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Feliks-Audio EUFORIA - A Wolf in "Sheep's" Clothing...

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by hypnos1, Jan 9, 2017.
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  1. UntilThen
    OMG William Tell Overture sounds so good, makes me want to shoot an apple now.

  2. UntilThen
    What can I say, UT?...but WOW! WOW! WOW!....beautiful setup....and WELL DONE to you too lol!!

    But how dare you beat me to the magical DAC, just because Chord are having real trouble finalising their software licences for Hugo 2?....it just ain't fair!!...(my end-May scheduled shipping now looks more like end-June, sob sob...).

    However, I'm really glad for you, and for the fact that going hi-end with the DAC does indeed bring great benefits, and take Euforia into other leagues entirely. With how my own current setup is now sounding, I simply cannot imagine what Hugo 2 can possibly bring to the equation...but from your own findings with Yggy, perhaps I am in for the sort of shock that can prove a tad too much for someone of my tender years LOL!!!...(but that's how I'd want to go anyway! Not just yet though...I want - no, NEED!! - more quality time with Euforia before that fateful day comes...PLEASE!!...:) :) ).

    Congrats also on the Senns...it will be interesting to hear your impressions over the LONG term, compared to the T1s...with different tubes/genres etc. But I envy your having BOTH...(even if that is plain greedy LOL!! :))...CHEERS!!...

    H1, what have you done to your reply above? I almost miss it.

    You nail it. Tis a trully magical DAC. In fact it's a tree and not an ordinary tree.

    Oh c'mon end-June. I think you need to cancel the Hugo 2 order and get a Yggdrasil instead. :ksc75smile:
  3. UntilThen
  4. mordy
    Hi UT,

    Last night I had a revelation.

    Firstly, there are two changes to my system: I am listening through the T1 headphones (instead of speakers) and using more standard tube complements - in this instance a pair of Bendix 6080WB as power tubes and my Unsung Heroes RCA 6SN7 as drivers.

    I played a recording of a Swedish New Orleans Band from the early 60's - The Imperial Band. Suddenly I found myself transported listening to them at a live concert in Stadsgården in my hometown Borås. Could not believe it - this was how i remember how it sounded in 1962 as a teenager. (There was no live recording of the concert, but I have their only CD)

    Switched over to some much more recent YouTube videos - what was flat before became 3D. Everything suddenly became infused with life and more emotion. I could not let go and played song after song after song and went to sleep way too late.....Don't know what happened, but this is most impressive......

    I can imagine what a good DAC would do if the main change here only were the headphones........
  5. pctazhp
    Bolero was the first piece of classical music I heard. My grandfather playing it for me with his stack of 78s. It is still hauntingly appealing to this day. Also love the other ones you mentioned.
  6. pctazhp
    I agree but @hypnos1 is British and stubborn. Not like we open minded colony folks. Well, @connieflyer is an exception to that last part :gs1000smile:
  7. UntilThen
    I'm so happy for you Mordy. You are really discovering what the T1 can do as a headphone. I remember when I bought mine. I had to drive 2 hours to the seller's home to get it. On my way back, I stop the car by the side of the road just to have a listen again on my Fii0 X5 and Fiio E12 amp. Suuup and Jerick were laughing at me. It was a memorable day. Happy listening.

    Edit:- Just swap from HD800 to T1 and those classical pieces sound just as good. :)

    Edit again:- HD800 soundstage is so evidently much wider, deeper and higher. For large scale orchestra music, this is ideal. :)
    Last edited: May 22, 2017
  8. HPLobster
    UntilThen likes this.
  9. hypnos1
    Aha, pct...must admit I am indeed beginning to feel just a tad guilty lol!

