @UntilThen says, bass does hit harder (and tighter IMHO), and there's an extra 'bite' to them that I personally love but which isn't to everyone's taste...again, depending on the rest of the gear. I also find the soundstage a tad more 3D Holographic, which again I am now addicted to. I sincerely hope you too manage to find the combination that does all these things for you - and then you also will be hooked for life LOL!!

    I must admit that - harking back to your post re. 'British innovation' in hi-fi land - my Naim Uniti Core server/etc. etc. has taken both Euforia and my T1s (V1) to a whole new level...and that's before Hugo 2 even!!! And on the subject of DACs and their importance to overall sound (which I'm glad UT took note of and beat me to a TOTL one with his Yggy, even if his wallet is considerably lighter now!), my current tube DAC has just surprised me no end by a change in the output tubes from very good TFK E85CCs to a pair of extremely nice-looking RFT 'special' (with gold pins) ECC865s. I was not prepared for such an improvement in sound - Euforia and the T1s moved up yet another notch. Which once again confirms how both items will up their game in line with any and every upgrade made elsewhere...(my Airlink Transformers Balanced Mains with advanced filtering also helps things along very nicely!).

    Anyway, M...once again, I wish you all the best with your own further upgrades - this amp deserves all the spare cash you can throw at her lol!!!....ENJOY!!...

  4. pctazhp
    Now I remember why I felt so relaxed while you were on break. Perhaps even more than you were. :ksc75smile:
  5. mordy
    Hi h1,

    Have been listening to the T1 now for a couple of days. Everything has to be re-evaluated....
    Up til now I was satisfied with my speaker system - not any more. These headphones have much better resolution and micro detail. In addition, I do not not need a louder volume to hear everything; even at low levels everything is there.
    These headphones highlight the imperfections in my system and as much as I want to resist it, ultimately they demand upgrades.
    As you mentioned, it takes time to get used to the sound signature, but once you adjust and comprehend it there is no turning back.

    It appears to me that even though my headphones were bought as used, they had seen very little use - how long a burn in period should I expect?
  6. UntilThen
    I'm glad you bought the T1, Mordy. It's still an exceptional headphone in my opinion. Your description of better resolution and micro details is correct. Unless you have a very good speaker system, it would be hard to beat T1 or HD800 in those areas and even then it is still a different experience.

    For a new headphone, I'd say at least 100 hours or more to break in. That and also you need to get use to wearing a headphone.

    You will tell the HD800 and T1 apart without a blind test. :) That is a fact. They are not the same. Quite distinctly different. I'm not even going to try to determine which I like better at this early stage. In 3 months time, I'll be able to tell you which of the 3 headphones I wear most of the time with my setup - HD800, T1 or modded HD650. :)
  7. UntilThen
    Ha, just found out an easy way to quote someone on a certain portion of their text. Just highlight that portion, right click and select 'reply' and bingo, I'm here. :)

    Hahaha you got to be kidding me. I ain't throwing anymore cash at her for a long time..... even though my memory of the audition of Yggy and Ragnorak is still vivid in my mind. So I'm starting a crowd funding for 'my' Ragnorak anf KEF LS50.

    Don't get me wrong. Yggy and Ragnorak sounds good. Fancy me, a tube amp lover saying that. However Yggy and Euforia just sound more euphonic to my ears.

    Which leads me to my next point. I believe in Schiit multibit dacs now. Even if you get their lower multibit model, in essence the magic is still there, just different degrees.

    Alright having said that, I have a feeling that Chord Hugo 2 will be special too. So I'm waiting for you to get yours and then come downunder for a mini meet. :)
    Last edited: May 21, 2017
  8. Snowpuppy77
    Completely agree on Schiit multibit dacs. I recommended getting the best Schiit multibit dac you can afford. For me the next one will probably be the Gumby. Yggy is just to much of a stretch right now for my can system. I may get the Yggy in a few years for a two channel system once me and my wife are empty nesters.

