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FEARLESS Audio IEM's Discussion/Impressions

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  1. Redcarmoose
    Wow, so the cable is backwards. And is there a marking that has an "R" that produces the left channel? Just switch the cables, as long as you don't have preformed ear-hooks? And as you know the plugs have to be in-phase. The other option is switch the R and L inputs if you have a desktop. Also some DAPs let you reverse right and left, but it is rare.

    I just read your post again. If it's out of phase, you leave the cables on the same side and flip the connector backwards. That is if they are not preformed ear-hooks. if they were preformed ear-hooks, I would simply replace them with a different cable that had straight cables.
    Last edited: Mar 21, 2019
  2. SciOC
    From what I remember of my Andromeda versus my S6Rui, the S6 is almost all around better. Better detail, smoother mids and treble (but a little less sparkly).

    The bass is deeper, cleaner and harder hitting. That's the biggest area of improvement. The only push is the Soundstage. Andromeda is good but a bit exaggerated, these feel more natural, but smaller.

    The Andromeda were fun, but by no means accurate. It was like looking at a neon sign versus Normal colors. The main issue I had was they had a bit grainy bass. Gorgeous build quality though....
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  3. hemipowered007
    Thanks for this
  4. cr3ativ3
    There was no case included ? I thought it come with it ...
    @Hawaiibadboy where do you get these metal case from ?
  5. mr.karmalicious
  6. SciOC
    I'd take these 10 out of 10 times over the Andromeda. 5 out of ten over RHA cl2, 9 out of 10 over ibasso it04.

    That's about where I'm at with them right now.
  7. hemipowered007
    Since i had been hovering vetween cl2 and andromeda months ago, this seems like a good option right now. I may wait until used ones hit the market or massdrop does a sale but man the s6rui and s8f sound very fitting for me.
  8. nigel801
    Can anyone does a comparison between DM6 , Fearless S6rui and S8F also does 300$ over DM6 worthy for S8F, I sold my Shure se846 after listening to DM6 the Bass is better on Dm6 and so does the treble extension but I miss the liquid and details in midrange on dm6 which Shure se846 can provide can S8F fill the gap retaining same bass and treble extensions of dm6. Thanks
  9. TooPoorForHiFi
    I don't know man... I've jump on that DM6 train and ended up selling it. I'm scarred 4Life. :smile:
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  10. mr.karmalicious
    I can offer some initial thoughts on the S8F vs the DM6.

    • The midrange is definitely more liquid and forward than it was on the DM6 for me. I never tried the 846, but if the tuning is anything like the 530/535, that will probably still have a more pronounced midrange (being originally meant as vocal monitors and all).
    • The midrange is also more detailed than the DM6, but it's more detailed everywhere.
    • The treble is less fatiguing for me, personally. Still plenty of texture and air and energy.
    • The bass seems to go a little lower and be more detailed—it's a little less "thumpy" than the DM6, though. Still enough to make you feel like you're feeling your heartbeat inside your brain, however.
    • Overall, even more lively. Just very very involving and detailed.
    • Physically, they're kinda big. They actually fit me better because of the longer, thicker stems, but they don't sit "flush" in my ear like the DM6 did:

    I don't sleep with earphones in though, so it's not a big deal—just figured it was worth mentioning.
  11. Apputty
    I have got fearless S4 and I am really wondering how much better can it get from here.
    I hear so much more details.
    The low end is really awesome. Highs are right and not at harsh. Vocals sound natural as well.
    Hmm a really awesome recommendation by @Hawaiibadboy .

  12. jsmiller58

    I will write up my thoughts on the DM6 and S8F (and Kanas Pro), or just point to this post!
  13. superfou
    [​IMG]I've had a pair of the s6rui for about a week. I'm a lurker, but these are so good I felt the need to contribute. These are my new favorite iem. I think they're kind of like the love child of the kanas pro and the dm6. They're efficient, lively and punchy, but they have the natural sound of the harman tuning. The bass is excellent, I like it better than my se846 or k10u.

    For those who are not a fan of the dm6, I understand. I think they're generally too hot in the treble (except for grunge).

    I do find the s6 to be a bit forward in the upper mids around 4khz for some stuff. I tried foam tips, but the best solution I found was to use the stock blue turbo tips they came with and to get them inserted as far as possible.

    When I got the right fit I found I could turn them down and the forward upper mids weren't so troublesome. I switch to my fa7 sometimes when I need a more easy-listening experience, but for my favorite live recordings like Allison Krauss + Union Station they're just amazing.

    I nearly ordered a pair of the s8f, but I'm trying to hold out for some impressions of the s8 pro and the acme8. Either way I'll be ordering another pair. Thanks to @Hawaiibadboy for the recommendation.

    Mine are stock, but here's a pic anyway:
    Eh, clearly I can't figure out these forums, but here's the link:
    Pretty funny really since I run web servers for a living. :)

    Last edited: Mar 21, 2019
  14. Hawaiibadboy Contributor

    Graph of S8PRO

    No sound impressions yet.
    Will graph ACME this weekend
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  15. Hawaiibadboy Contributor

    4 year lurker....1st comment. Yeah buddy!! :)
    Glad you like em. The S6rui is developing a community pretty quick. Enjoy em.
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