    First I entice y'all into Euforia territory (for which, fortunately, I don't yet hear too many complaints!), then I get carried away with source; DAC; mains conditioners etc. etc....secretly in the hope that :
    a. Such upgrades do in fact highlight this amp's true capabilities even further, and
    b. That my own bruised wallet may perhaps gain some sort of comfort from not being alone in its pitiable pain LOL!!!


    ps. Don't intend having any more breaks for quite a while, so be warned!!! :beyersmile:...CHEERS!...
  10. hypnos1
    Hi M....really glad you're discovering the real magic of hi-end cans lol! The experience is totally different to speakers...to the point where I now hardly ever listen to them alas!! I would never have believed this possible - until Elise, and especially now Euforia, came along (not forgetting the T1s, of course!!). Your enjoyment (and surprise, no doubt!) can only increase with further use, and as @UntilThen says, a good 100hrs will bring improvement (if they haven't already had them that is!).

    And so now, mon ami, with my and UT's decimation of the bank balance (not to mention those of eventual @pctazhp and @connieflyer?!!!) as an example to all mad head-fiers, it just remains for you yourself to follow suit and do the decent thing....either that, or send me 2 tickets for a month's break in Hawaii lol!!...(but with no guarantees, I'm afraid!!).
  11. hypnos1
    Hmmm UT, you might well ask what happened lol!...nearly sent a poison-pen message to those here at HQ - methinks they've still a long way to go to get things right again!

    This time, all I wanted to do was a multi-quote reply, and I was faced with a whole mass of script with 'QUOTE' here, 'QUOTE' there; 'ATTACH' here, 'ATTACH' there....didn't know if I was coming or going LOL!! And to add insult to injury, there were also quotes I hadn't even selected!...(as if I'm not losing my hair fast enough already!). And so, lesson learned...only single replies from now on!!!

    Ah well, rant over, back to the serious stuff - ie fabulous DACS!!... I'm so glad Yggy is proving such a game-changer in your system. It does indeed sound a real winner, even if you are taunting poor ol' @pctazhp way beyond my own (mildly!) sadistic actions of late!! His admiration for Schiit's multi-bit gear has been truly vindicated!...(not that it was ever in question lol!).

    HOWEVER...I've been doing my own research into Bob Watts's (Chord UK) pioneering work in his unique 'Pulse Array' DAC technology, and I am equally enthralled by his approach, compared to MB...and the end results thereof. And so pct is absolutely right - this stubborn British Bulldog (actually, I see myself more as a Border Collie!) will be sticking with the (im)patient wait for an amazingly 'avant-garde' piece of kit, that I can only hope matches up to expectation and compete with your very nice-looking (and very LARGE!) Yggy. If it can indeed achieve this feat at a tiny fraction of the size (with added headphone functionality also!), then it will certainly defy all logic, to be sure!!...(and if it doesn't, you can taunt me for ever more!...).

    And so the gloves are off, my good friend....well, some time in the (near?!) future at least lol...:L3000:...CHEERS!...

    ps. Here's a link that might prove a little interesting, even if not the actual Hugo 2...http://www.6moons.com/audioreviews2/chord/2.html
    Last edited: May 22, 2017
  12. UntilThen
    Right on @hypnos1 . I think Euforia's and Elise's thread will be more interesting when there are diversity of good source and headphones. Over in Elise's thread, Lobster is rocking and rolling with his Gumby and Fredo has his Lamprizator. Oh we forgot that @aqsw has his custom made 6550 / KT88 tube dac. :)

    So we certainly will await your impressions of the Hugo 2 when it arrives. I can't believe this little thing cost $3700 aussie dollars.

    One thing's for certain, these Feliks Audio tube amps can roll and keep up with good dacs and headphones.

    Ps... I am pretty sure there was someone with Metrum Pavane and Elise. :)
    Last edited: May 22, 2017
  13. UntilThen
    Oh @louisxiawei told me about his T+A dac8 DSD with HQplayer.

    Talk about diversity here.
  14. UntilThen
    I think the best way for me to burn in Yggy is to feed it my entire flac library while I'm at work. With the amp power off.... of course. This DAC will remain power on since the 20th May 2017. I don't want to know about power failure. :smile_phones:
  15. pctazhp
    As far as I'm concerned, the more DACs here the merrier. All good fun :o2smile:
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