    Right now I am listening to a Reference Recording label Rachmaninoff Symphonic Dances through my Schiit Bimby, Mapletree Ear+ tube amp, and HD800S. And I know my wife wants me to stop and help her with dinner but it just sounds so good and the music is so great I am having trouble pulling away. I must say I am getting a beautiful soundstage and tone. Really no sense of digititus. Just sound natural and musical. I would love to be able to audition this album on your Yggy Euphoria rig. While the Mapletree is certainly a very nice amp I would imagine your Euphoria would take the dynamics of this type of music to a whole new level being OTL with a 300 ohm can.
  9. pctazhp
    All I need to do is sell my Elise, Little Dot IV SE, Valhalla 2, HD700 and then finally Bimby, and I've probably paid for Gumby or within striking distance of Yiggy. Ah, but terminal laziness prevails. How in the world did I ever accumulate this pile of iron and plastic??? Somehow, I wasn't too lazy to do that. :triportsad:
  10. UntilThen
    To sell it fast

    Elise 450
    LD 4 250
    Val 2 200
    Hd700 200
    Bimby 400

    There... :)
  11. pctazhp
    Amazing. Those were my exact numbers. And if I got that close to Yiggy, how could I resist??? I need to stop writing stupid, immature posts and get to selling stuff. :o2smile:
  12. UntilThen
    SP, your setup should be quite tasty. A quick lookup on the Mapletree Ear+ tube amp reveals a striking amp, one where the sound is described as neutral or an ss amp with soul. In that context, you could be getting the desired tone with Bimby + HD800s and that amp. I could be speculating based on what I read.

    Euforia is a true honest to goodness warm and lush sounding tube amp. The degree of warm and lushness is easily altered by tubes. It's like a chameleon of many colours. The base tone is euphonic, fast, wet, clear, textured and pretty linear. Bass does not dominate as in some amps. It's tight, controlled and impactful. I can't quite decide whether it's more capable in the mid or the high frequencies. It excels with vocals as well as the high notes. Soundstage is not as wide as La Figaro 339 but hey right now with Yggy and HD800, I don't think I want it any wider. :)

    Basically it boils down to how you pick your gear to form your setup. It's futile to consider just the amp. You need to consider the source and the transducer.

    However, thanks for contributing here. I think you'll slot right in here. It's a more mature group or as @Oskari would say, the geezers club. :)
  13. UntilThen
    After 48 hours, Yggy sounds more textured and opens up. It's like someone open a window to let in more light. I can see and hear more now. I told myself this must be because I'm using HD800 now. So I swap in my modded HD650 (which I have been using quite a lot before HD800 arrival) and the sound is not like before. It's like a new setup now. I can't believe it. Euforia, HD650 are constant. Only the DAC is changed. I'm using Yggy now. However all the songs that I've played many times before, sounds different now. The stage is definitely wider, deeper and higher. It's 3D now whereas it was 2.5D before. Bass has more impact now. Yggy actually delivers a more robust bass. :)

    I'm hearing instruments and sound cues that I've not heard before. This is the single most significant change in my setup since I started on this head-fi journey.
  14. UntilThen
    Yggy sounds so smooth, natural and without glare. It encourages you to turn up the volume. Your ears don't hurt but your arteries will flow will musical electrons. This is what it means to get high listening to music. :sunglasses:
  15. UntilThen
    Where's my Scottish cousin @HOWIE13 ?

    Listening to a playlist of classical music on Tidal Hifi now. It's a different experience now with HD800 and Yggy partnering Euforia. The soft parts are clearly heard. The loud passages does not hurt the ears. It's an amazing experience on classical now. I think I might be a convert finally. :ksc75smile:

    Piano Concerto in No 21 in C Major K 467
    Adagio in G Minor
    1812 Overture E-Flat Major, Op. 49
    Last edited: May 22, 2017
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