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FEARLESS Audio IEM's Discussion/Impressions

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  1. mr.karmalicious
    I already love my Legend X, and I'm not really jonesing for anything else... a bit curious about later iterations of the estat tech, but eh. I'm good for now. And I don't want universals ever again :)

    (Also, I dunno if he got a mislabeled unit, or if the unit variance is just bad, but crin measured the S8P and S8F as basically identical, contrary to the graphs HBB got.)
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2019
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  2. warriorpoet
    Yeah, I see that. I'm not terribly shocked, but the handling of those critical 1-2k frequencies is a little different between the two, and it's my impression they're a little different inside, too, leading to a more even treble response in the Pro, and that's what others' impressions seem to be, too. I imagine it's a matter of degree rather than a significant difference, however :)

    Don't blame you on the CIEM thing. I'm transitioning over to all CIEMs now, too.
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  3. Owludio
    Given that graphs accurate, Roland appears to be slight departure from DF. About 4db elevation on the low end and smooth come back to 0 @ 1K. It does sound like this to my ears, so with 2 caveats: I got rid of Er4s long time ago, so all I remember is that it was brighter and colder sounding than Roland. On Etys I perceived sub bass to be rolled off and had to EQ (could be due to my longer ear canals, that also caused CL2 to fall short..)
    Treble on Etys was chilling cold and bright (similar to Beyer dt990, S8P mids and treble were much warmer). Roland treble is different, more rolled off (again, agree with a graph) but have even less perceived "sparkle".
    I'm putting Sparkle in quotes because it's deceptive. I hear instruments (like high hats) on LX with more sparkle and they sound closer on the stage, but on Roland I find them slightly further but with same or !! more detail. I'm still switching back and forth, looking for details that I would miss with Roland, yet find them satisfactory every time.


    I personally having harder time coming back to LX than back to Roland during those a-b switches. Could be that I'm actually discovering my affinity to neutral/natural sound? :thinking:
    What cable are you using with your LX?
    Last edited: Sep 15, 2019
  4. Evoke
    Personally I find the sound of Roland grainy and incoherent. Bass is good but the rolled off treble could be a problem for some. Mids just sounded weird. Lahire is much better
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  5. Owludio
    It's possible that you demoed new units and La Hire being all BA is not affected by burn in that much.
  6. mr.karmalicious
    Stock Ares II; don't believe in cable magic :)
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  7. Owludio
    Thanks a lot! I need to try that cable again now when burn in complete or I will be not fair to LX, testing it with unflattering cable. Many recommended Thor silver, but my experience with SPC is that it makes both Roland and LX sounding more V, and it goes without saying, that unlike Roland, LX is already too far into V FR.
  8. soundblast75
    Funny, i furned EQ off today on Lateralus, didn't need it
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  9. Owludio
    Burn in or maybe your hearing is adapting...:)
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  10. soundblast75
    It changes i think, only 3 days so far.
    Its super pure iem without any enhancements
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  11. Owludio
    I think Roland's DD is doing entire low end to low mids range. It's affected by burn in and can explain some incoherence that people experience with new units. Even BAs are affected to some degree. I was shaking my head while reading review of ier-M9 by prominent reviewer, who apparently was burn-in skeptic, that M9 has "narrow sound stage". Well, yea, first 3 days it did. (I listen at day time and burn overnight).
    With Roland I didn't do it so I'm not sure how much of the psycho-acoustic effect is at work here but it did Grow on me. First few days I felt the urge to EQ it too:beerchug:
  12. soundblast75
    Thanks for sharing this, it's too early for me to say but i have noticed changes and im also liking it more. This is a different kinda beast and im curious to see what happens, i think the journey and results will be worth it
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  13. TAsme
    The only thing that burns in is your head getting used to the sound signature.. ever heard someone saying that an iem is worse after burn in? Why could this be? Just because they got used to the sound sig..

    And cables.. hell im out..
  14. 518013
    Move this to the Sound Science section.
    Burn in is very real and has been debated to death... If you can't hear it, more power to you.
    But yeah...Science section. ...
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  15. TAsme
    very real - maybe yes, i just dont follow the argumentation that the hardware changes..

    For me the roland was an step back from the S8P/F and i am still glad i did not buy it just after the first positive words came out. Boring to no treble, flat low ends, mediocre mids.. while the s8f/p has got the best treble response i have heard so far, hard enough hitting bass for me. Only downside - slightly recessed mids, especially with male vocals. The 8p is a bit more balanced and therefore my favourite
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